Morning Bits: Non-Tender Deadline, Yankees Hospitality, Darvish

Hello all I want to mention that our very own Matthew will be hosting a live chat tonight at 7pm.  Come and check it out and bring all your Yankees/MLB questions & comments.

Now onto the morning links….

* No moves from Yankees as baseball non-tender deadline approaches.

* Dave Checketts said to join Goldman-Yankees Hospitality venture as Chief.

* Yankees have their doubts about Yu Darvish.  Here is another article saying they are not interested in Darvish.  I thought it was all smoke maybe it is reality.

* Yankees look to lock up youngsters.

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Avid Yankee fan since birth. I have been going to Yankee games with my father since i was young. I have many memories at YSII including many playoffs and world series games. I hope that you enjoy our blog. Comment often.

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  1. uyf1950 it might be looking that the Yankees aren’t going for Darvish. I also read that the Rangers said they are out as well.

    I find it odd that both teams could use a pitcher but thoughts are they are both out.

    • Matt, thank you. I read the piece in question. I too find it difficult to believe that the 2 teams Rangers and Yankees will not somehow be in the bidding. But I guess stranger things have happened. I did an analysis/spreadsheet this morning just for my own benefit of if the Yankees are intent to get to the $189MM luxury tax threshold in 2014 what they might have to do to get there in 2014 payroll wise. The conclusion I came to was AJ’s replacement theoretically a #2 can’t be making anymore then $16MM +/-.

      It would seem to me IF I’m close in my assessment Darvish if he is the “real thing” would be the ideal pitcher to slot into the #2 spot. But I guess we will find out in just about 1 week.

      Thanks for the heads up on the piece.

  2. Matt, if you will allow me to change the subject just for a moment. I just read on another site where the Reds have signed Andrew Brachman to a ML Contract for the ML minimum plus incentives. I guess we will find out if a change of scenery does him any good.

  3. oops. to finish my thoughts I guess a change can do him well. To bad he didn’t work out with the Yankees.

  4. also feel free to change the subject anytime with any baseball or yankee related topic. No worries.

  5. I really hope Cashman has a masterplan. If he really thinks going with the exact same club as last year is going to be enough, I think he is mistaken. While it is reasonable to expect better years from some of last year’s underachievers, can he also expect to get better results from the same pitching staff?

    And although the offense scores a lot of runs, they are very streaky and tend to struggle against pitchers who pound the zone. I would definitely be in on Carlos Beltran. He hasn’t had a lot of interest and could be had on a reasonable 2-year deal. We also know that Carlos wanted to come to the Yankees in 2005 when he offered to sign with them for less money. Perhaps he would do the same now.

  6. Fishjam, Matt and UYF1950…
    I have a question for you guys;
    Is Cashman pulling a fast one on Yu or will he not put in a big bid for him?
    My thinking is the first part!
    Anyone ever think maybe, Cashman is thinking of the two Cuban pitchers….Armando Rivero, 23 year old RH with mid to high FB and also has a good Slider, spliter, sinker and change.
    Then there is Gerardo Concepcion, 19 year old LH, was 10-3, with 3.36 ERA.
    Anyone have ideas about them or more information?

    • Ken,

      I hope he is just blowing smoke. I hope the Yankees land Yu I have read so much why he is a legit pitcher and stats that proved him way better than Igewa.

      As for the two Cuban pitchers I am not aware of them.

    • Ken -

      I’m starting to worry Cash and the yanks really are scared to make the $100M commitment for Yu. Not because they don’t like him but they are starting to see the downside of some of the horrible contracts they’ve given out.

      As for the Cuban pitchers, I don’t know much about them. However, if the lefty Concepion is promising I’d be all over him. Yanks system is hurting for LHP. Banuelos is gonna be great but that’s about it. LHPs have a significant advantage at YSIII so they should be stockpiling lefty arms.

  7. Ken if you want Matthew B is hosting a chat right now answering questions. just click under the top article to enter. Thanks

    • No, just trying to get a little feedback. And you three are the ones I picked on…isn’t that nice of me.

      By the by, It could be a big toss-up as to who will close for the Yanks in 2012-13.
      D-Rob is fantastic but will give me a hart attack. Joba and D-Rob are about equal but, I would give D-Rob the edge. Then one has to take into account Phil…if he is moved to the BP.
      All in all I would say we will have one hell of a BP for the near future!

      • Yeah D-Rob does that to me as well he comes in loads the bases than strikes the next 3 out.

        • Assuming Rivera retires after this upcoming season my preference is that the Yankees give the closing job to Soriano for 1 year. I think the next closer for the Yankees is in a NO win situation replacing the great Mo. This way Soriano closes 1 year and the Yankees can turn over the reigns to in my opinion Robertson or Hughes. I’m not a big fan of Chamberlain closing I think he is way to emotional.

          • uyf1950…
            You have a point there with Joba and Soriano but, I do think D-Rob is much like Mo, in as much as he lets nothing get to him. I see what you have in mind…the guy that follows Mo gets eaten alive…unless he gets the job done!
            Joba has better stuff and a FB that he can blow by people to go with his sharp slider and curve.
            I don’t see anyone takeing the job from D-Rob, it’s his to lose, right?

            • I think it’s Robertson’s to lose with one caveat. If Hughes goes to the bullpen this year and pitches lights out from the pen. Then I think it could be either one that gets the job when the time comes. Also, Robertson needs to prove that he can come close to repeating 2011. But we will see.

              As a side note. I also think there may be a decent chance of Soriano opting-out after this coming year. For a couple of reasons. One, is he has to realize that the Yankees won’t extend him after the 2013 season if he doesn’t opt-out. Second and probably more important most of the good closes will have been off the market after this season with at least 2 year deals. Making the 2013 season pretty lean for teams looking for decent to good closer. Soriano should be able to land at least a 2 or may be even a 3 year deal as a closer if he hits the open market in 2013 (as long as he doesn’t get very greedy).
              Also keep in mind after the 2012 season Soriano will be 33 if he waits until his contract with the Yankees expires after the 2013 season he will be 34 and his chances of getting a multi year deal then I think are greatly reduced.

  8. Just a reminder ladies and gentlemen the deadline for teams to submit a bid for Yu Darvish is 5:00pm ET this evening. Then Monday evening at the latest is when we should hear who and what the winning bid was. I don’t know about the rest of you but I’m hoping it’s the Yankees as long as the total cost is around $100 to $115MM.

    I find myself getting a chuckle when I talk about that kind of money. Kind of like it’s monopoly money. Anyway here’s to good luck to the Yankees this evening.

    • Yes today is Darvish Day. I’m with you buddy. I really hope they land him. If they don’t land him where do you think the Yankees turn next?

      • Two things. I’ve said for a while that I think the Yankees have an interest in Oswalt on a 2 year deal. I know I’ve read where there have been other teams interested in Oswalt for 3 years. But I think if that were the case he would have been gone at the winter meetings. I can see the Yankees offering him a 2yr/$25MM deal. If not him then possibly Kuroda on a 1yr/$13MM deal.
        In the case of Oswalt if he does miss time because of his back during the season(s) the Yankees have more then adequate options to fill in for him for a couple of weeks or more (like Noesi, Warren, Phelps, etc…). And if/when Oswalt is on he’s one heck of a pitcher.
        The case for Kuroda is he allows the Yankees to go after one of the premier FA to be for 2013. Be it Cain or Hamels or one of the others if they are not resigned by their current team. Regardless of how it shakes out I hope the Yankees stay miles away from Liriano when and if be becomes available. As far as I’m concerned he’s toast, stick a fork in him he’s done.

        One side note if the Yankees don’t get Darvish I would not be the least bit surprised if the Blue Jays did. I just have a bad feeling about them stepping up to the plate with Davish.

      • Matt, I should add to that last comment of mine just a minute ago. I hope Cashman and the Yankees do NOT stand pat with the starting rotation of: CC, Nova, Hughes, AJ and Garcia. I think they are flirting with disaster in that case. CC is CC you know what you are going to get. Nova I expect to regress a bit from 2011. I do expect Hughes to perform better, but how much is the question say to 10 or a 12 win season. AJ scares me every time he’s takes the mound and as for Garcia The wins are nice but I fully expect his ERA to be in the 4.25 area nearly 3/4 of a point higher than 2011. All in all not the starting rotation of a team you expect to make it to the World Series. Just my opinion.

        • Totally agree with those thoughts.

          C.C. Solid (pray for no injury and it’s probably 17 wins +)

          Hughes (who knows what to expect from him)

          Nova (Sophomore slump) I don’t expect it though He was good through out the season even when hitters saw him for the second or third time.

          A.J. guaranteed 5.00 ERA i’d take the over

          Garcia – Can we hope for the same as last year? We could but I wouldn’t count on it.

  9. I hope no one minds if I make one more observation about Darvish in general. There is some talk of Darvish disdain for the posting system. And the fact that even if the bid is high he may forgo signing with a ML team.

    My personal opinion is that’s a bunch of garbage. If he skips coming to MLB this off season I think you can pretty much discount him getting anywhere the package he’s going to get this year in 2013 when far more quality FA pitchers hit the market that are known commodities. That no doubt will effect what teams would be will to bid next year and how much they would be willing to sign him for, for a contract. So if he skips this year and next year the demand is down. Does he then wait till the 2014 season. That would be foolish. for a couple of reasons. First, and foremost he will be a true FA the following year and all the money he could sign for would be his. But if he were to wait until he became a TRUE FA after the 2014 season he would be 3 years old and have approximately another what 600 innings on his arm. I think this is his best opportunity to maximize his earning potential in the ML’s even considering the posting fee. If he’s smart and has confidence in his ability and stuff. He signes a 5 year deal with a ML team this off season then hit the FA market when he’s 30 years old and still very capable of getting a 6 year deal then for say $90 to $100MM IF he’s as good as he and people think. Just my opinion.

    • I can’t see him no signing after electing to come over and have teams bid on him. The chance to play in the MLB is huge to players of their. I can’t see him letting it go.

    • Matt, I for one will be happy when all this Darvish stuff finally comes to an end. I have come to realize that very seldom does the reality live up to the hype. I’m beginning to think that will be the case with Darvish.

      Don’t get me wrong I still want and expect the Yankees to make a good faith effort to make him a Yankee. But it’s getting time we move one one way or another. In my opinion.

  10. Guys and Young Lady….
    Why is everyone so jumpy with Cashman. One must remember, Cashman has more indepth information then we fans can hope to have. I trust him very much, he has made very good and thought out trades over the last 6+/- years. Even the trade for the pitchers one got injured the other two couldn’t handel New York! Then there is Soriano and A-Rod which wasn’t his problem, they went over his head.
    I think we all hope to have Yu show up in spring training with the Yankees, along with Soler and some other Cuban FA.

    • I agree with you Ken. I guess the Yankee fans have the win now mentality. Sure wasn’t their when i was growing up in the 80′s.

      Say he just keeps as is now the Yankees can make the playoffs. But in 2013 if the Killer B’s are as advertised and in the starting rotation Cashman will look like a genius.

  11. Matt…
    Have you had any contact with “Big City of Dreams”, I wish he would show up?

  12. Just read that the Reds did not bid on Darvish. That’s one team down.

  13. I’m seeing on some of the site that they are predicting the Blue Jays as the favorite. Remember where you heard that first. Or at least I said it here a day or two ago. The one thing if the Jays do win the bidding and ultimately do sign him. If he bombs for them he could cripple them for years to come.

    • Good stuff. I should have put like a new years countdown almost with when the time expired for the bidding. hahahaha

      If the blue jays get him though and maybe Fielder and he doesn’t bomb they could cause havoc for the Yankees.

      • Bite your tongue. I think if they do get Darvish they probably won’t be in on the Fielder deal. If the Jays get Darvish look for the Cubs to sign Fielder.

      • More on the Jays they are interested in Beltran. The Jays really are looking to improve it seems. Their pitching is pretty good. They just need a couple key pieces to get them going to give the Yankees Rays and Tampa problems.

  14. About 2 minutes to go.

  15. According to the Atomic Clock at the Naval Observatory time is up.

  16. MLB TradeRumors is reporting the MLB expects to announce the winning bid either tonight or tomorrow morning. Not who but just the bid dollars.

      • If you’re right. I doubt very much that it’s the Yankees then.

        • I do believe the Yankees will make a bid if not serious than as a nice gesture to keep the fans happy.

          To where they could always say we tried but weren’t going higher than whatever the price they bid.

          • It would be kind of funny if all the talk about how high the bids needed to be scared potential teams off and he actually went for about $50MM as the winning bid.

      • For that much money just to talk I’d rather see the Yankees go after the 2 Cuban players and overwhelm Oswalt with a 2 year offer. They could probably get all 3 for what it’s going to take for the bid and the contract for Darvish.

        • I totally agree on that. Like Ken has made me and some others aware of some of the players and with the new rules going into next year now is the time to pick up all these Cuban players.

  17. The Red Sox did NOT bid on Darvish according to MLB Trade Rumors.

  18. Twins did NOT bid.

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