Game 1 Lineup: Yankees @ Rays

Robinson Cano taking batting practice before today's game

Lineup vs. Rays:

Derek Jeter SS
Curtis Granderson CF
Robinson Cano 2B
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Mark Teixeira 1B
Nick Swisher RF
Raul Ibanez DH
Russell Martin C
Brett Gardner LF

Pitching Matchup:

CC Sabathia (19-8, 3.00 ERA in 2011) vs. James Shields (16-12, 3.07 ERA in 2011)

Start Time: 3:1opm
Field: Tropicana Field
T.V: YES Network
Radio: WCBS

Pregame Notes:

 Michael Pineda started throwing yesterday after being put on the DL last week with shoulder tendinitis. Although he threw on flat land and felt fine afterward, there is no rehab plan for him according to Joe Girardi

 This is CC Sabathia’s 4th consecutive Opening Day start for the Yankees which makes him the 9th pitcher in Yankees history to have 4 consecutive Opening Day starts.


Enjoy the game!

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About Delia E.

Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. Zimmer still makes me smile when they show him on tv.

    • LOL!! I know Zim and had a dinner with him and Johnny Podres and others up here in Saratoga after the track a few years back(Mr. Podres has passed away since then) and they told me stories of when they played ball and I laughed for 3 hours nonstop. They used to show up late for practice because they had gone to the track to play the daily double and one time they lied about where they had been as the manager saw them come in and after they told the lie the manager asked them what “that” was in Podres back pocket, LOL!, it was a program from the racetrack!!
      I’m in the horse business and met Zim through a friend and Zim loves the horses as much as baseball. He can be found at the track every day before the first race!!!

      • Seems a lot of athletes and especiay baseball players love the ponies. There were a lot of stories about Mickey Rivers always hitting up his teammates because he lost his paycheck at the track. Obviously George oved the horses too. I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of baseball players being in the industry.

        • Fish the day I met Zimmer at Saratoga, Torre had a horse in the feature that my friend trained for him. Torre was still managing the Yankees and was in Toronto on a road trip. When the race was going to off my friend the trainer’s phone rang and he talked to someone and said “ok, I’m going to put you on the phone with my friend Michael and he’s going to give you the call of the race” so I looked at him quizzically and asked who it was and he said “Torre”.
          My eyes went wide and he handed me the phone and I said hello Mr. Torre they’re about to go off, its an honor to speak with you, stammering like a little kid instead of a guy in his 30′s!!! I called the race for him and his horse won!! It was a small stakes race and I thought he’d be really excited after I said you won!!! He said “who was 2nd?”. I responded ” the favorite”. He replied “ahhh, the exacta won’t pay much then”. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          It was a real cool thing to do you know? To call a race for Joe Torre?!!! The horse was named Sugar Babe.
          If I ever write a book about all the crazy and wonderful things I’ve gotten to do in life thats going to be in there in chapter 1!!

          • That’s cool. What did you think of ‘Luck’? I was just getting into it when it got canceled.

            So many athletes love to gamble. I don’t go often but I almost always see someone famous at the casinos. Saw Pete Rose at the Blackjack tables in Vegas back in the 90s and I played blackjack at same table with Michael Kay at the Trop in AC.

  2. 1stinning and the Rays already show one reason they hang with the Yanks & Red Sox despite a fraction of the money. Their scouting and coaching is among the best in the game….they went with the overshift on Granderson and he hits a bullet right at the shifted SS who turns a 6-6-3 Double Play…..should have been 1st and 3rd with no outs.

  3. Joe G overmanaging already. You don’t intentionally walk people in the 1st inning!!!!
    I know Pena’s #s arent good vs CC but he beats on the Yanks and its too big a risk in the 1st inning.

  4. and that’s exactly why!!!!!!

    • Great. Just gave Michael P and other haters more fuel.

      • Don’t worry Bryan, I won’t waste my time with you anymore about that moronic Binder. There comes a time to tip your cap to someone when they are right on the money about something and this was the time. The proper response was to say “wow Mike P had it nailed”, not to call me a hater.
        I love the Yankees more than anyone I’ve ever met and that love makes me sick everytime this guy walks into the dugout as the manager. In his tenure he has: ended the Yankees amazing playoff streak, ended the AL’s incredible All Star Game streak, walked away empty handed the last two seasons despite more wins that anyone else in MLB in the regular season with moronic playoff managing(Freddy G this past season being left in an inning too long, not pinch hitting Montero in game 5, etc and oh, that IBB he made AJ throw vs texas in 201 ALCS also resulted in a home run, of course it did!!) and did win one title with an all star team that noone could have lost in but that he made more difficult with that brilliant Robertson lift against the Angels that blew a game.
        Guys like Maddon, Leyland, Sciosia, Ozzie, Francona now those are managers! They are guys worthy of managing a team like the Yankees. Pros who trust their eyes and who actually do understand stats and also think outside the box. This guy is a train wreck of a manager and he won’t ever change. I’m done now bitching about Joe G with you.

        • Everybody is going to be proven right at one time or another. But a WS title, a WC berth, and a separate division title surely doesn’t help your argument.

          • Bryan thats nonsense. Brian Billick won a Super Bowl.
            The talent he’s had since he’s been there makes one WS appearance a total failure. The title he won was with a team that you could have managed.
            His players have overcome his managing. He’s not mentioned with the great managers in this game for reason, despite that title.
            I want him to succeed and at one time had hope he’d learn from his mistakes as he got more comfortable with the job and aged. So much for that.
            I can still hope though, and I will hope that he can get better.

            • So he has to win a WS every year? Yeah, that’s not asking a lot.

            • What? Kuroda was facing the 7-8-9 hitters after the double to Scott, so it makes sense that Joe would try and save a reliever, especially early. Not to mention that Kuroda got Keppinger and Lobaton to ground out and pop out, followed by walking Brignac after getting the count full.

              You’re clearly looking for reasons to hate on Girardi.

  5. Just the other day when the two Girardi defenders were attacking me I stated that no manager in MLB has a worse record with IBB’s than Girardi.
    I can’t believe I just saw what I saw. He IBB’s Sean Rodriguez?!!! With CC on the mound??
    Wow, I mean, I wonder what binder stat Girardi was looking at that called for an IBB in the first inning.

    Same old Girardi, nothing will ever change with him because he’s stubborn, not terribly bright, overly emotional, and thinks he understands statistics but in reality doesn’t understand them at even the most rudimentary level. Opening day ruined just like that with one ignorant decision.
    I’m sure the Girardi defenders will have some “logical” explanation.

  6. Who says managing doesn’t matter in baseball?
    Classic examples in the 1st inning of both managers right there. I hate to pile on the anti-Girardi vibe but that was just a moronic move. How many big HRs does Pena have to hit off us?

    • Fish its not a “vibe” its just reality. It’s not like we are all knee jerking off the guy’s first month as a manager. I’ve been watching this guy make the SAME moronic moves for 4 seasons now and it looks like 5 won’t be any different.
      When I was a kid I got taken to task by a relative for screwing up. I was told that the best thing you can do in life is to make new mistakes because thats how people learn. I was told that the worst thing someone can do is to make the SAME mistakes over and over again.
      I never get angry at people who make new mistakes. The people who make the same mistakes over and over again? They make me insane with rage.

      • I’m not a Girardi fan – this was an absolutely terrible move and I called it ahead of time as soon as I saw him run out to the mound so it wasn’t a second-guess. However, as bad a manager as he is I don’t blame him for every litte thing that goes wrong like it’s become vogue to do. I’m not saying you do either as obviously this is the 1st real game we’ve ever commented on together.

        I hate the way Girardi makes his strategic moves. But I don’t usually go crazy about his smaller flubs – only the big ones. This one was huge.

  7. Barney Rubble

    The Donkey strikes again! Way to go Joe…you stink!

  8. Yanks are getting good swings vs Shields today…..ARod hit 2 balls hard.

  9. Wow, what in the world was Pena thinking there? He still could have turned 2……..saved us there. Good slide by Cano.

  10. Good job Ibanez! Shut me up for wanting a better DH…..hope he can have a big yr to help balance the lineup.

  11. My first article here was about Arod and I was quite confident he was going to shut some people up this year and boy does he look good physically.

    • I don’t think anyone doubts he can do the .280-.290, 25-30 HR thing if he doesn’t miss too much time.

      I wonder if more teams will start to employ the shift on Granderson now that it has already robbed him of 2 base hits. Hopefully he reacts better than Tex has.

  12. I don’t like Swish’s Defense much in RF but that was a nice catch.

  13. Athoh they are better than mostly every other team’s middle relief, the 6th and 7th inning guys for the Yanks are a bit of a question mark. Can Wade repeat his 2011 performance now that teams have seen him? Can Soriano regain his form from 2010? And wil Logan take the next step in his development? He has the ability but he tends to be very inconsistent.

  14. Niiiiiiiice play by Gardner…..the guy is a true weapon on defense!

    • Why? Well when you have that many stranded base runners and a manager who makes a move that leads to 4 runs in the first inning, you lose all margin for error. Yeah, Mo got hit, but he never should have been out there in the first place. The Rays scored 5 runs before the 9th inning and Girardi scored 4 of them.
      I’m in a very bad mood right now and will stop commenting for the night because any nitwit Girardi defender that stops by is going to make me nuclear.
      I’ve been saying it for years, that guy doesn’t deserve the players he’s been given to manage in Ny. He’s a 2nd rate manager and the sooner he’s gone the better the future of the Yankees will be.

  15. The saddest damn part about this whole thing is that sportscenter will show Mo “blowing the game” and Girardi’s intentional walk that lead to FOUR RUNS will be lost in the shuffle and ignored.
    Teixeira strands 4 runners, what else is new?

  16. Yeah my goodness he must leave 4 runners on every game during those 8 straight years of 100 plus RBI

    • Matt do you realize how many opportunities he’s had for RBI’s while batting 3rd, 4th, and 5th in the Yankee lineup over the last 3 seasons and one day?
      As I said earlier, the number of sac flies he fails to execute is scary.
      In any case he wasn’t the story today, just a footnote.
      Find me a manager who intentionally walks RODRIGUEZ in the first inning. Absolutely incredible and I was speechless as I watched it.
      It reminded me of the Angels game last July or August where he walked Izturis.
      The guy just doesn’t get it. He’s always trying to be the smartest guy in the room and its painfully obvious that he’s not.
      This is the kind of loss that just makes you shake your head.
      You get 4 RBI’s out of Ibanez and you lose the game, wow.

  17. Hey u saw my reaction on twitter when it happened. I made my feelings pretty clear lol. I dont think sean rodriguez was ever walked intentionally in little league.

    • LOL!! yes, not even in Little League. That’s how Izturis must have felt last season when Girardi walked him right before the double that lost the game. Has anyone EVER walked Rodriguez intentionally!!!?????? I have to look that up right now.

    • matthew probably the funniest comment on this blog so far.

  18. Rodriguez has been walked 3 times intentionally in his career. I’d be willing to bet all were to set up possible double plays.
    To walk him with 2 outs in the first inning is a new low during the Binder’s reign of terror. CC must have been insane inside.
    Worst opening day loss of my lifetime.

  19. The fact that CC had no fastball command at the time walking the bases loaded was incomprehensible no matter who the batter was u walked let alone it being a light hitting utility player. The worst it could have been with Rodriguez was 2-0 and not 4-0 with Pena. He could not throw Pena the sliders he could not hit because of the bases being loaded and CC falling behind which should have been anticipated easily if Girardi had payed any attention that inning at all.

    • Exactly Matt. Like I was railing about the other day before being called arrogant, Girardi’s problem is that he tries to apply statistics with absolutely no premeditation of the external factors. He always assumes optimum performance by players in situations.
      Girardi is the financial advisor who loves the numbers and earnings on a company and tells everyone to buy it while ignoring the “small” detail. that the company is within a sector thats getting hammered. He never sees the big picture and he doesn’t use his eyes or trust them, I have never been able to decide which one it is.
      In any case I’m sick to my stomach that people are laughing at the Yankees for walking Rodriguez.

      • I hate to say it but it’s the year of the Rays !!!Great pitching,starting and pen with depth to boot.Best defensive team in the league and the manager knows how to position them better than any other manager in the game..The offense has matured and the added power of Pena and Scott will be big.
        Team is athletic and versatile,and the whole roster will be utilized in a way to optimize talent and splits.The Rays are the complete opposite of the Yanks stagnent way of running a team,ageing stars that have to be coddled.

        • ballpark, sorry I can’t agree with you the Yanks will win, every time Kentucky wins the NCAAs the Yanks win the series. You can’t buck that!

  20. Really tough loss today. Michael P., I completely agree with you. When Joe made CC intentionally walk S. Rodriguez, even before the grand slam, I was wide-eyed and jaw dropped. How can you walk him, to face Carlos bleepin’ Pena?? Sure enough, the GS was next, and it completely deflated all the build up and excitement of Opening Day for me.

    Yanks came back, and I thought they had it in the bag once Robertson got out of the 8th. But I don’t hang this loss on CC, Mo, or anyone on the field. Directly on Joe. It’s incredible to me how he let Pena bite him in the ass twice. It’s as if he’s begging us to yell at our TV screens.

    I really wish I cn stay off Twitter and sports media tomorrow, because it’ll be the annual “Mo blew a save, is he done?” debate. A total bunch of BS. This was all Joe G’s fault.

    It is just Opening Day, but what a horrible way TO open this optimistic season. Go Yankees.

  21. Wow! Anyone see the HR hit by Cespedes tonight? Bomb to dead CF in Oakland – one of MLB’s biggest pitching parks. Had to be 450+ feet.

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