Ballpark Switcheroo: How Would The Yankees Play In Citi Field?

l to r: Yankee Stadium, Citi Field

Imagine you are going to a Yankees game. You decide to take the NYC subway to beat traffic. You enter the train station and pull out your Metrocard. You swipe and go through looking for the train that will take you to the ballpark. But what if the train that you were looking for wasn’t the 4 or the B & D. What if the train you had to take to the Yankees game was the 7 train that left you all the way to Citi Field? It’s a crazy notion I know but think about it for a moment. How would the Yankees perform if they were actually playing in Citi-Field? Sure the Yankees have been there a couple of times to play the New York Mets during the Subway Series, but if the Yankees actually had to play there every single day, players would play more different than they are actually playing now.

Let’s take a look at Citi Field. It is a bigger ballpark than Yankees Stadium with the wall to dead center being 408. For an outfielder like Brett Gardner, playing in Citi Field defense-wise would be heaven. It’s spacious and with Gardner’s speed he could use his speed to his full potential and track down any baseball that comes his way. It would be the same situation with Curtis Granderson. With speed and with all the room he could possibly have, he could get any baseball that comes his way. The only problem with the spacious outfield is that if a ball goes into the gap, it would be tougher to track down and throw back.

Offensively though, it wouldn’t matter the ballpark for the Yankees. While I was listening to the Minnesota Twins broadcast on MY9 on Thursday I heard Michael Kay say something that really stood out to me. They were mentioning Joe Mauer & how he has only hit 1 HR in Target Field, and Michael Kay responded, “Maybe it’s not the ballpark, maybe it’s the players. The Yankees hit HR’s here, they hit HR’s in Citi Field. Maybe it’s the players.” I was thinking and Michael Kay was right. Citi Field isnt’ a HR ballpark, but the reason that the Yankees are able to hit HR’s is because of the team that they have. For players like Mark Teixera, Curtis Granderson & A-Rod it wouldn’t matter what kind of ballpark, as long as you have the power to hit one out of there. For players like Brett Gardner, offensively I believe he would do well. The outfield is big in Citi Field, so probably if Gardner was able to hit into the gap more often, he won’t only get a triple, but he might get an inside the park HR. Now that is only sometimes, but if a player like Gardner or Cervelli pops up a baseball in foul territory, it won’t automatically go into the stands. Let’s face it, you can park a car and probably still have room to build a mall in foul territory. That is where players who tend to pop up the baseballs will find that Citi Field will not work against them.

How do you guys think the Yankees would perform if they played in Citi Field? Do you think it would be an advantage or a disadvantage? Put your thoughts in the comments section below.

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About Delia E.

Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. I think sometimes it gets in the players heads. I’m sure Mauer realize he has to hit it further and got away from his natural swing and now tries to muscle it. Same could go for David Wright at citi field. I believe it’s a lot more mental than physical.

    Good food for thought Delia.

  2. i’m sick of hearing the mets can’t hit. I agree with Matt I think it’s more of a mental thing. Reyes is liking that new stadium with all the triples. :-)

  3. Delia…
    Good post again, as Matt said; “It is food for thought”!
    I think, as you pointed out, the Yankees would do fine there or, anywhere for that matter. They have the speed for defending the out field ( move Brett to CF), they have the speed and players Brett, Nunez and Grandy to hit the gaps and go like heck, and they have the power guys (Grandy, Tex, A-Rod, Swisher and Cano) to go deep with.
    Factor in the pitching, starters and BP (not AJ) and things wouldn’t change, except for the teams coming in to face them.
    Good job, good talent…nice mix!

  4. Yanks would do well anywhere but there’s no doubt certain players fare better in certain types of parks.

    Jose Reyes is built for Citifield – A line drive, gap hitter who can fly is perfect for that stadium and the Mets should build their team around those types of players, good pitching & defense. It can also be a relatively cheaper way to field a team since power players get big money. Power hitters rip a few 400 foot shots that get caught and the stadium gets in their heads. jason Bay & David Wright look like different players.

    Ex-Yanks like Damon & Matsui were ideal for Yankee Stadium. They were lefty fly-ball hitters with good but not great power that capitalized on the short porch in RF. While age has a lot to do with it, their power numbers have shrunk since leaving NY.

    I read that the Mets are going to bring in the fences this off-season and it’s probably a good idea. However, i would like to see teams cater their teams to their parks more. I remember the St.Louis teams of the 80s under Whitey Herzog in their big artificial turf field. They had pitching, defense and tons of speed in Ozzie Smith, Willie McGee, etc. That was an interesting team to watch.

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