Morning Bits: C.J. Wilson, Bernie HOF, Phenom Mason Williams, 2012 Predictions

Good morning everyone finally it’s Friday.  Hope everyone has a good weekend. Check back later today for an article at 12. Stop by this weekend, as well, for more good articles.

Now on to the morning links…..

* Pitching needy Yankees won’t be pursuing C.J. Wilson.

* Bernie is on the HOF Ballot but he is not worthy. I totally agree with this. Not every one of our favorite Yankees can make the HOF – it’s just a fact.

* Sweeny Murti of WFAN has an awesome article about Yankees Phenom Mason Williams.   If you are going to read one article today read this one!!!!!

* Wallace Matthews (not my favorite ESPN guy) has some predictions for the 2012 Yankees.

* Yankees were eyeing 42nd Street Stadium in 1915.  How cool would have that been.

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Avid Yankee fan since birth. I have been going to Yankee games with my father since i was young. I have many memories at YSII including many playoffs and world series games. I hope that you enjoy our blog. Comment often.

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  1. Fish or anyone else that knows the minor guys well please share your thoughts on Mason Williams after you read the article. Want to hear how you feel about him.


  2. I haven’t read the article yet but am looking forward to it.
    I like what i hear about Mason. We all know he’s an exceptionally gifted athlete and dominated the NY Penn Lg this yr. But the thing that impressed me was how his coaches raved about his work ethic, personality & leadership. Those can be very rare traits in someone as gifted as him at 18-19 yrs old after just getting a huge $1.5 Million bonus.

  3. Well guys…
    So much for sitting on the roof reminiscing about long ago days and hearing sweet music playing in the back ground.
    I just read the ESPN post by Wallace Matthews about Monty and A-Rods hitting predictions for 2012…made by Dan Szymborski.
    Fishjam, you and others love Stats…as do I…but, we don’t depend on them to the detriment of other things, like eyes and “been there and done that”.
    He shows Monty hitting; 156 games, 27HR, 93RBIs,.333OBP and .476SLG. First of all, he is not going to play 156 games in 2012, more like 100-/+. Second of all, if the pitchers don’t figure him out quickly or he adjusts on the fly, he could have that many HRs by ASB. I think he will be a very very special hitter but 27 HRs is a big job.
    Then Dan goes on to say Monty will out hit A-Rod in HRs etc, say as A-Rod is getting too old…Question; Have they ever heard of a guy name Jim Thome?
    Slap hitters are effected more by age then are power hitters. If A-Rod is healthy I think 35-40 HRs are within his capabilities yet.
    I really don’t look for A-Rod to hang on, if he can’t do his job. Pride in oneself, is an awful burden for a person that has always been the best. Unless one has “been there and done that”…you ain’t got a clue at all! Pride will keep one at the top but, pride will make one walk away sooner then some think should be the case…See Joe “D”!

    • Wallace Matthews is garbage i can’t stand him. He always gives misinformation or doesn’t fact check.

      I have no idea how he is still employed by ESPN.

    • Good evening…Ken, Michael, and the great Fishjam. A question, if I may: This Gio Gonzalez…Lefty, real nice numbers the past two years, and so much talk of the Yankees targeting him. Do any of you think he is Really obtainable? Why would Oakland trade him?….if overwhelmed, would they? I find him to be… young, a lefty, and if the walks are cut down, such a prize target. “If available”………….

      • HI Patrick…
        Good day to you!
        Gio is a young Lefty that has good numbers…lefty and numbers are the key words.
        We have a young lefty at AAA, they say he is very good, Banuelos is his name…may hap you have heard of him. LOL!
        Geo would be more then welcome but, not giving away irreplaceable players. We have to depend more then ever on the Farm…CBA really sucks.

        • Ken,…morning. Thanks for the feedback. Kind of where I was going also. The asking price is so very steep. Especially Montero, who has a world of hitting potential, and a long career in front of him. My best to you.

      • Hi Patrick. He certainly is a promising young pitcher, although I’m not the greatest fan of his because of the walks. He’s had two, very good (I wouldn’t say great) seasons in a row. The Yankees are targeting him, because he is young (26), lefty, strikes out a good amount of batters, and gets a ton of ground-balls (good for Yankee Stadium).

        Oakland has put him on the market, because they are in rebuilding mode, they know his upside, and that he could get them back a pretty big return in prospects. Billy Beane’s price is so high, because he doesn’t absolutely have to trade Gio. Therefore, why not ask for a huge return, right?

        From what we’ve been hearing, he is available, though.

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