Teixeira, Cano & Gardner finalists for Gold Glove Award

Teixeira, Cano & Gardner finalists for Gold Glove Award

By Delia E. 

Tomorrow night, the Golden Glove Awards show goes primetime on ESPN 2 and they had announced the finalists for each spot in the Golden Glove awards! The Yankees this year have 3 finalists for the award and all three were nominated last year.

First Base

Adrian Gonzalez, Boston Red Sox
Mark Teixeira, New York Yankees
Casey Kotchman, Tampa Bay Rays

Second Base

Dustin Pedroia, Boston Red Sox
Robinson Cano, New York Yankees
Ian Kinsler, Texas Rangers

Left Field

Alex Gordon, Royals
Brett Gardner, New York Yankees
Sam Fuld, Tampa Bay Rays

While Russell Martin had a good year behind the plate, he wasn’t nominated for one. Derek Jeter also wasn’t nominated this year for the award and has received more criticism than praise for winning the honor during years when he didn’t deserve the award. Also to give a heads up, former Yankee Austin Jackson was nominated for the Gold Glove in CF. The 1 hour awards show will air at 10:00pm ET only on ESPN 2.

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  1. Brett deserves it I hope he gets it.

    • If Brett doesn’t win the Gold Glove award then I’ll be angry, or as I like to call angry #BrettGardnerRage. ;)

      • hahhaah. He has to be a shoe in. No? Would be nice to see the other two get it as well.

      • Delia, I don’t think you have to worry. In the past they just had an Outfield category which usually meant 2 or 3 CF’s would win the awards. but it appears they have it broken down by LF, CF & RF finally, which is how it should be. If that’s the case, thn there is definitely no LF who can hang with Brett. Fuld is very, very good but Gardner is better and Alex Gordon is just not in the same class.

        1B between Tex & AGonz will be interesting. I think Tex should get it but I’m biased because I see him play every day.

        at 2B, I bet the voters give it to Pedroia as the media LOVES this guy. Cano won last yr but wasn’t quite as good in 2011. However, he still makes amazing plays no other 2B can make so I would not be surprised to see all 3 Yankees win.

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