Preliminary discussions with Edwin Jackson have begun

Preliminary discussions with Edwin Jackson have begun

by Mike D.

According to George King of the NY Post, the Yankees have already talked with right-handed free agent starter, Edwin Jackson. This comes as no surprise, as the GM Brian Cashman has made it clear the Yankees will be in strong pursuit of starting pitching. We already know Cashman has talked to Bob Garber, the agent of C.J. Wilson and Roy Oswalt.

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  1. I hope not…yuck.

  2. Question guys—-We have CC and Nova that we all seem happy or OK with. That leaves 3 spots in rotation + depth. Lots of talk for trades or signing of FA starters, then we all hug the farm and not willing to trade Banuelos and then their is Betances. So my question is 2 on board a trade and signing then when do we get the prospects IF they develop? How much money can be spent waiting for the farm and can we win while waiting? This seemed as good a place as any to ask???

  3. I hope not edwin jackson i see no upside with him.

    John i think we have to wait on the farm with the Killer B’s they are still a half a year to a full year away says Cashman. I wouldn’t mind trading any others though for a starting pitcher. Well maybe anyone but Slade. Hopefully he bounces back strong from his injury last year. I like his story and I hope he sticks with the Yankees.

    • Matthew—So with Manny and Dellin 1/2 to a year off thats 2 more spots filled along with CC and Nova leaving 1. A trade or FA signing fills the rotation but for how long? Do we then say we are good for 5/6 years? less failure? IF so then placeholders till then and all good. However if the opportunity is their to get er dun before do we go for it? I wonder if all but CC are young arms is that a good route to take? Or spaced ages and contract lengths to improve on the fly.

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