Jeter’s Contract for 2012-2014

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Jeter will go down as the greatest SS the Yankees have ever had and I, for one, find no fault with that assessment of his talents. There are very few players with his baseball instincts or hitting talent. He has a classic inside out swing that lets’ him get away with stuff most players can’t. I will not critique his defense, until lately it has been more then adequate but, never great. He has a fine arm and glove, turns a DP as well if not better then most SS but, has always had trouble going to his left. Is that enough to call him a bad SS…no way! Almost every player has a weakness in their game, if they didn’t they would be a cross between Jeter and Ozzie Smith, now wouldn’t they.

If Jeter is hitting as I project him to do in 2012-13-14 I can’t see him as a DH at all. Dh is for a good bat with some power, if Jeter is around .260 with almost no power what good is he at DH or SS for that matter when we have a player that could do the job. Some have suggested his moving to the OF, in place of whom…Brett, Curtis or Swisher not likely, as it is, all three of them are better for the team then is Jeter (as an OF’er). Jeter will be the weak link in the line-up, both defensively and offensively. All of his records are Yankee Records, 3,088 hits makes him one of 28 players to have over 3,000 hits…not one of 5 or less! Jeters game is his bat not his defense or lack thereof.

Put both of these pro and con writings together and one may come to the same conclusion I have; Jeter will make it into the HOF but, no way on the first ballot. I have been trying to point out the difference between what he was to what he is now…ok, he had a good 2nd half but, the team needs a steady hand and bat from him. If he hits .040+/- below his norm, he is a detriment to the team. I would like to see Jeter have a year like his 2nd half last year but, don’t hold your breath.  May I be wrong about this, as I would much prefer he go out on top not on the bottom, as so many others have because, they stayed to long.

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  1. definitively disagree with Jeter not being 1st ballot

  2. I had a big list of stats to show everyone but, let there be a difference between us.
    Opinions are the food of thought for baseball fans…let there be inlightment! LOL

  3. There are 44 first ballot hall of famers, with players like Boggs, Ripken, and Molitar. I would think that Jeter is better than those players and other first ballot guys. He should get in on the first ballot.

  4. Rossi…
    Molitor had 3319 hits and was the only very hot player the year he has voted in to the HOF.
    A lot depends on who is on the list at the same time.
    Boggs .328 avg., 3010 hits with only 9180 AB!
    Jeter is not better then these guys but, they are not better then he is or was…different days different times, each player is voted on for his time and days of playing.
    Question to all; why try and compaire Jeter to anyone. Isn’t it his record that will be judged, not Boggs or Molitors?
    Jeter will be in the HOF and has earned it by hard work and God given talent.
    He is not a first ballot HOF player, if he were as good on defense as he is with the bat…1st ballot HOF would be looking good.

  5. Jeter will have a very impressive resume and IMO he’ll get in on the 1st ballot. If he ONLY plays the next 3 yrs on his contract he’s likely to retire with the following:

    - Top 5 All-Time in Hits with 3500+ ONLY behind Musial, Aaron, Cobb & Rose
    - Top 8 All-Time in Runs with 2000+ ONLY behind Mays, Rose, Ruth, Aaron, Bonds, Cobb & Henderson
    - career Batting line somewhere near his current .313/.383/.449
    - All-Time leader in Most Hits, Runs & Doubles in post-Season play
    - at least 5 World Series Rings
    - arguably the 3rd best SS of All-Time

    His role in his career has been as a table-setter at the top of the order and he’ll finish in the top 5 in Hits and top 8 in Runs scored in less years played than everyone ahead of him. That is a Hall of Fame career that will get him in on the first ballot IMO.

  6. fishjam, matt and the rest of you may think 1st ballot (and you could be right) and as usual Fishjam cheated by bringing in stats (LOL), so let me add one to it.
    One of the things I have been trying to get across to some of you is; the numbers projected by fish jam are good except for one thing…Jeter will not be hitting as he has in the past. Therefore, he will end up with much lower numbers then shown, with much more AB and SO then most HOF players.
    That is the reason I have been against his contract he could end up as did Mickey (BA .29?) when he could have walked away over the .300 mark.
    Do you all want to have your kids grow up with the lasting impression of Jeter being what it could be (granted, at worse) or as he was in the 2nd half of last year?
    I wish I knew how to explain how many times I have had to say; “Oh, you should have seen him in his prime!” when talking about Mickey…the kids just say “yah, right but Granderson is much better then he was”! They have only seen his running around the bases like an old man with a bad limp.
    I say again…even though no one understands it…Jeter was my Favorite player until Cano and Brett came along. He is a HOF player but not 1st ballot…if he plays until 2014 is done.
    We will never agree but, that’s what this blog is about, right? May I be wrong!

    • of course you can be wrong and you are. just kidding Ken. yes the blog is all about different views and opinions.

    • Can I be allowed to settle this once and for all?

      I propose that anyone who remembers the slogan “I like Ike” when it first came out. Can never be wrong.

      • How about; “The buck stops here” (Truman) or “The WPA is only……. or “Nothing to fear but, fear it self” (FDR).
        This thing reminds me of all the arguments about Mays and Mickey, who was better. It was a big deal back then but, looking back they can never be compared to each other because they played in different leagues etc.

    • “the numbers projected by fish jam are good except for one thing…Jeter will not be hitting as he has in the past. Therefore, he will end up with much lower numbers then shown”

      Ken, I think I was pretty conservative in my estimates. here is how I came to them:

      Jeter currently has 3,088 Hits & 1,769 Runs

      Last season in a mediocre year for Jeter’s standards in which he missed a month on the DL, he played 131 games and had 162 Hits and 84 Runs.

      I projected him for 3500+ Hits which is 426 more hits over the next 3 yrs or 142 per year. I think that’s reasonable.

      I projected him for 2000+ Runs which is 232 more runs over 3 yrs or 77 per yr which I also think is reasonable since he 111 in 2010 and a career low 84 in 2011 when he missed a month.

      Whether he reaches those totals or not we don’t know – but I think they are reasonable projections. if I had to guess I’d say he has 2 more yrs similar to 2011 in Hits/Runs and in 2014 he will be a part-time player in his final good-bye year. Either way, even if he retired today, he likelt walks in the HOF on 1st ballot.

  7. Ken -

    I understand what you are saying….You think SuperStars should retire while they are still SuperStars. However, that would mean some early retirements from a lot of the best players in the game. Unfortunately, nearly every player stays around a couple of years or more after they have lost a good % of their skills.

    Part of the problem is things like the Hall of Fame reward overall career numbers rather than concentrating on number of dominating years or how a player performed during his prime years. This leads players to stick around to “compile” numbers (ie Johnny Damon eyeing 3,000 hits).

    In the case of Jeter, he has actually played far fewer seasons than everyone ahead of him on the All-Time Hits list. Jeter has played 17seasons while everyone in front of him has played at least 20 years and everyone in the Top 6 has played at least 22 years. If Jeter played that long he’s be in the top 3 or 4 so for him to play 3 more years til he’s 39 is perfectly reasonable.

  8. One last tidbit…..even if Jeter played 3 more seasons with 600 At Bats in each of the years and hit .228 over those 3 full yrs (1800 ABs), he would still finish his career with a .300 Batting Average.

    So, I don’t think he’ll end up like Mick as a sub-.300 hitter.

    I’m not too worried about jeter. He’ll play 2 more years similar to the yr he had this yr then his final yr in 2014 he’ll be down to $8M so he won’t kill us even if he’s unable to start anymore.

    I’m MUCH more concerned with ARod’s 6 more years and massive salaries plus ridiculous marketing incentives for hitting HRs.

  9. Fishjam…
    You are right to be concerned about A-Rods contract as am I.
    Jeter was a lead-off hitter for most of his life so, there are 5 guys with less ABs’ then he and yet have more hits. Of course he may have to move down in the order this year, I hope.
    I think I may have had trouble expressing my thoughts (nothing new) about the time a player should hang it up. There is a point when your talent alone is not enough, one needs to work real hard to do what use to be normal everyday things.
    Joe DiMaggio had it timed out perfect, his heel hurt him and he was slowing down and knew it, so…he hung it up.
    There is an old (but, true) saying; “to win, a team must be strong up the center.” Now that means defense right? Where is our weak spot up the middle….SS? You know that is true!
    I didn’t mean one should leave when you were still better then those that could replace you. But, like I said before, Jeters game is his bat not his defense…which has been average, at best. You did a swell job pointing out all his hitting awards (which, he earned). This is why I say Nay Nay to 1st ballot HOF.
    2nd ballot is what he projects to be, in my humble opinion. If it is First ballot, so be it, I wouldn’t criticize the election at all. HOF is the HOF even on the tenth vote>

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