Rumor Dish: Garza, Marcum, Greinke, Dempster, Wandy, Hughes

In his latest piece at CBS Sports, Jon Heyman discussed the Yankees and their rotation situation. He said that it is looking more and more likely that the Yankees will pursue a starting pitcher at the trading deadline this year. Of the starting pitchers who will be available to one degree or another, Heyman says that the Yankees are most interested in and keen on Matt Garza of the Cubs.

Yankees people like the fact Garza is battle-tested in the American League East after acquiring too many pitchers from the National League who haven’t been able to make a seamless transition to the A.L.

The argument of the rocky transition from the National League to the American League is one that is rather well supported. One only has to look at the second stint with Javier Vazquez and the so far mixed performance of Hiroki Kuroda to understand the Yankees’ reported concern. According to Heyman, the Yankees are not very interested in some of the other pitchers who would potentially be on the trade market like Zack Greinke and Shaun Marcum of the Brewers, along with Ryan Dempster of the Cubs. He also said that Wandy Rodriguez of the Astros is the probable back-up plan to Garza.

While he is not the only source of concern, Heyman reports that the Yankees are highly concerned about Phil Hughes and his inability to put hitters away when ahead in the count. Hughes has been overly reluctant to go to his curveball and change-up and that is clearly not a good sign.

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Mike D. is one of 2 co-founders of the Yankees Fans Unite Blog. He has been a Yankees fan for as long as he can remember, growing up in a family of huge NYY fans. His knowledge of the game comes from watching baseball his whole life, and playing third base in high school and college.

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  1. You are not trading for a number 1 in Garza so I would be weary of what you give up and apparently the Cubs wanted a kings ransom before. On the plus side he already has AL East success but like most of the Yankees pitchers this year he has been giving up to many HR’s this year. Great innings eater but i don’t know if I buy him as the guy he was last season.

    • The guy is as overrated as any pitcher in MLB. He’s another guy that metrics lie about, just like Kuroda. I’d like someone to name these great metrics guys with mediocre w-l stats who magically win a lot of games when they switch teams.I just don’t see it happen, ever.

  2. Don’t care who the Yankees trade for. As long as they A) don’t trade Brett Gardner and B) don’t trade for Javier Vasquez. Maybe A.J wants to come back? Huh? Or maybe not.

  3. In other news Heyman also tweeted that Soriano will be the closer when Robertson gets back

    • Makes sense, Soriano has done it well before, and Robertson has been out of whack ever since spring training.

    • I wanted Soriano to close right away, as I like Robertson in the fireman-type roll instead of being tied into the 9th. Soriano has closed well in the past, so he should do okay there now.

  4. From the way teams try and hold up the Yankees in trades, it would cost a few of our best players for any good pitcher, even a number 3.
    If we wait for winter most of the pitchers/players are under arbitration and cost a draft pick next year, Cashman doesn’t like to give up draft picks for a player, how much can one build a team when one only gets a chance at the 84(?) player in the draft?
    I would say it is a Catch 22 situation, how do the Yankees get a top grade pitcher or bat without sending players like Jackson, Monty or Noes to another team.
    This is why many believe we must really look at what we have and see if there are any players we can count on to become big leaguers!
    I have always been against trading our young guys away for any player in his 30s. Fans say a major league player is always better than a minor player and should be traded for…fine, if they like it that way but, I would rather have a kid of 21 (+/-) for 10 years (+), 4 years of which are cheep years. :)

    • It comes down to how much that MLB player is worth now vs. what that minor leaguer could be worth later. And with most prospects not panning out, you can see why people would think that. I want a mix of veterans and young players, and depending on what young players the team has, those trades are sometimes best for the team.

      In this case I don’t think the team needs anybody. I wrote about it on my blog. Of course, that could change in another month when the deadline is closer. But for right now I think it would be dumb to deal for Garza, Dempster, or anybody else.

      • Bryan, I totally agree with you it is too early trade for anyone. Let’s wait and see where the Yanks are near the deadline, it will give Hughes and Nova time to get their act together.

  5. Off the subject but Santana is pitching a no hitter in the 8th for the Mets, they have never had a pitcher pitch a no hitter.

  6. Another multi hit game for Jeter, looks like he is the All Star SS.

  7. Santana throws first no no in Mets history, was it wrong to have him throw so many pitches coming off an arm injury? This was a tough call.

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