Hot Stove Targeting: Johnny Damon

Remember this guy? I’m sure you do – Johnny Damon a fan favorite to many Yankee fans. Who would have thought that when he was a Red Sox that Yankee fans would adore Damon while he was a Yankee. The majority of fans did when he played for the Yankees for many reasons. He was a hard worker; he was a team player and always played smart. You rarely see Johnny Damon make a bad play. Why does Johnny have this connection with so many Yankee fans my thinking is for plays like this.  Click the link to watch his amazing double steal.

Yes Johnny Damon has a high baseball IQ and was a great all around teammate.

Below are his stats while a Yankee and than his two seasons after.

2006 NYY 149 593 115 169 35 5 24 80 25 67 85 .285 .359 .482 .841 286
2007 NYY 141 533 93 144 27 2 12 63 27 66 79 .270 .351 .396 .747 211
2008 NYY 143 555 95 168 27 5 17 71 29 64 82 .303 .375 .461 .836 256
2009 NYY 143 550 107 155 36 3 24 82 12 71 98 .282 .365 .489 .854 269
2010 DET 145 539 81 146 36 5 8 51 11 69 90 .271 .355 .401 .756 216
2011 TBR 150 582 79 152 29 7 16 73 19 51 92 .261 .326 .418 .743 243
17 Seasons 2426 9529 1643 2723 516 107 231 1120 404 986 1230 .286 .353 .435 .789 4146
162 Game Avg. 162 636 110 182 34 7 15 75 27 66 82 .286 .353 .435 .789 277
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Generated 11/30/2011.

As you can tell he is still a valuable asset to a team. Yes his average is down a little but his other numbers are still impressive. Johnny Damon will be a good fit for any team that signs him.

Ok let’s get to the point. Is Johnny Damon a good fit for the Yankees next year?  The answer: no way. I was emailing back and fourth with a good friend about this topic and he basically put it in a nutshell for me saying that Damon is focused on reaching 3,000 hits and why would he want to come back to the Yankees if it was just as a role player. 3,000 hits is so important as that is a bench mark for the Hall of Fame something I’m sure Damon wants to accomplish. Who would he replace in the Yankees outfield? Gardner? Not a chance. Granderson? Ha I just laughed while typing that. Swisher? Well there have been rumors of trading him so maybe Damon could fill in for a year. But I still don’t see that happening.

It’s a great thought to bring him back but for both parties there is no fit.  Johnny was a good Yankee and I’m sure the next time we see him in pinstripes will be at Old Timer’s Day in the summer after he retires.

So what are you thoughts? Do you think the Yankees should or shouldn’t get him?

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About Matthew S.

Avid Yankee fan since birth. I have been going to Yankee games with my father since i was young. I have many memories at YSII including many playoffs and world series games. I hope that you enjoy our blog. Comment often.

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  1. i think he should retire! or… move out of the ALE. yeah. i could deal with him moving out of the ALE.

  2. I remember some fans saying something like, “If we hadn’t let Johnny and Matsui go, we would have won the Play-offs and WS”!
    Obviously this is speculation but, that is what we fans do best. I do think, anyone that knew the two of them, thought they were consument professionls and all around good guys as well as fine players.
    The thing is, they were good, very good with the Yankees and I think most fans were sorry to see them go. Cashman is the GM, he made the call to go in another direction.
    I don’t think there is anywhere he would fit in with the Yankees or any other ALE team.
    As with some other players, they have to have that last record before they get draged away from the game that made them rich…no, not rich…more like ultra-rich.
    That’s called getting paid for God given talent and working hard to keep it but, for maybe a year or two longer then he should!
    Go Johnny, Go! :)

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