Game 50 Lineup: Yankees @ Angels

Lineup vs. Angels

Derek Jeter SS
Curtis Granderson CF
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Robinson Cano 2B
Mark Teixeira 1B
Raul Ibanez LF
Nick Swisher RF
Eric Chavez DH
Russell Martin C

RHP Ivan Nova

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About Delia E.

Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. Flaherty just said Swisher made a strong throw? He threw a rainbow to the cut-off man from regular-depth in RF that had no chance of getting runner at plate and allowed both other runners to advance to 2nd and 3rd.

  2. Girardi watched Sciossia call a beautiful hit and run so he tried it too and it worked. Followed by a big HR by grandy….remember that Joe!!! If he had started the runner with 1st and 3rd and full count the previous inning we would have scored a run instead of a 3-6-3 inning ending double play.

  3. It always seems the same story when we face Santana. We hit him very hard in the first few innings then he stops throwing his Fastball and shuts us down with offspeed pitches. Hopefully we’ll keep ripping him tonight.

  4. Nice job from Nova there. With Santana at 83 pitches already even if he does find it he will be out pretty soon. Hopefully we can feast on the middle relief.

  5. I think it’s time to consider sending Nova to AAA for 2 weeks to see if he can get it together. Right now, his location is absolutely horrible. He makes far too many mistakes up in the zone. Send him to AAA for 2-3 starts to see if it lights a fire under him.

  6. Another bad throw by Swisher costs us a run.

  7. Agreed Fish at this point Phelps is the much better option.

    • Nova did a good job of driving the sinker and slider down in the zone after the horrible 4th inning and got 2.2 scoreless innings to keep the Yanks in the game. I still have more confidence in Nova than Hughes but at some point Nova needs to put together some consistent outings.

  8. Girardi is an absolute fool. Nova finally gets in a groove setting down 4 in a row and he pulls him with 2 outs and no one on and switch-hitting Morales coming up. Morales was 0 for 2 with 2 Ks vs Nova!!

  9. I actually didn’t have a big problem with that one. With Morales having 0 HR’s batting righty this year and with all the HR’s Nova gives up I would rather take my chances with him righty against Boone who had been great of late and has retired Morales already this series. Of course I wanted Nova gone earlier so what do I know lol.

  10. The fact that was only a 1 run game made the difference for me. The chances of him hitting a HR lefty against Nova are much greater righty against Boone

    • Yeah, it’s not a huge deal but I just felt there was no need to make a move there. he trusted Nova enough to face red-hot Pujols who he got out, then he pulls him because he didn’t want him to face a guy he struck out twice (his only 2 Ks of the night). Understood that Morales is better from the left side but Logan has a career .872 OPS against vs RHH and there was a string of them up after Morales including the smoking-hot Trumbo. If anything, I would have had Eppley or Wade warmed to face Trumbo if Logan gave up hit to Morales. But it worked out as Wade got a huge K of Kendrick.

  11. In any event, big win. Avoided the sweep, picked up a game on everyone and was a confidence builder. Good job by Nova to finish strong.

  12. Ok, who wants to deal with me and my howling contention that trading Aj was wrong when they did it? Probably noone, and for good reason. Before anyone tries that “AL East” nonsense, if outdueling Cueto and holding the Reds to two hits is so easy? Then how come CC couldn’t do it and they knocked us around so badly a week or so ago?
    Aj is DEALING, and he will be flipped for a top prospect at the deadline, just as I predicted the Pirates would do the day of the trade.
    I’d LOVE to be wrong about something I said preseason, as a matter of fact I hope for it everyday. It just hasn’t happened yet.
    I see him in a Tigers or Red Sox or Phillies uniform by July.

    • Michael, Cashman has made a lot of poor moves over the years but I have no problem with him dumping AJ. And even if AJ wins the Cy Young in Pittsburgh or is traded for a good prospect, it has no effect on if the trade was good or bad. The bottom line is AJ was a poor pitcher who struggled with all the attention & expectations in NY and would not be doing what he’s doing in Pittsburgh in NY.

      He admits himself that he felt an enormous amount of pressure pitching in NY and finally feels comfortable. He walked the bases loaded in the 1st inning of his first start in PIT and he said the fans didn’t even react. He knows in NY (or at least how he perceived it) that in NY the fans would be all over him at that point.

      He had back to back seasons with a 5 and a half ERAs and the Yanks were more than patient with him. They never skipped his starts or took him out of the rotation so I have no problem with dealing him for $15M in salary relief. They could never have dealt him for a prospect because of the size of his contract.


  14. C.C. already did that against them this year. It pains me to say this because I believed in them this year but the Tigers started off 10-3 and since have been one of the worst teams in baseball. I have no clue how they have played this bad.

  15. Which of these young pitchers will run out of gas the second half. Sale, Strasburg, Samardjia, Beachy, Miley, Arroeta. Milone, Smily, Delgado, Nova, Moore, Bard, Hellickson, Minor, and Drabek? These players are listed in their order of efficiency so far by Fangraphs.

  16. Two come back pitchers this year to this point are Peavy and Santana. Both pitchers were aces, and their presence has helped move their teams up the ladder in their divisions to this point.

  17. Dear A.J Burnett: WE NEED YOU!!!

    Dear Cliff Lee: Get a win…

    • Delia, we miss the pie in the face from AJ, one year it seemed like we had 10 walk off hits.

      • Doug, try 17!!! I believe it was 15 in the regular season and 2 in the post-season in 209. That team got clutch hits all year long and had a great energy to it that this team clearly does not possess at this point.

        • fishjam, looks like that was the telling story, winning the series and all. I still think back to those days. What a fun time for a Yankee fan. I think that is why Melky is so liked, he was in on a few of those games, that and he is killing the ball now.

  18. It looks like the Yanks may need to upgrade their pitching, do they go after Garza or Dempster at the deadline, or do they wait until next year? I think Anibal Sanchez could be next year’s Gio Gonzalez, he might be worth going after. He would come cheaper than Hamels or Grienke. I have heard Hamels might want to go to the Dodgers since he’s a Cali boy. I’m not sure we have enough pitching in the system right now to fill Kuroda’s spot, nor do we really have a #2 pitcher. Cashman will have to fill this spot along with C and RF. I don’t see the Yanks resigning Swisher, and I have no idea what to do at C.

    • i’ll be happy with no Swisher on this team next year. What was it two or three games ago he almost got Grandy killed twice in the OF.

    • Doug, they could have gone after those pitchers in the Winter but they blew their #1 trade chip. A package of Montero, Betances & Noesi would have likely brought any pitcher on the market last Winter, Gio, Garza, etc. They also should have bid aggressively on Darvish as I wrote back in December.

      Now, i don’t know what the Yanks have to deal. Teams want MLB-ready young players in exchange for quality pitchers. The yanks have Nova, Nunez, Banuelos and possibly Romine that would be attractive. But since that is about all they have in terms of youth, I’d be reluctant to deal them unless they get another young player back with a lot of team control left.

      • fishjam, I was all for the Gio trade he has great stuff, and the talk for a year was the Yanks were going after Darvish. These were 2 big mistakes.

  19. Cashman also said they were not going to renew Granderson so, it seems we need a pitcher, catcher, CF and RF for next year. Good luck! :)

    • Wait, so all were going to have next season is Brett Gardner in LF and RF & CF are a mystery? I kind of want Swish and Grandy back next season.

    • Cashman said that? I must have missed that Ken if he did

    • Ken, when did Cashman say that about Grandy?

      • Ken i don’t think he said that about Grandy.

        • Matt…
          He was asked something about, what he was going to do with Cano because he will demand a big contract. Cashman said something like, we will have to make some tough choices in the next few seasons. We have Cano, Swisher and Granderson all of whom will want bigger contracts but, we can’t keep them all. Granderson does have option for next year. There was more to it but I can’t recall it all.
          I may have misunderstood what he was saying at the time, hope that I did!
          He may have ment something like; resign Cano and replace Swisher for 2013, then replace Granderson in 2014…which is what I thought he was getting at!
          Don’t forget we have Phil, Joba and Cano contracts done in 2013 and Jeter, Brett, and D-Rob in 2014.
          I expect them to trade Phil but, Cano is a different thing altogether.
          Your comments are welcome! Was I mistaken?

          • Grandy’s option will be picked up for sure as it is very reasonable. A long term deal after that is still up in the air

  20. Matthew B…
    I think that is what I mentioned before, his option year is 2013. Swisher is gone after 2012 and Grandy is gone after 2013…if they decide to sign Cano for a 4-5 year deal, if he wants more time….we don’t sign him.
    I am speaking from logic, who knows what the Yankees will do.
    We have had a lot of contracts that are way to long, A-Rod, Jeter, Posada, AJ do we need another , with Cano? Most 2nd basemen are more or less done at 32-35…most likely the only time I mention stats!

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