Game 52 Lineup: Yankees @ Tigers

Derek Jeter SS
Curtis Granderson CF
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Robinson Cano 2B
Mark Teixeira 1B
Raul Ibanez LF
Nick Swisher RF
Eric Chavez DH
Russell Martin C

RHP Hiroki Kuroda

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About Delia E.

Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. which Kuroda will show up tonight?

  2. Barney Rubble

    Let’s go Tigers here we go! Let’s go Tigers here we go! Let’s go Tigers here we go!

    • Be good Barney! By the way, what’s your opinion on Soler? Should the yanks pay $20-30M for him?

      • Barney Rubble

        What’s the point of talking Soler?

        Hal is too cheap to sign him!
        Cash can’t justify that he has enough value for the team to consider signing him!
        Girardi won’t play him when the time comes for his call up!

        Let’s go Tigers!

  3. Ah we have a troll on the site lol

    • Barney Rubble

      Ah the pot calling the kettle black………………so clever. Dude what’s a Troll?

      Go Tigers!

      I love me some 0 for 3 Swisher tonight! Way to go! K!

      Maybe Cashman will talk to him! Cheer him up some?

      • i hate swish as well but he just tied the ball game.

      • A troll is somebody who just posts on the internet for no other reason other than to get under people’s skin. Seeing as u are clearly not a Yankees fan and posting on here that wud be u. Get a life bro.

  4. Now that is what I like to see, 2nd and 3rd one out, ground out scores one run. Swisher, can he do it…not so much, SO! Tigers two to one.

  5. Big spot for Jeter here with runners on.

  6. Wow Girardi is hot.

  7. Barney Rubble

    The Yankees SUCK! Go Tigers! Arod it’s time to shop at THE SCOOTER STORE!

    If the Yankees lose tonight they will be playing .500 ball since May 1st. That’s not getting it done! I need more losing!

    Losing means bye bye Girardi and Cashman!

  8. Cory Wade leaves another slow change on the inside part of the plate to a big Right-handed power hitter. Made the same mistake to Trumbo for a game-winner a few nights ago.

  9. Jeter should have leaned into that pitch

  10. Hey Fish, Matthew B or anyone else….. Is it me or umpires insanely showy this year. This old heads need to go.

  11. Wow double steal!!!! Is this the Tampa Bay Rays?

  12. You got to love this scenario Cano up with the bases juiced.

  13. Cano has to do the job here.

  14. Need Tex to come through here.

  15. Barney Rubble

    Yankees pride coming through when needed! Keep losing and maybe the new regime coming will do what is needed for this organization to be successful again!

  16. My goodness (like that hay?) the first 5 guys can’t get a hit when it counts. Cano needs to be selective when he has the pitcher in trouble, “see the ball hit the ball” is not the way to go with runners in scoring position. Granderson gets a half a pass, the other guys get not one little bit of a pass…they haven’t been doing their jobs for weeks. High avg. and hits that don’t count are nice but RBIs are what count, that goes double for A-Rod and Tex. :(

  17. After seeing this game…I am more than willing to drive to Tampa, get Brett Gardner, drive him to Detroit and force him in the lineup. He’s the only one that can get his own run without hitting a home run.

    And BTW…where the heck was Soriano tonight? And why would Tony Pena bring in David Phelps in such a nerve wracking situation. He’s just a kid after all! We want to make him better, not try to scare him.

  18. If he is scared he shud not be an MLB ballplayer. I don’t think that was the problem

    • Another game where we miss Mo, Robby, and Joba. The hitters have to be more selective in that situation, and the coaches have to put the take signal on with Cano until he gets a strike.

  19. Barney Rubble

    Blow this team up! They can not and will not win this year so time to be SELLERS!

    • Barney…
      Thank you for stopping by last night and imparting your great knowledge with us! Your panache and expertise in baseball, is unequaled by many of us here but, we shall work very succinctly to try and catch up to you. :)

    • With the double wild card this year everyone is in it at this point.

      • yes i agree with you there Doug. and with the teams in in longer the trading deadline should be interesting this year as more teams will have needs to be filled.

  20. Bottom line is the Yanks are 7-3 in their last 10 on the road, pretty good.

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