Yankees shopping Burnett at the Winter Meetings

Yankees shopping Burnett at the Winter Meetings

by Matt S.

According to George A. King III, the Yankees are shopping A.J. Burnett at this week’s Winter Meetings.

The Yankees have told teams that they are willing to eat $8 million of the $33 million left on Burnett’s contract, but they haven’t found much interest yet. However, it does indicate that the Yanks aren’t done working on their rotation. Burnett, who turns 35 in January, went 11-11 with a 5.15 ERA and 173/83 K/BB ratio over 190 1/3 innings this season.

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  1. I wouldn’t look for something to happen for 2 weeks at least because you have to see who the losers are in the CJ Wilson/Mark Buehrle sweepstakes and I think the Yankees would have to eat more than 8 million for AJ to look viable to somebody

    • agree with some of that Ricky. It’s amazing how much Oakland wanted for Gio but they go to the Phillies and want Dom brown. Who had so much trouble last year and will probably start off in AAA this year.

      it’s amazing how everyone always starts at the top tier of prospects when it comes to the Yankees.

      Yeah depends on the trade with AJ but agree they will probably have to eat some of that contract.

  2. Matt its because they just don’t want to see their guy on the Yankees, its that simple. Otherwise, I think Felix would be out of Seattle by now. Dom Brown is a guy the Phillies like, but unlike Montero or Banuelos,the Phillies are looking to deal him because of guys like Mayberry Jr. contributing to their lineup. You can’t deal with Billy Beane because he will ask for the world for him.

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