Spanning the Yankee Blogs: Phelps, Gardner, Kuroda, NYY Sale, Austin

Here is this past week’s best from around the Yankee blogs. Enjoy!

An A-Blog for A-Rod discusses David Phelps’ role with the Yankees.

Bronx Baseball Daily analyzes how the Yankees are missing the injured Brett Gardner more than we think.

The Captain’s Blog looks at the Cubs’ David DeJesus as a strong trade target for the Yanks.

It’s About the Money Stupid reviews the Yankees and Mets broadcasters.

Pinstripe Alley attributes Hiroki Kuroda’s struggles not to the league change, but to general poor location of his pitches.

River Ave. Blues examines the story put out by the Daily News regarding the possible sale of the Yankees and shoots it down for now.

The Yankee Analysts takes a look at Tyler Austin’s success and how he could easily make his way into Top 100 Prospect Lists.

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About Mike D.

Mike D. is one of 2 co-founders of the Yankees Fans Unite Blog. He has been a Yankees fan for as long as he can remember, growing up in a family of huge NYY fans. His knowledge of the game comes from watching baseball his whole life, and playing third base in high school and college.

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  1. Just read Oswalt signs with the Rangers

  2. I’ve got two possibles in the draft for the first round, I like a SS named Tanner Rahier from Palm Dessert HS. and I like a kid named Brian Johnson from Florida a LHP. Both could be available when the Yanks pick. I’ve watched Johnson on TV he also is a good hitter. This is out of the box, but I always wondered why a team doesn’t groom a player as a P/DH. The Yanks could have played Babe Ruth as a P/DH is they had one back then. Johnson could fit that bill; in this way you could carry an extra player. There are many good HS and college pitcher that could do it. I always thought a pitcher named Thigpen who pitched for the White Sox could have done it. Many high school pitchers bat third or fourth for their teams.

    • I would guess it would have to do with rest in between starts or less chance for an injury or something like that.

      • Matt, exactly that’s the old school view, but players have been doing it for years on the lower levels with no big injury problem. Mike Hampton and Michah Owings could have done it also.

        • Doug…
          The pitchers at the lower levels are all kids 14 to what 22? Would you want CC hitting against Verlander and get hit with a fastball on the hand? As a kid he is not facing guys like Verlander, has much faster reflexes and can better get out of harms way but, as a 33/34 year old, not so much.
          Look at how much the GMs hate the interleague play when AL pitchers have to hit! :)

          • Ken, the pitchers hit anyway in the National league. I don’t want CC to hit, I’m talking about a great hitter like the Babe who could do both. Pitchers don’t hit well mainly because they never take batting practice, not Wang.

            • Doug…
              I see your point, the Yankees had a pitcher a few years ago they used him as a pinch hitter a few times, I can’t remember his name but he could hit ok!
              As for the NL pitchers hitting, some of the guys really can hit but others, not so much…! Every year one or two pitchers get injured hitting or, trying to hit.
              Makes some sense as most of the time the best athletes on the team (high, college) are SS or pitchers and they do hit very well (most of them)! I just don’t want to expose my biggest asset on the team out there trying to hit and then running the bases.
              Just me I guess! :)

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