Spring Training: 4/3/12 Lineup

Lineup vs. Mets

Brett Gardner, LF
Nick Swisher, DH
Eric Chavez, 1B
Andruw Jones, RF
Eduardo Nunez, SS
Francisco Cervelli, C
Dewayne Wise, CF
Bill Hall, 2B
Doug Bernier, 3B

RHP Ivan Nova

Start Time: 2:10pm
Field: Tradition Field
T.V: YES Network (Yankees), SNY (Mets)

Pregame Notes

– After this game, the Yankees (and Mets) will make the 3 hour bus ride back to Tampa to finish Spring Training at George M. Steinbrenner Field

– For those of you that haven’t seen the brand new ESPN commercial featuring Robinson Cano, click here.

– Seems like Joe Girardi almost changed his mind about letting Andy Pettitte pitch during tomorrows game vs. the Mets. More from Jack Curry:

Enjoy the game!

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About Delia E.

Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. ha funny commercial but yet still kinda gross for someone like me.

  2. I’m ready for the season now. This is going to be a long couple days till Friday.

  3. not a good start for Nova

  4. No it isn’t. He really hasn’t looked that good all ST. I was hoping this being his last ST game before the real season that he would come with his A game.

    • But like others have said this is ST. All that matters is how they do when the season starts.

      • Matt, I know. But I’m not sure Nova has built up enough “credits” to justify the type of spring training he’s having.

        Nova may be the true beneficiary of Pineda’s injury. I have to believe that had Pineda not gotten hurt. Nova would be the one catching the next train to SWB based on his performance this spring.

        • I wrote something that said that very thing (not sure if it was my blog or at another Yankee site, but whatever). Nova is getting a pass from so many fans, but has he really earned it? His first 42 innings in MLB (2010) did not go so well (high WHIP and low K/BB ratio). Last year was clearly above average (119 ERA+), but this spring he showed that he still has some things to work on. If AAA wouldn’t be such a bad thing for Pineda (as people said before the injury), then why not Nova?

    • I always wonder about the focus of players in these last spring training games and won’t let this one bother me. I mean, you’re just a few days away from the real thing and it must be hard to take these seriously after a month of these exhibition games.

      • also must be tough to go throw when not the every day hitters are in the lineup to back you up.

        • Matt, I understand what you are saying. But Nova has to be careful while he’s obviously assured a rotation spot for now. If he doesn’t kick it up a notch or more like 2 notches during the 1st month of the season he’s going to make it very easy for Girardi to decide which pitcher is on the outside looking in when/if Pettitte returns as far as being 1 of the 5 starters..

    • uyf, I loved the way Nova pitched last year, I thought he got the most out of his stuff. That being said, I still think he is a pitcher that has a small margin for error. Most of his pitchers are hit able and his K/9 5.33 is low. Add to that a BB/9 3.10 is too high. I am concerned with his over use last year, and his finish to the year. Last year in ST he had a 1.93 ERA, this year he would end up with a ERA of over 8.00. Nova looks to me to be the odd man out when Pettite is ready. He looks to be this year’s Phil Hughes. Some pitchers can win when they don’t have their good stuff, Nova today showed he is not one of them. On the plus side both Phelps and Mitchell look to be able to make the step to the majors. They both pitched well today.

      • D.J. Mitchell is doing pretty well for him self this afternoon. I think he’s making Girardi’s decision to pick him to fill out the staff an easier one after today. I like his chances.
        I’m really bothered by Nova’s performance during this ST. I know what everyone says about ST basically for the regulars it’s just a case of trying to stay healthy. I just am not impressed by Nova so far. And like you just said I I mentioned a little earlier. He looks like he’s going to be the odd man out when Pettitte comes at this rate.

  5. Nunez, is playing like a man possessed this ST.

    • ufy Nunez is a player I love and think has upside. The job he did last year filling in for Arod and Jeter was fantastic. With those two aging he’s a REALLY nice piece to have for rest days in case of injury.

      • I think if you gave him more consitent playing time his errors would have gone down

        • A small part of me thinks Nunez may be able to take over at SS down the road. Note again the word “small”. And no, I don’t think he’d be as good as Jeter’s been, but he could do a good job over there full-time.

          • Before I would agree with that I’d have to see Nunez’s defense improve, and just just by a little.

            • Oh, I totally get being skeptical of that thinking. That’s probably why it’s only a “small” part of me that thinks that. But I can see him improving his defense enough to be viable. Not that his bat is that good to squeeze him in there, but he is only 24 so I think some improvement defensively should come.

              • I wasn’t a Nunez fan right of the start. We had several commenters on here mainly Ken who felt he should of replaced Jeter last year.

                • I know it’s been better the last two years in the minors, but seeing his OBP makes me cringe. But I don’t see Jeter being moved off of SS until at least 2014, if not until the next year. I don’t understand the crap some people give Jeter anyway, as he’s still good over there. Are expectations just too high for him?

              • I would agree with that. I think with more playing time and more consistent playing time his defense will improve. For some reason too and I may be completely off base here. But I think he needs to improve his instincts especially when running the bases. But I could be wrong there.

                • Hell, we could all be wrong about so many things. LOL

                  Knowing baseball players are creatures of habit, there has to be validity to the idea that him not playing regularly hurts.

    • The Yanks should try to find every way they can to get Nunez in the line up.

  6. Rays/Farnsworth news

    • I almost drafted him to my fantasy team too. Phew.

      Actually, the only reason I didn’t pull the trigger on choosing him was because of his time with the Yankees, and the fact I hated to see him being brought into games.

      • I went to a game last year sat right next to the visitors bullpen they were playing the Rays. Actually had a nice convo with David Price. When Farnsworth came out to warm out everyone got up and started yelling at him security had to come over to get us all to sit down.

  7. Montegomery just got his welcome to the big leagues, Ike Davis just took him yard over the Monster in CF. Never got to see his slider.

  8. I don’t understand…How come Joe Girardi took out Branden Pinder when he was pitching so well! I bet it was the binder!!

    • Delia I pontificated about my views on the Binder last night and got lambasted here. Those binders that are used by THE BINDER will drive me to a nervous breakdown if hes managing in NY much longer.
      Just wait until he orders the first tragic intentional walk. The BINDER’s intentional walks last year were followed by hits and runs at a record rate last year, it may have been an alltime record.
      The Yankees have won in spite of him, not because of him.
      In any case, he’s in midseason form already! LOL!

    • I didn’t see the game. Is there a chance he just wanted to give Montgomery some time out there? I wouldn’t be surprised if this was another mistake, though. Being Spring Training I was curious.

    • Delia, Girardi is just trying to give these guys a chance, they all have earned it.

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