Spanning the Yankee Blogs: Garza, Jackson, Prospects, Nova, PED’s

Hello all and welcome to another installment of Spanning the Yankee Blogs. If you’re new to the site, every week,  I link the best articles out there in the Yankee “blogosphere”.

Enjoy the links……..

* An A-Blog for A-Rod has released their Top Yankee Prospects as well.  Here is 5 through 1.

* Bleeding Yankee Blue opines that Boras will mess things up for Edwin Jackson.

* NY Baseball Digest feels that Matt Garza is worth the asking price.

* Pinstripe Alley details what to make of Anaheim’s spending splurge.

* River Ave Blues thinks out loud about Ryan Madson.

* Road to Yankee Stadium has an interview with Yankees Pitching Prospect Shaeffer Hall.

* The Captain’s Blog says MLB’s loose lips could sink PED Policy.

* The Yankee Analysts discuss the  realistic expectation for Ivan Nova in 2012.

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Avid Yankee fan since birth. I have been going to Yankee games with my father since i was young. I have many memories at YSII including many playoffs and world series games. I hope that you enjoy our blog. Comment often.

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  1. Remember when the Yankees passed on Johan Santana and everyone went nuts the following year the signed C.C.

    I believe the same thing is going on now they are passing on this year for the better prizes next year with either Cain or Hamels.

  2. Matt, I’m hoping you are correct as I want no part of Edwin Jackson for 4 or 5 years. But signing an Oswalt or Kuroda and dumping AJ Burnett would not preclude a run at any FA next yr.

    However, I’m starting to think that the reports on Roy Oswalt’s back must be pretty damn bad. The Cards are even looking at him as a bullpen arm.

    • fishjam, I’m curious it seems like across the board most of the sports media “elite” seem to share the opinion that a 4 year/$12MM per deal for Jackson isn’t bad. And that for those years and that money he’s not a bad signing. I don’t agree at least at it applies for the Yankees, but what do you think the reason for that is.

      • UFY -

        By the numbers he’s likely to put up and his age, 4yrs @ $12M is about right. Starting pitching on the open market is expensive – even slightly above average starters get rich. This is why more and more teams are signing their starters before they become FAs.

        When you consider similar pitchers like AJ & Lackey got 5yrs/$80M when they were about 3-4 yrs older, Jackson would be a decent value at 4/48. Boras is looking at those deals plus Buehrle getting 4/58 and thinks he can get 5 yrs @ $15-16M. So 4/48 is reasonable.

        However, just because that is what a player may deserve on the open market, it doesn’t make him a fit for every team. Given the Yankees payroll constraints the next few years along with their current pitching assets, Jackson makes little sense IMO. Signing Jackson would likely preclude adding a pitcher of any significance for at least 2 yrs and doesn’t solve the #2 starter conundrum. Jackson would make us a slightly better team but not better enough to justify the price.

    • Fish…I would like to see the Yankees take a shot on both Ben Sheets and Vicente Padilla on minor league deals. I know Padilla is crazy but he is throwing in the mid 90′s in winter ball. Sheets has not be heard from since he had both flexor tendon and tj surgery. Sheets is now 17/18 months out from his surgeries so he could be ready sometime early in this upcoming season.

      • Padilla is just too batshit insane for me but would love to get Sheets on a minor lg deal.

        Dan – What effect, if any, do you think the 100% road schedule for Scranton will have on the organization? I was thinking maybe they would keep certain players in AA for a while or shuttle some guys from Trenton to/from Scranton. But the more I think of it, I don’t know there is much that can be done.

        The Mets really screwed us by not letting them play in Newark. Would have been perfect for me as I work 10 minutes from Riverfront Stadium in Newark.

        • Yup I was so mad about that as well. I work in Jersey City and would have loved to go to see them play their on my way home.

        • Fish…I don’t really care how batshit insane Padilla is to be honest, just if he could help up for a few months.

          As for the kids playing in AAA there is one huge benefit in that they don’t have any rent to pay and get meal money all season.

          I just looked and there are some terrible trips…7 pm game in NC followed by a 7 pm game in Rochester NY the next night.

          • Those guys are def going to have a lot of wear and tear this season. As Fish mentioned it would make sense to rotate some through Trenton for stability and to keep them fresh.

          • His potential Yankee teammates might care.

            Off the top of my head I remember him intentionally beaning Teixeira twice with runners on base and his own teammates wouldn’t even back him up.

            Then I remember him beaning Cano the next time he pitched…..then CC finally got revenge by hitting Padilla when he batted against the Yanks in L.A.

  3. I hope you’re right. It sure seems like that’s the plan. My only concern was the “Boss” was still alive then and I’m sure he had something to do with that.

    The good thing is both AJ and Soriano come off the books for the 2014 season and that’s when it’s been reported the Yankees want to get to the $189MM luxury tax threshold. So they should save more then enough that year plus Rivera’s $15MM to make a pretty decent splash for next years FA’s. At least I hope so.

    I also did a little scenario on what the 2014 Yankees payroll might have to look like to get under that threshold in 2014.

  4. Matt I apologize the format isn’t pretty but hopefully it’s readable. Like I said just my thoughts.

    IF the YANKEES are to get to the $189MM Luxury Tax Threshold their payroll needs to look something like this in 2014:

    Rodriguez, Alex 3rd base / dh $26,000,000
    Sabathia, CC Starting Pitcher $23,000,000
    Teixeira, Mark 1st base $22,500,000
    Jeter, Derek SS / dh $8,000,000
    Replacement for Burnett, AJ – sign #2 Starting Pitcher $19,000,000
    Robertson replaces Rivera as closer Closer $3,000,000
    Cano, Robinson 2nd base $20,000,000
    Replacement for Soriano used as 7th inning guy $4,000,000
    Replacement for Swisher RF $7,500,000
    Replacement for Granderson CF $7,500,000
    Yankee Prospect replaces Garcia Starting Pitcher $750,000
    Yankee Prospect (Montero or Romine) replaces Martin, Russell Catcher $1,000,000
    Hughes, Phil Starting Pitcher $5,000,000
    Gardner, Brett LF $7,500,000
    Yankee Prospect replace Robertson in bullpen bullpen $750,000
    Logan, Boone bullpen $2,500,000
    Chamberlain, Joba used as set-up man bullpen $4,000,000
    Nova, Ivan Starting Pitcher $4,000,000
    Nunez, Eduardo role player – inf $1,500,000
    Noesi, Hector Starting Pitcher $1,000,000
    Wade, Cory bullpen $1,500,000
    Bench or Role Player / Currently occupied by Montero role player – of $1,000,000
    Bench or Role Player / Currently occupied by Cervellio role player – c $1,000,000
    Bench or Role Player / Currently occupied by Chavez role player – inf $2,000,000
    Bench or Role Player / Currently occupied by Jones role player – of $3,000,000

    Payroll of 25 Man Active Roster $177,000,000.00
    Perks and Incentives Estimate (i.e.: A-Rod’s Milestone Incentive) $7,000,000
    Balance of 40 Man ML Roster $5,000,000

    Final Potential Payroll in 2014 to get at or under the $189MM Luxury Tax Threshold: $189,000,000.00

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