Game 47 Lineup: Yankees @ Athletics

Derek Jeter SS
Curtis Granderson CF
Mark Teixeira 1B
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Robinson Cano 2B
Nick Swisher RF
Andruw Jones DH
Jayson Nix LF
Chris Stewart C

RHP Hiroki Kuroda

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About Delia E.

Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. Jones crushed that – had to be 420+.

  2. The Yankees, like so many other teams have some key injuries.
    Without Brett, Mo, D-Rob and Joba this team hasn’t got many exciting players. Each in his own way gives us a good shot of excitement, which some think we are devoid of right now. When they ad Mustelier to the team that should help also. :)

  3. All this talk of the team being exciting or not is dumb IMO. If the Yankees are winning like they are now its exciting for me if not than it sucks. When Mark Teixeira is hitting like he was this series its exciting if he is hitting like he was before its not. Its really that simple

    • george jetson

      We can be fans of the Yankees and not like the players on the team or how it’s managed. There is nothing dumb about it.

      I am sick of watching Jeter. I want a change. I am sick of watching Swisher and want change. I am sick of watching Hughes and want more change etc………………I am sick of listening the Cashman’s and Girardi’s lies and want change……………..

      • George, you know what I’m sick of—

      • your sick of watching Jeter hit .340 this year? That must be really hard on u I am truly sorry u have to live through that lmao

        • george jetson

          I have watched Jeter for a long time and want to see someone new playing SS. I have said countless times that I respect Jeter for who he is but that does not mean I have to WANT to watch him continue to play……Jeter is not a lead off hitter anymore. He is not a good defensive SS anymore. His true value going forward as a player is hitting against left handed pitching. Now I do understand from a business and marketing position the value Jeter brings to the bottom line. So I expect the Yankees to continue to trot him out there going forward but as a fan I’m sick of seeing him and WANT change. He has had a wonderful career.

    • There’s no right or wrong way to be a fan. I’m definitely happier when the team is winning however I appreciate well played baseball and enjoy the little things about the game. I also wenjoy watching extremley talented or unique players. The Yanks tend to have a lot of the same type of players.

      Watching Cano or Gardner make a play that maybe only a handful of people could ever make ALL-TIME is exciting to me. I like watching young players develop. I enjoy watching masters like CC, Mo & Andy toy with hitters. I appreciate the nastiest of Robertson’s stuff and his ability to stay focused under pressure. Maybe I appreciate the talent of certain players more because I played the game and know how difficult it can be.

      When I go to a game or watch a game, my joy doesn’t totally hinge on the scoreboard. The Yanks won today which is great but I cringe watching us go 1 for 13 or whatever with RISP again and keep popping up with runners on 3rd and less than 2 outs. Solo HRs seem to be this team’s best weapon and it can be a bit boring. I appreciated the first couple of As games when the Yanks manufactured some runs with perfect execution. I appreciate a hitter giving himself up by hitting a ground ball to 2nd to move a man to 3rd base followed by a Sac Fly.

      So that is what I mean about interesting baseball

      • Now that is a masterpiece fishjam!
        I think now that my left hand has lost some dexterity, I appreciate the intricate ability it took for some of us that were not good enough for the minors but, were big fish in a small pond.
        I like the game within the game, the improbably of someone making a play that can’t be made. The hard work and unbelievable talent even some of the lesser players have…aha, to be that good!
        In my case, I made a choice, Army and couldn’t have made a better one, many many years in many places…I can live with that. :)

        • Thanks Ken. there are all types of fans and everyone appreciates different things. I knew you’d understand what i meant but there are many fans that see the game very differently and that is OK too. They say the same think about Art. everyone sees something different. Usually I don’t see a lot, just like others might not see the inricatsies of baseball that I do.

          • fishjam, good day to you!
            You got it right again, some like the HR, others like the little things that set-up runs or the well pitched game won by a great squeeze bunt etc. Both can be a win but, which would be more exciting to see?

  4. I am sick of hearing a Yankee fan called dumb…he can’t be too dumb, he is a Yankee fan. I don’t like fans writing things that are out right lies as though it was the truth. I don’t like writers (media) picking something off the Web and write about it as though it were the truth, they don’t check stories anymore…to lazy to do their job right. I don’t like seeing a vet play while a more talented rookie sets on the bench or in AAA. I don’t like someone (Joe and Cash) being called liars, their job makes it imperative they don’t answer every question asked of them truthfully…I am sure if you were to try, you could come up with the reason for that! I don’t like being 74 (almost) but, sh-t happens!
    I do like winning as winning is the only thing that counts, 2nd place is no place! :)

    • Many have talked about getting younger, more athletic and going for players that hit for a higher average. Could this player be attractive in Free Agencey at the end of the year?

      - 27 yr old Switch hitter
      - Leads MLB in Hits with 73
      - 3rd in MLB with 36 Runs Scored
      - Hitting .369 with a .412 OBP, .556 SLG% & .968 OPS in a hitter’s park
      - Has 9 SBs
      - Capable of playing above avg defense at all 3 OF positions
      - Last yr hit .305-18-87 with 20 SBs & 102 Runs
      - Has post-season experience and proven performer in NY

      I’m sure you all know who the player is but has anyone seriously considered signing him at the end of this season?

      • Another reason why Change is coming.

      • Melky Cabrera? It seems as though he has changed his ways from the sometime player to the guy that he should have been a long time ago!
        I wonder if Cashman would give up a draft pick for him when we still have Mustelier. Musty needs to be up in the Show soon, as of now we think he can hold down a job (right field/3rd) right now but, we don’t know. :)

  5. I don’t see the Yanks going after Melky next year, I never feel a AAA player can just come up and be a starter unless he is a stud, and even then I have resevations. Neither one of these guys look to me to be the answer to replace Swisher next year. Cashman’s moves are looking better and better every day. The only changes the Yanks will make next year is RF if any in the starting line up. I think there will be a new pitcher for Kuroda, and maybe another young arm comes up if they can get their act together. I do like the idea of bringing up Mustelier to see what he can do as a utility man.

    • Doug, good day!
      I must disagree with you on a thing or two. Melky is not in AAA try SFG! CF and RF will be replaced next year. I think it would behoove us to see if Musty can be one of the replacements or even a back-up at 3rd.
      As for pitchers, he has about three guys that make sence to try.
      Casman keeps saying he will not go after a FA because of the draft pick he will lose. I guess we will have to wait and see.

      • old yankee, good day! I didn’t mean that Melky was in AAA ball I just worded it wrong, what I meant was that I don’t see the Yanks going after Melky even though he is playing well for the Giants. The AAA player I was referring to was Mustelier. Cashman does’nt always give his hand away, if he can get a pitcher like Hamels or Grienke he might go after them. I think if he could get a major upgrade at the right price he might do it. The Pineda injury and the slow improvement and injuries to the B’s might make him go in another direction.

        • But what about Phelps and Mitchell can’t you see them getting a shot. Also if Andy does well he might have the itch to come back next year.

          • Matt S, good point I can see Phelps or Mitchell as a 4 or 5 man. I just don’t see the Yanks rotation being strong enough at the top. Nova and Hughes look to be bottom of the rotation pitchers also, due to their lack of deception and location of their pitches right now. That leaves CC at the top, and Andy. It is hard to ask Andy to be a top of the rotation pitcher at this point in his career. I really would like them to get someone to fit in the #2 spot. I know with the cap looming it will be hard to do. The pitching is what will win the games in the playoffs, not the addision of an outfielder in my book.

    • Doug, Which of Cashman’s moves are looking better and better every day?

      • fishjam, Cashman has set this team up to compete and withstand injuries. The team has done that after injuries to Pineda, Gardner, Joba, Mo, and Robertson. Seems to me that everyone was killing him for Ibanez and he has done well. Kuroda has been just ok, but then its tough to pitch in the east. Look at the standings, as old yankee says that’s what counts. I see Cano coming into his own along with A-Rod, Jeter has been solid. Tex is getting on track the way he does this time every year. After the O’s lose tonight the Yanks will be only one game back in the loss column. Phelps has merged well into the bigs, and Robertson and Gardner are getting healthy. Soriano looks to be a good closer, and Wade and Logan have done a good job. Eppley and Mitchell have done well when given a chance, and Jones and Chavez coming off an injury have done well. I like to look at the glass as have full, rather than half empty like some on this site.

  6. Matt, do you think the Yanks would go with a rotation of CC, Pettite, Nova, Hughes, and Phelps next year?

    • Hey Doug sorry I didn’t get to this question earlier. Getting married in less than 2 weeks and lots to do.

      And yes I think the Yanks would go with that rotation next year. Unless they package, Phelps, one of the Killer B’s and someone else for good pitcher coming into his last or 2nd to last season of his contract.

      • Congradulations, my daughter is getting married in August my third of four. I know it can get a little hairy the last few weeks.

        • Thanks Doug. Congrats to you as well. As my time is limited the next two week. And will not be on at all when I am away for my honeymoon. The rest of the staff will be picking up the slack for me. I have faith in them as they are always looking to pitch in when needed.

  7. What I am hoping for is Soriano saves 60 games this year. (Over exaggerating) But I hope he puts up huge numbers and some sucker takes him and his contract away from the Yankees for next year.

    • Well at least the Yanks are getting their money’s worth out of him. Seriously though, the Yanks are lucky to have him right now. Turns out we’re down to our third closer and still competing, no other team could do that.

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