Game 133 I Yankees @ Red Sox

CC Sabathia is 0-4 against the Red Sox. Can he break his losing streak tonight and come with a victory?

Yankees Lineup

Brett Gardner LF
Derek Jeter SS
Curtis Granderson CF
Mark Teixeira 1B
Robinson Cano 2B
Nick Swisher RF
Eric Chavez 3B
Jorge Posada DH
Francisco Cervelli C

Red Sox Lineup

Jacoby Ellsbury CF
Marco Scutaro SS
Adrian Gonzalez 1B
Dustin Pedroia 2B
David Ortiz DH
Jed Lowrie 3B
Carl Crawford LF
Jarrod Saltalamacchia C
Darnell McDonald RF

Pitching Matchup:

CC Sabathia (17-7, 2.99 ERA) v.s John Lackey (12-9, 5.98 ERA)

Enjoy the game!

Yankee News

Alex Rodriguez (thumb) is not in Tuesday’s lineup against the Red Sox.

An MRI on A-Rod’s thumb came back negative Monday, but it’s possible he may sit out the entire Boston series. Eric Chavez will start in his place at third base Tuesday night.

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About Delia E.

Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. Good to see Jeter back in the lineup. Still one hit away from being top 20 in career hits.

  2. Did you know that in a lineup without A-Rod and with Jeter the Yankees are 24-17?

  3. I did not like Sabathia hitting Ellsbury if it was on purpose. I don’t think Lackey hit Granderson intentionally, even though Lackey has a history of that. Boston could have got a big inning together with Jacoby’s speed and I wouldn’t want to risk giving them the edge early in the game. Yet, CC has a good 1st inning with K’s of Gonzo and Pedroia

    • I agree with you Ricky i don’t like the retaliation stuff either.

      3 Players i want resigned for next year. Chavez, Martin and Colon.

      Thoughts? agree? disagree?

  4. Martin Yes Chavez is too old and Colon is too old plus they have Nova and Noesi who can start next year. I would bring back Garcia though

    • Chavez is 33. I don’t think that is to old. But i guess you can just have Nunez as the primary backups for Arod and Jeter.

      I still like Colon > Garcia

  5. Yeah, give Nunez more playing time next season

    As far as Colon vs. Garcia go, I like Freddy because I know that even with no velocity, he knows how to pitch. I would be too worried about colon losing his velocity despite the stem cells. Garcia should be the Game 3 starter right now IMO

    • agreed about Nunez. I guess we will see next year what happens with the pitching.

      • Matt…
        Much talk of Nunez and his errors, he only has 18 this year, Jeter had 22 in his first full year…I would say he turned out as a valued player. Why do some fans jump on Nunez for his errors when he is doing ok, to very good lately, also playing 3 different positions doesn’t help him either.

        • Many say he didn’t commit many errors in the minors and that’s why they are angry over his errors but just look at the stats….as they show he did make errors. It will take time i agree like Jeter you have to grow into a quicker game.

          Year E
          2005 SS 28
          2006 SS 37
          2006 SS 23
          2006 3B 1
          2006 2B 2
          2006 SS 14
          2007 SS 33
          2007 SS 27
          2007 SS 6
          2008 SS 19
          2009 SS 33
          2010 SS 10
          2010 3B 2
          2010 2B 2

    • Good point Ricky.

      I have also come to respect Garcia. He knows how to pitch. He has fully transformed himself from a power pitcher in his 20′s to a very crafty righty who changes speeds on all his pitches and has an excellent splitter.

      Colon has also done a great job but at his age and weight, he could start to lose 2-3 mph and that will hurt him a lot since he is basically only a fastball pitcher right now.

      My rotation for next season would be:

      1) CC
      2) CJ Wilson
      3) Nova
      4) Garcia, Hughes or a 1-year FA like Buehrle or Kuroda or a trade for someone
      5) Noesi, Warren, DJ Williams, Phelps, possibly Banuelos at some point

      The key is CJ Wilson. The Yanks have been looking for a #2 for years to lead the rotation with CC and it only got worse when Pettitte retired and AJ pissed his pants. Wilson is a lefty in the Cliff Lee-mode and the best available starter in a weak Free Agent Pool. With CC, CJ & Nova, the Yanks could afford to develop a rookie in the rotation and they have a handful of talented guys that are ready for their shot.

      • agreed that CJ will be a big part of the off season but i’m not going to hold my breathe after last time when Cliff Lee picked the Phillies over the Yankees.

  6. That’s a big Win tonight.

    1) CC finally avoided the big inning versus Boston and threw a gutsy 6 innings. He had good velocity on his FB and did a good job keeping it on the corners. That’s good for the team’s psyche as some began to think BOS had CC’s number.

    2) A couple of clutch hits by Chavez….huge game by Cervelli. Stupid ass Lackey hits a guy on purpose in a 4-2 game and I’m glad Cervelli scored. One of the Yankee pitchers will DEFINITELY get someone back for Cervelli but at the right time.

    3) Good effort by Logan….he’s got 2 tough pitches right now….a 94-95 MPH fastball and a nasty slider/slurve, both are effective vs Righties & Lefties

    4) Tremendous catch by Gardner in the bottom of the 8th on Scutaro’s line drive that totally changed that inning. If he doen’t get a great jump and sprint right to the ball that would have been a double to make it 2nd & 3rd with no outs for Adrien Gonzalez. Instead its 1 out and man on 1st.

    5) Posada is worthless! He killed 2 rallies by following Chavez’ RBI singles with double plays. How can Girardi keep playing this guy with Nunez & even Andruw Jones on the bench? I won’t even get into Jesus Montero who should have replaced Posada the day Jorge refused to bat 9th in Boston months ago.

  7. Fishjam

    That is some great analysis my friend.

    I do think Cervelli put that on himself. The clap was unnecessary, but Lackey picked a bad time to hit him to lead off an inning when he would see him maybe at Yankee Stadium later in September or in the ALCS. That being said, it did show the Red Sox that the Yankees are not intimidated by Boston.

    Boone Logan did step up. I wouldn’t be afraid to start an inning off with him in the future just because we all know Cory Wade is better when he comes in during a jam. He leaves like 85% of the inherited runners on base. But, Logan is starting to build up the trust again.

    Posada should not be in the lineup for these games. I know he’s a veteran that has done so much for this franchise, but he left like 8 men on base tonight. Andruw Jones has swung the bat much better in the 2nd half of the year and I have thrown the idea out there of using Nunez as a DH for his bat and speed to bring a different element to the lineup.

    CC wasn’t A+ CC, but he was more like B+ CC. 11 K’s in 6 innings and got the big outs when he had to. Huge start for him to end a so-so month for him.

  8. Now that is the way I like it, Ricky and Fishjam, both very knowledgeable, speculating about the future Rotation. Both point out the over abundance in our minor league pitching…one way or another. We have (at the min) about five guys ready and waiting for that chance in the Big Show.
    I understand why one would want CJ, but can’t we try Banuelos in the rotation, after all, we don’t have to have another lefty starter but, if they think they do, why not use our own?
    If Cashman is signed for three more years, I can’t see him signing any FA if he has to give up a #1 Draft pick for.
    CC, Nova, Noesi, Phil, Garcia, with Betances-Banuelos-Warren-Phelps as replacements or, if they show better in ST next year…they become one of the starters.

    • I just can’t see them wanting to start them in the majors next year talking about the killer B’s. I think they want them to start in AAA and work on more mechanics. I know one of them can’t remember which one tends to give up to many walks.

      • Actually, all of them are giving up more then they did last year…I think that is right. But, I don’t have any trouble with that…yet! Next year I will if the walks are the same.

    • Hi Ken….
      We have some very exciting young pitchers in the system and I definitely want to hold 1 spot for the most ready rookie pitcher next yr.

      However, starting pitching has been our biggest weakness since the beginning of 2010. Cashman acknowledges this in nearly every interview. It led to the loss in last yrs playoffs to TEX and unfortunately I think it will prove to be our weakness in this year’s playoffs as well.

      As it shows when we play good teams this yr, our pitching comes up a little short. Yanks are 6-15 against BOS & DET this yr. So if Cash doesn’t get CJ Wilson, he will definitely go after a quality starter.

      I seriously doubt Cashman will go into next season with more than 1 rookie in the rotation. As he quickly found out with Joba, Phil & Ian in the rotation together, it is too much pressure on the starters and relievers having more than 1 rookie in the rotation.

      My ideal rotation would consist of 2 top end starters (CC and possibly CJ) who can go out and matchup against any pitcher in baseball. My #3 would be a guy who throws a lot of quality starts and goes deep in games (Nova).

      With a strong top 3, you can take chances in the back of the rotation. If your top 3 is average you’ll need a more established #4 & #5.. One would be a rookie (Noesi, Mitchell, Warren or Banuelos) and the other would be someone who provides a different look. Someone like Garcia who throws a lot of junk and changes speeds or if you have a lot of righty power pitchers, a lefty would be good. Maybe trade for a young veteran pitcher just entering his prime.

      In any event, I think it’s very important that the team finds someone they can feel good handing the ball to in the playoffs. Someone they haven’t had since Pettitte pulled his groing last summer.

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