Brian Cashman’s Press Conference News

Brian Cashman’s Press Conference News

By Delia E.

Earlier this afternoon, Brian Cashman held a press conference talking about Yankees news. Here are some of the things that he had covered.

  • Brian Cashman talked about CC Sabathia and the contract signing that they had discussed last night. “Were in a position to take our time and explore at our own pace. CC provides us with a lot of security. It allows us to landscape in a more conservative way.”
  • Brian Cashman’s focus during the offseason will not be the offense, but rather starting pitching. When asked if they would be interested in either signing Albert Pujols or Prince Fielder, Cashman stated that he didn’t see himself pursing a bat and that, “Offense is not a problem.” To him it will be all about “pitching, pitching, and pitching.”
  •  When asked what role that Jesus Montero would have with the Yankees, Cashman stated, “He could be a catcher, he could be a DH, he could be a bat off the bench. Depending how the roster looks.”
  •  There are only 2 Killer B’s now as Andrew Brackman’s option was not picked up by the Yankees. Brackman who was once viewed as a high prospect had a huge step backward year in 2011 which prompted the Yankees decision.
  • When coming to pick up Nick Swisher’s option, Cashman said that it was an easy call and he wasn’t worried about his performance in the postseason.
  • Joba Chamberlain said via Twitter that he feels as if he is making progress in the right direction. He believes he could be throwing on a mound by Thanksgiving.
  • Russell Martin according to Cashman will be on the Yankees next year. Martin is under team control and had received nothing but praise from Brian Cashman. Cashman said that Martin’s catching is “Thurman Munson-like.” He said that Martin is versatile and could either get a long term contract or a one year deal, but he believes Martin’s a great catcher.
  • Brian Cashman mentioned A.J Burnett saying, “He has to deal with adversity because of the inconsistent performance. He was still able to keep up in October.” Cashman also said about Burnett, “If Burnett is a Yank in 2012, he will be a starter.” He is willing to listen to trade details about Burnett but he says the innings are hard to replace.
  • When asked about Francisco Cervelli’s health, Cashman mentioned, “Cervelli is fine. He’s full-bore ready to go as a catcher.”
  • Brian Cashman is willing to listen to trades about A.J Burnett, or anyone who does not have a no-trade clause.
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  1. Great stuff Delia. Way to be on top of this.

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