Morning Bits: Eiland, Cashman, Strawberry, C.C.

Good morning all.  Today is Game 6 of the World Series.  Enjoy the game tonight.

Now on to some Yankee news…

— Royals hire Ex-Yankee pitching coach Dave Eiland.

Brian Cashman should have his contract by Halloween. Hopefully sooner.  Let’s get the show on the road Hal and Hank.

Strawberry said yesterday that the ’86 Mets could have beaten the ’98 Yankees.  I find that hard to believe but every man has the right to their own opinion.

— With Lackey out for the season Boston needs pitching.   Could they lure C.C.?

— Yankees want new Sabathia deal done before the deadline.

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About Matthew S.

Avid Yankee fan since birth. I have been going to Yankee games with my father since i was young. I have many memories at YSII including many playoffs and world series games. I hope that you enjoy our blog. Comment often.

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  1. For the love of the money C.C. would be smart to opt out and go all out now that Boston needs a pitcher to raise the stakes of his signing. I hope this doesn’t happen but i’m sure it will.

  2. With pitching up in the air for next year. C.C. coming or going. Are we going to get CJ Wilson? Darvish? someone else? Will Garcia and Colon be def gone the main thing i need to see is that Martin is back. He already knows the Yankee way and working with the pitchers we have already is a plus. I would not want to start off a season with just Montero and Romine as our catcher. I’m sure more likely than not Martin will be back but i feel better when that is taken care of.

  3. Personally, if CC or anyone for that matter thinks 25 mil per is so much better than 23 then SEE YA. Be ye player or team a deal is a deal, yes the opt out is their get a another year or 2 if you want but ……….

    Not ideal but the mere sound of it is better than the beginning of 2011.
    if CC gone how about


  4. No AJ in that lineup? I don’t see the yankees paying him all that cash and not letting him start.

    • Matt did you know that the Yankees have won only 29 games in 65 Burnett starts over the last 2 seasons? I think the Yankees have to call around and see if there is any interest in him. Maybe you need to eat 8-11 million a year to be able to trade him. I think a NL team might take on the risk. I think he could do well going back to the NL.

      The Yankee do not win anymore with AJ on the mound so he has to go.

      • That’s a disturbing stat Dan. He has been awful. one of the worst signings the Yankees have ever done.

        If they can find a sucker to take him i’m all for it.

  5. Matt—your correct, my bad, money even for our beloved is still their.
    In no order then—-AJ, Danks, Darvish, Nova and Hughes

    • I hope they have a strong replacement for Hughes if he doesn’t work out and Darvish.

      I was not in favor of Darvish but the more i read the more it makes sense.

      • Matt…I believe you need to think of Hughes like Melky meaning he is never going to be a successful in NY. He does not have the pitches needed to be right handed starter for the Yankees. Put him in the pen or trade him for something. He had a chance to prove himself this year and what did he do? He came to camp fat an out of shape.

        Call up Theo an offer Hughes for Marshall or something like that with other teams.

  6. Strawberry must have gotten back on the drugs with that comment

  7. With the money already invested in Lackey Dice K Beckett and Lester I doubt the Sox could be a serious player. They could say they are in it to drive up the price of course but that’s all.

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