A’s Want Big Trade Package From Yanks For Gonzalez

A’s Want Big Trade Package From Yanks For Gonzalez

By Delia E.

The Oakland Athletics are looking for a big trade package from the Yankees for Gio Gonzalez, but the Yankees aren’t so sure. The Yankees admit that they “love” Gio Gonzalez, but they do not want to give up prospect players such as Manny Banuelos, Jesus Montero & Dellin Betances.

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  1. And they shoudn’t I think the As are asking for TOO MUCH

  2. I’m on the fence. He is young proven and cheap. It will take a haul

    but could one of the killer B’s plus Montero be good with a lower level prospect

    If cash will do this trade don’t you think he will get killed for not using Montero the previous year for Lee?

  3. I’m all for using “prospects” to improve the team. But I think in this case to even give up 2 of the 3 (Montero, Banuelos and Betances) would be a huge mistake. I think the Yankees can do much better via a trade if they wanted to or were willing to part with 2 of the 3 and a couple of lesser talents. We’ve discussed Latos here or possible even enticing the Giants to part with Cain.

    A trade for Gio is as they say DOA if the A’s hold out for that package. Especially with the 2013 FA only 1 season away. When the Yankees won’t have to part with any prospects.

    • i see your point but i believe Gio is still under control for a couple more years. Plus he is proven.

      My gut usually says always go with proven talent over unproven talent.

      • He isn’t a free agent till 2016

      • Matt, whose unproven? Both Gio and Latos will be FA’s in 2016 so they both offer the team the same control. Latos has pitched 430 innings versus Gio’s 535. They both SO about the same number per 9. But Latos only walks about 2.9 per 9 innings versus 4.1 for Gio. And he’s 2 years younger than Gio.

        I’m not sure there is a lot of difference between the 2 but I just like Latos control better than Gio’s. Walks always seem to come back and bit the team on the butt during games. Although Gio is a lefty and certainly has some benefit in Yankee Stadium. I guess it’s just an individual preference.

        But I would take Matt Cain over either pitcher.

    • I agree….I’m not trading Montero or Banuelos for Gio Gonzalez I would offer up anyone in the system except those 2. I can’t see the Yanks getting Gio based on OAK’s asking price.

  4. and agreed my list would be


  5. I think if the Yanks trade for a pitcher it will be John Danks.

    Chicago is in full-blown rebuilding mode and although kenny Williams has made ridiculous demands so far, he will eventually lower them. The WSox have a putrid Farm System and the yanks could give them 3 guys who could really boost their young talent.

    Fangraphs just released Chicago’s Top 15 Prospects and the yanks could offer a lot of help. http://www.fangraphs.com/blogs/index.php/top-15-prospects-chicago-white-sox/

    Williams has asked for 2 of Montero, Banuelos & Betances. Not gonna happen but the Yanks can build a nice package centered around Betances & Romine which would be a great return for 1 year of Danks.

    If I were Kenny W, i would ask for Noesi, Romine & Gary Sanchez. All 3 would be top 5 prospects in Chicago. Noesi would immediately step into Danks rotation spot. Romine makes team this yr and starts behind plate in 2013. Gary Sanchez immediately becomes the best hitter in Chicago’s system and could develop into a middle of the order MLB bat. I don’t think Cashman would agree to that but the Yanks have a lot of pieces that could help Chicago. These 2 teams match up very well and a Danks trade makes a lot of sense fot both clubs so once Kenny comes off his ridiculous Montero/Banuelos requests, this trade should happen.

    • If I’m the Yankees I don’t give up these prospects for just 1 year of a pitcher like Danks. Yes he’s young and has a lot of potential. But Danks in my opinion is not enough of an upgrade for just 1 year. I would request of MLB a 48 hour window to negotiate an extension for Danks before I commit to giving up especially Noesi and Sanchez. If I’m the Yankees and can get that extension then fine. Otherwise I wait for the 2013 FA class. And if nothing else is available for 1 year like Kuroda I go with what the Yankees have now and keep Noesi, Phelps, Mitchell, Warren, etc… and use one or more of them during the year if necessary.

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