Cubs willing to trade Matt Garza this offseason

Cubs willing to trade Matt Garza this offseason

by Mike D.

Via Buster Olney, other MLB organizations are of the strong belief that the Cubs are “open for business”, regarding Matt Garza. In fact some teams expect the right-hander to be dealt this winter. As with any starting pitcher on the market, the Yankees are figured to have interest in pursuing Garza. In 2011, he pitched to a 3.32 ERA / 2.95 FIP / 3.19 xFIP line, with a 8.95 K/9 in 198.0 for Chicago.

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  1. And per Tim Dierkes at MLBTR:

    “What will it take to acquire Garza? The Cubs’ farm system is light on top-shelf young pitching, based on rankings from Baseball America and Baseball Prospectus. With Manny Banuelos, Dellin Betances, and Martin Perez, the Yankees and Rangers’ top arms could be of particular interest to the Cubs.”

    So, looks like a Betances led package wasn’t so far-fetched.

  2. cashman would be foolish to trade for Garza, the guy is 2 games under 500 on his career, this despite pitching for 4 95+ plus win teams

    think about how hard that is to do…. freddy garcia a totally average pitcher went 12-8 on a 95+ win yankee team over 4 years thats 48- 32. Garza is 2 under. Garza teams including the cubs, are about 75 wins over break even.

    do you want to know which yankee pitcher most resembles Garza? it’s AJ Burnett. both of them have a history of not being coachable, and Garza was traded from the twins because of that, rumors abounded in tampa that that was part of the reason he was traded by tampa as well

    having great “stuff” is wonderful, but would you give up Nunez, Sanchez and Betances for AJ? who in their right mind would touch that? You dont bail out the cubs for overpaying for a guy who pitches well enough to lose

    if the Cubs are dumping him, then yes, you give up a “B” prospect like Warren or Phelps, but nothing like a Betances, Nunez, Montero or a Banuelos, because youre not trading for an Ace or even a certified number 2 your trading for a guy who is just as likely to be a number 5 like Burnett

    because thats all Garza is at this moment, the rest is all wishful thinking

    and to bill Bruce who says Garza is better than anyone on the Yankees:

    When has he ever put up even a single year like Ivan Nova? Nova went 16-5 on a 95+ win team….Garza has pitched for 4 teams just like that, and never even come close

    • The big problem with your argument Bill, is that you can’t judge a player like you did based on wins. Wins are determined by the run support a pitcher received. Nova went 16-5, but had excellent run support. Hughes in 2010, had 18 wins, but received the most run support in the MLB.

      Garza in 2011 had a 3.32 ERA / 2.95 FIP / 3.19 xFIP, and went 10-10. Nova in 2011 had a 3.70 ERA / 4.01 FIP / 4.16 xFIP, yet won 16 games.

      Garza may have similarities with Burnett, but he’s also been consistently much better. The past two years, Burnett has had an ERA in the 5s. Garza’s has been in the 3s. So you can’t say you’re trading for A.J. Burnett, because although they are somewhat similar pitchers, they really aren’t. No way is Garza a #5. You can’t look at his W-L% and say he’s a number 5, as you really can’t let wins and losses define a player (they just aren’t really that accurate). He is at the very least a #3.

  3. the problem with your argument is that i didnt base it on wins, i based it on attitude, Garza like Burnett has a headstrong attitude he was traded from minny and tampa because he will not take coaching, his record is what it is because he thinks he knows better.

    its not run support with Garza or Burnett its the inability to adapt, Burnett can go 4 or 5 innings giving up nothing and then theres an error or a bad play behind him and he loses it, thats an attitude issue not a performance issue,and Garza is the same

    you can discount it if you wis but thats why Gardy wanted him gone and Maddon as well.
    you do not overpay for players like that. look at Granderson, he was willing to adjust with Kevin Long to help him and ge was a better player for it guys like Burnett, who couldnt accept posada as a catcher and Garza, will always disappoint

    as i said there are reasons he’s a sub.500 pitcher, its not just run support, its the inability to adjust

    • To add why trade for Garza and lose prospects when you can just sign someone like C.J. Wilson

    • its not run support with Garza or Burnett its the inability to adapt, Burnett can go 4 or 5 innings giving up nothing and then theres an error or a bad play behind him and he loses it

      Bill, I totally understand the above argument. However…

      and Garza is the same

      Garza may have attitude issues, but he is absolutely not the same as Burnett. Burnett has been much worse.

      Garza’s Stats:
      2009: 3.95 ERA / 4.17 FIP / 4.14 xFIP / 8.38 K/9 / 3.50 BB/9
      2010: 3.91 ERA / 4.42 FIP / 4.31 xFIP / 6.60 K/9 / 2.77 BB/9
      2011: 3.32 ERA / 2.95 FIP / 3.19 xFIP / 8.95 K/9 / 2.86 BB/9

      Burnett’s Stats:
      2009: 4.04 ERA / 4.33 FIP / 4.23 xFIP / 8.48 K/9 / 4.22 BB/9
      2010: 5.26 ERA / 4.83 FIP / 4.49 xFIP / 6.99 K/9 / 3.76 BB/9
      2011: 5.15 ERA / 4.77 FIP / 3.86 xFIP / 8.18 K/9 / 3.92 BB/9

      As evidenced by Garza’s ERA over the past 3 years, his 52-54 record is because of run support. Sure, he may have attitude issues, but he’s no Burnett.

  4. once again mike it isnt a may have attitude issues with Garza, it is a set in stone certainty. there is no more beloved players manager than Ron Gardenhire, any Twins fan will tell you that, Right up there with him is Joe Maddon, and Both have had severe issues with Matt, the info is out there on the net. I even spoke with Mike Silva of New york baseball Digest about this Sunday night on his show and he acknowledges he’s heard the same.

    The Cubs regret trading the package they gave up for Garza and are eagerly trying to recoup what they gave up. if if as you say garza’s issues were run Support related Why have both the Rays and The Twins routinely won 95+ games with and without Garza?

    I am not against taking a flyer on him, if the price reflects the risk the yankees are taking, but at the costs that cubs fans are asking it is a bad idea. if any of Banuelos, Betances, Montero, Williams, Nunez or Sanchez is involved I run and not walk as fast as i can away from the deal. Id sooner take a risk on Zambrano because at least he’d be priced in the discount rack

  5. i dont want zambrano im just saying id take him before Garza

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