Kim Jones Will Leave YES Network

Kim Jones Will Leave YES Network

By Delia E.

According to the New York Post, Kim Jones will leave YES after turning down multiple contracts from the Yankees network. Jones had worked with the New York Yankees since 2005. According to sources, the split was amicable.

A YES Network spokesman said they are looking at options on how to continue without Jones. They are not sure if they will hire a replacement or offer a bigger role to Jack Curry.

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  1. I always liked Kim Jones. She is very fair and does a good job reporting. I like when she guests hosts with Francesa and always thought they would make a good pairing. I assume she has something else lined up because leaving the Yankees is a big thing.

    • Yeah me too. She does a great job when she’s on WFAN, and is especially good with Francesa. That would be a cool combo.

      I do like the idea of Jack Curry having a larger role on YES.

  2. I have a lot of respect for Kim Jones. Will miss her on YES Network. Just hope that YES could hire another female reporter since there are way too many men reporters on YES as it is.

  3. I will miss Kim too. I don’t think she was overly insightful but she was well prepared, always in a good mood and got the players to talk to her. She really came a long way since she first started with YES. She was horrible in her first year I recall but to her credit really improved. She was one of the few people I don’t mind listening to on the Yankee broadcasts.

    The yanks need to get some better broadcasters IMO. Ma & Pa need to retire…Singelton needs to go work for Baltimore. Why do we have an ex-Oriole in the booth anyway? My favorite is Cone, O’Neill is OK. I really like when Tino makes a guest appearance. Leiter is decent, Flaherty is meh. Jack Curry is pretty good and gets some good exclusives.

  4. To be blunt O’Neill brings nothing to the table but joking with Michael Kay. He was a fav yankee of mine but in the booth he does not belong.

    Cone is great love when he talks stats.

    Tino is to bland for me.

    I agree Singelton would be better off in baltimore.

    Now if we could get rid of Michael Kay i’d be happy.

    Pay Bob Costas whatever he wants to do the games.

  5. I thought Kim Jones was a nice person, with a sense of humor. Being splattered with shaving cream pies was a lot of laughs. Anyone remember her first season?…and Joe Torre could not deal with her?…. Did not want to answer her questions? It took YES mgmt. to address Joe, to make it work. I wish her well.

  6. I really haven’t liked the announcers since Kaat left. Michael Kay is the worst, I like ex players more than non players. Cone , Singleton, and Leiter are OK. Kim Jones and Curry bring nothing to the table.

  7. ROSSI….Jim Kaat, a favorite of mine. Bobby Murcer, another.

  8. From reading the other articles about this story this morning I’m surprised she left without something else lined up. I’m guessing she asked for a raise they said no and she called their bluf and walked. Just a guess though.

  9. I’m one of the very few that still enjoys listening to Michael Kay. I love it when David Cone & John Flaherty are in the booth. SIngleton is meh, Leiter is all right. But I REALLY enjoy listening to Suzyn Waldman & John Sterling. Maybe it’s cause my dad listened to them when they first started out.

  10. If anybody needs to go is Sterling and Waldman. They are unbearable and if I need to listen to the game in the car I turn on the opposing teams broadcast on Sirius. Sorry just can’t take Sterling missing every other call and Waldman babbling. Our t.v. guys are great. I dont know what people have against Kay, but I am a huge fan. Big fan of Ken as well. O’Neill is hilarious love when he is in there. Leiter always has great pitching insights as does Flash but he is kind of meh sometimes. I cant stand when they out Lorenz at play by play that needs to end. Puts me right to sleep. No emotion at all.

  11. David Cone, is the best announcer the yankees have.micheal kay is just plain terrible. yankees really need to get rid of kay.singleton is ok,jack curry seems to be improving.john flatery has got to go.paul oneil is ok.

  12. Will miss Kim dearly, I thought that She did an exceptional job, She seemed to me that She was very knowledgable and that She got along with everyone, sorry to see her go, the Yankees should find a spot for her.

  13. i remember her annoying jeter with injury questions, knowing jeter hating them and other negative questions

  14. kay is the best they have joe tres .Try listening to the game without kay and you will see, he can fill the air with talk nonstop .

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