C.C. News

C.C. News

by Matt S.

CC Sabathia announced Monday that he has agreed to a contract extension to stay with the Yankees.

The news comes as a major surprise, as most expected him to opt out of the remaining four years and $92 million left on his contract and hit free agency. No word yet on exact terms, but the new contract figures to surpass Cliff Lee for the highest average annual value ($24 million) for a pitcher. Stay tuned.

Source: Zoodig.com
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  1. Extension details are in. Total guaranteed 5 yrs 122 million with a 25 million option in 2017 and a 5 million dollar buyout. Great job by the Yankees for limiting the years and great job by CC showing some true character by not testing the market.

  2. Still amazed by this. Shows the kind of guy that C.C. is by not testing free agency and sticking with the Yankees. Also shows to me how much he wants 300 wins. He could do it and sticking with a team like the Yankees who will give him the chance to pile up wins.

  3. Handled perfectly by the Yankees and CC. They both coming out looking great….a Win-Win scenario. Perhaps both parties learned exactly how NOT to handle an opt-out situation from ARod, Boras & Hank Steinbrenner.

    As I’ve said in my articles, I was ready to pay CC 5 yrs – $125M or 6yrs – $150M and thats very similar to what this turned out to be.

    Now that the Yanks have handled all of there big internal issues, they can be fully focused on bringing talent in thru trades and FA.

  4. Sweeeet!! Nice going guys. Yankees and C.C. put a deal together, timely and efficiently. Moving on now to a #2.

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