Game 63 Lineup: Yankees @ Nationals

Lineup vs. Nationals:

Derek Jeter SS
Curtis Granderson CF
Mark Teixeira 1B
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Nick Swisher RF
Andruw Jones LF
Russell Martin C
Jayson Nix 2B
Phil Hughes RHP

Robinson Cano is just getting the day off tonight. There’s nothing wrong with him. He is available to pinch hit tonight if needed.

Also David Robertson is back on the roster and in the bullpen as the 8th inning guy should the Yankees need him tonight.

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About Delia E.

Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. Hey Ken,

    Heard Arod on The Michael kay Show. They were talking about Lebron James and how people hate him. ARod said he knows how he feels and it stinks being the villain all the time and that he’ll always be criticized until he wins a championship. He said he felt like he was always ‘The Villain” prior to 2009 and said winning the WS changed his career and his life. He said now he feels he’s treated much better everywhere he goes and that he feels ‘good-will’ from fans home and on the road.

    He def looks much more comfortable and secure in himself since 09. He’s honest and forthright with the media and is the best interviewee on the team now IMO. Makes you wonder if he would have had an even better career if he had won a title early in his career and played more relaxed – scary thought.

    • Youngyankee7……

      Aroid vs Jeter:

      Who has higher batting avg……Jeter

      Who has higher OBP……Jeter

      Who has higher slugging %…….Jeter

      Who is overpaid …….AROID!

    • fishjam, A-Rod is like any other player, its playing in NY that’s the problem, the media and fans beat players up. He wouldn’t have this problem if he played in 27 of the other markets. It’s not an A-Rod problem, it’s a media problem. If I was A-Rod I would just tell the media to stick it, or be like Carlton and just say nothing. The rest is just BS, just like with LeBron, everyone is jeoulsous.

      • Doug -why do so many coaches mgrs and players dislike him so much?

          • Twasp….
            That is a rehash of an old story of about 3-4 years ago. I read it then and I read it again, now…nothing new.

          • I think the 100 out of about 800 players in the Show were bench players and jealous of talent they can only dream of having. But then, A-Rod is not a saint but, when I pick a team…I pick those that will help the team win not, who I like or dislike!

            • Youngeryankee7
              Address – 13 Naive St
              Profession – Alex Rodriguez Public Relations
              Job description – Defend A**holes

            • Ken you know I love you just as much as FishJam


              He is right!

              The hatred from other players cannot be blamed on jealousy or NY.

              Otherwise why isn’t Mariano appearing on the hated list? Why isn’t Jeter ? Why Isn’t CC?

        • twasp and fishjam, I played with and agains’t some great players and HOFers in my day that I didn’t like because of their personalities. That’s it with Cobb, Bonds, and A-Rod. they are not likeable people. The fact that we are blogging about him is proof of that, but like performance enhancing drugs I am sick of hearing about it. Just look at the player on the field.

          • I hear you Doug. Steroids Steroids Steroids……… Who cares? Practically everyone was taking them. If Boston’s Manny Ramirez and Big Papi were taking them ….I want Aroid to take them too…..evens the playing field.

            • Doug……do you think Clemens will be convicted of perjury?

              • No, I think Roger is going to get off.

                • Yeah….Harden has created enough reasonable doubt by portraying McNamee as a dirtbag.

                  • Do you think he lied? And really did take them?

                    • twasp, I played minor league ball in the 60′s and they were taking amphetamines to get better. Of course he took them, like 75% of the players in the majors. No one was trying to stop them back them and the peir pressure to stay in the majors is too great. These guys like Clemens and A-Rod are fall guys for the MLB, writers, and fans, they are just the tip of the iceburg as far as I’m concerned.

                    • Yeah….Doug I agree with you … About 75% were doing illegal drugs. And the high profile guys took the heat.

                • Doug, I played College Ball (football-baseball) in the 1950′s, went into Army and played Army Baseball until I retired a few years ago, finished up with sand lot baseball (40 and over). Army baseball is the toughest baseball I have ever played…not equil to Minor league (maybe)…I have scars to prove it. There were some very good players playing in those days, the problem was we never had time to play regularly because of work. It was a great way to settle down after a few weeks being gone!
                  I honestly know, I would never have made it in the minors…I was meaner then a Junk Yard Dog and didn’t have the talent of you guys but, I’ll bet, I had more fun!

                  • old yankee, happy father’s day, you have earned my respect for your service to your country. I played in the San Diego Marine baseball tournament in 1968 when I was in junior college, stayed on the base. They had some good players on their team.

                    • Thanks…
                      Can you imagin the hostility and energy some guys have after a few weeks of work? No, I don’t think so, don’t get me wrong, it is just that added edge one gets and has to let out. Some of those guys do have a lot of talent.

                    • Yes, I thank Ken for his service and I am also impressed with his baseball credentials.

                      Oldyankee13 -Is it true they used rocks for baseballs and dinosaur turds for bases when you played ?

      • Doug, it’s a cop out to blame everything on the NY media and fans. ARod was hated and prodded by media/fans BEFORE he ever got traded to the Yankees. Thousands of players have played in NY without getting beat up by “jealous” media and fans.

        Alex was not straightforward and always seemed to be putting on an act throughout his career. Everyone thought he was a phony and that’s why people didn’t like him. Why would fans be jealous of a player’s ability?? That’s ridiculous! As fans, we watch the game to see great players and appreciate tremendous talent/performance.

        Since 2009 when he got the steroid admission off his chest and won the ring, he’s been a TOTALLY different person. He’s being himself! He’s not putting on an act and is comfortable on the field, with his teammates and with the media. He’s much more relaxed, charismatic and likable. I wish he was like this early in his Yankee career when he still had all his talent & health.

        • I have said time and again, A-Rod has been a star even in high school. Some kids don’t know how to stand in the shadows and let their great talent do the talking for them. A-Rod never had the home life of many of the other players…not an excuse, just a fact…he should have learned! He had been treated as a star his whole life but, in the big show he had to compete with other guys almost as good as he was. That was pressure he had never had before, so he handled it wrong, that makes him a lesser player?
          Hell Ty Cobb was the most hated player ever…he is in the HoF because of his talents, not his personality.
          A-Rod deserves the same, talent is talent, no matter if one likes him or not he is still considered one of the top 10 players, not personality!
          By the way, I agree with most everything you wrote above! :)

          • Oldyankee13…….

            At the age of 20, in his FIRST full season as a major leaguer, Arod led the league in

            1. Runs
            2. Doubles
            3. Batting average – .358
            4. Total Bases

            Pretty incredible!

          • A-Rod took steroids while with Yankees and as teen
            BY TRACY CONNOR
            Wednesday, April 29, 2009
            Alex Rodriguez may have bulked up with steroids as early as high school – and was suspected of juicing while playing for the Yankees, a bombshell new book reports.

            Although the slugger insists he dabbled in steroids only while with the Texas Rangers, the book “A-Rod” strongly suggests he didn’t give up performance enhancers when he came to New York.

            Sports Illustrated writer Selena Roberts, who broke the story that A-Rod flunked a steroid screening in 2003, reveals fellow Bombers nicknamed the third baseman “B—h T–s” in 2005.

            • Good way to sell a book, isn’t it? Roberts has been found to have used hear say in her book with no evidence at all to back anything up. A-Rod has been tested every year with the Yankees…that’s a fact jack! (Did you like that one?).
              I am getting a bit tiered of telling you the facts, and they are facts until someone comes forward and puts their name on a provable fact! None have yet, they always say; So and so said he saw this or that and we must believe this un-name person? Hell, even killers are given better treatment than A-Rod, just because some un-named person says so, that ain’t a fact…that is crazy!
              Come on Twasp, you dislike A-Rod, ok, that is your right to do so but, bring forth some facts, not hear say stuff.
              Do you remember what A-Rod looked like when he first came up? He bulked up after coming to the Yankees. With his bulk he could never have played SS as well as he did before coming to the Yanks!

              • Ha ha Ken…..TWASP is just joking. I like Aroid and I don’t care if he did steroids. Most power hitters were doing it during that time period. If your opponents are doing it and it’s not banned why shouldn’t you even the playing field.

                TWASP once said Aroid was the best all around player in the history of baseball and Ernie said it was Mays not Aroid. What do you think?

                • Twasp, happy days!
                  A-Rod but, only because he played SS. The best All Around player was Mickey but, only because of his speed! It is unfair to compare everyone’s speed to Mickey’s when counting a 5 tool player…speed is speed, I sometimes forget that! When you see a guy bunt a ball (softly) to the pitcher and he beats it out for a hit, time and again, that is speed. lol :)

  2. Seriously Ken… is Alex Rodriguez at his best:

  3. Without steroids , HGH and Boli, Arod is Gene Michael.

    • TWASP u may hate the man but that is pure garbage. ARod is a HOF player with or without steroids

      • Why are we writing about this when the Yanks are on a roll, and blowing people out of the water with good pitching , hitting, and defense. Where are the doomsday bloggers now!

        • Yeah where is George Jetson saying the Yankees should be sellers? Lmao

          • Yeah Matt. Did you see where he said that the Yankees will only go 8-7 vs the NL this trip? LOL how many have they won in a row?

        • Doug…..I know I found it funny when everyone was so worried about the team. Yeah they are getting older and some players skills will decline ….. But they have so much talent that other players can easily pick up the slack. You know that Cano and Granderson are going to hit as well as any elite players. You know Tex will get his 30/100. Jeter will get on base and score 100 runs. The BP is great. Andy and Koroda have picked up the starting pitching. We are fine.

    • anybody with eyes and a brain will tell u Arod is one of the most talented right handed hitters they have ever seen

  4. Youngyankee7- is it true that steroids shrink a player’s scrotum?

    Is that why Aroid didn’t have the balls to tell the truth sooner? Ba da bing!

    • twasp when are you going to get over this jealous thing you have with A-Rod? So your sweety (Jeter) can’t compete with A-Rod except in Strike outs, Hits, Avg. and personality, so why take out Jeters short comings on A-Rod. No matter what you or some other players and fans say…A-Rod has been and will end-up being one of the ten best baseball players ever.
      I notice the writers still hint A-Rod used for the 3 years he was in Texas…which is wrong and has been proven to be so but, it always makes the story better so there you go!
      Time to go to the drawing board again. lol :)

  5. TWASP ALTER EGO says :

    You are the Ahole TWASP! Not Arod!

    Matt is right, you don’t have eyes or a brain!

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