Week 10 Yankees Player of the Week

The Yankees continued their outstanding play by completing their first undefeated week of the season. The Yankees went 6-0 behind their pitching and hitting. Russell Martin started it off on Sunday with a GW HR.  Alex Rodriguez continued it with a huge grand slam on Wednesday that led the Yankees to a win that nobody saw coming. Also Curtis Granderson hit a HR in the 6th inning on Wednesday to put the Yankees ahead for good and Mark Texiera had a game winning double in the 14th inning yesterday. When you combine this clutch hitting with the pitching the Yankees have been getting from the rotation and the bullpen they are extremely tough to beat. The Yankees even won a game yesterday in which they didn’t hit a HR for the first time all year. It is also incredible that the Yankees have only not hit a HR in 13 games this season if you look at that stat the other way.  The nominees for Week 10 Yankees Player of the Week are Curtis Granderson, Ivan Nova, Nick Swisher, and Rafael Soriano.

The Case For Granderson: .308, 2 HR, 5 RBI, 4 runs scored

The Case For Nova: W, 7.0 inn, 0 runs, 5 hits, 6 Ks

The Case For Swisher: .350, 1 HR, 3 RBI, 2 runs scored

The Case For Soriano: 3.0 inn, 0 runs, 3 hits, 2 Ks, 3 saves

Sorry I was only able to give just the stats this week but I am running short on time. The Week 10 Yankees Player of the Week is Curtis Granderson. There was no real standout this week so vote in the poll and discuss in the comments as it is very close.

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About Matthew B

I am a student at William Paterson University and studying to become a sportswriter. I have a huge passion for the Yankees and love sharing my opinions on them. I can analyze every aspect of the Yankees very well. I am very active on Twitter so feel free to contact me there Twitter: @RAYROBERT9

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  1. No second baseman that TWASP has seen , has ever made defensive plays that Cano can make, charging the ball or going to his right and throwing across his body. No one.

  2. Ken – in MLB top 100 players right now….Jeter is the 52nd best player and Arod is 86th. This was done before the season started….and Jeter has had a very good season so far and Arod’s has been disappointing. So if the list was done today Arod probably wouldn’t even make the top 100 and Jeter would probably move up into the top 40 or 30.

    Considering he is making 3x what Jeter is making do you think Arod is drastically overpaid?

  3. Or is Jeter drastically underpaid?

    • No, Jeter and A-Rod are both over paid, the big difference is…a hot Jeter does helps win games, whereas a hot A-Rod can carry the team for the season…think 2009!
      You are comparing a Chevy to my Mercedes, Jeter is a Mercedes, everything A-Rod isn’t…except god given talent. A-Rod is the Chevy, hard worker big numbers down and dirty and not thought much of as a person but, like the Chevy he has a very long line of records and many more to come…like 3,000++ hits, 700+ HRs, RBIs. Me, I maybe crazy but I’ll take the Chevy for year round but, I have the Mercedes for good weather driving, that’s what it is good for. :)

  4. Matthew B might be right. Should Arod be moved up in the lineup because of his lack of power?

    A shocking stat ….. Arod went into today’s game with only SIX doubles. He has basically lost his GAP power. Over his career he has averaged 33 doubles per season and once hit 54!

    • Twasp switching Arod and Grandy just makes way to much sense. We are wasting all of these Grandy HR’s in the 2 hole

      • Matt B, this move may happen, but nothing is going to change when the team is playing like this.

      • One puts a high avg. guy at #3–Cano, power at #4- Grandy, right? I would do it this way; #1-(Brett) Jeter, #2-A-Rod, #3-Grandy with Cano at #4 and Tex at #5. Without Cano behind him Grandy will never get a good pitch to hit. I would have Brett at #1 all the time and Jeter at #6 or #9…#6 is the most useful spot for him to help drive in runs or be driven in. Grandy doesn’t get those pitches without the people behind him!
        Just my thoughts, I always like to do the unexpected and play 3-D Chess, both take the same twisted mind! :)

  5. We’ve proven we still have the offense and with Gardner and Nunez we’ll have the multidimensional offense that we need for the playoffs.

    But we are probably one drop dead starter away from having the complete team to beat Texas or Detroit.

  6. Exactly……how many more runs would we have if there were more players on base ahead of Grandy? He led the league last year in rbis from the 2 hole last year but he had Gardner at # 9.

  7. Twasp and Matthew B…
    You guys are forgetting one thing about the lack of power from A-Rod, it didn’t just manifest itself this year.
    A-Rod swings a touch down on the ball for lift and power…Question: what happens when one looses some bat speed? Now try thinking how much time and work he is doing to change his everything to compensate for the loss of bat speed. Just that little bit can change your game.
    This by no means is the end of A-Rods power, he is a one of the hardest workers around and with help of (Long) the hitting coach will be back…I’ll never understand a large leg kick, just pick it up a bit and put it down in the same place, too much movement is not conducive to good hitting! :)

  8. To all the fathers and grand fathers that may visit this site, Happy Fathers Day to all here and those bussy elsewhere in the world! May God love you all!

  9. I voted for Granderson going off with what you wrote. I have been away all week and haven’t seen a game. Will be back full force on tuesday. Hope you all are well.

  10. Glad to have you back Matt although maybe u should stay away because the Yankees did quite well without u ;)

  11. Oldyankee13:

    1.The days of Aroid carrying a team are long gone. He is now a singles hitter just like Jeter ( only with a smaller batting average).

    2. Only 6 doubles this season for Arod? No more gap power.

    3. So you agree with Matt B and I to move Grandy down in the lineup. Smart. :-)

    4. Isn’t about Arod’s swing mechanics. It’s called Father Time. And Yuri’s gone.

    5. $30m for 10 Hrs and 6 doubles….. Say what?

    6. Hard work does not stop Father Time. He waits for no man. (except you).

  12. Why has Jeter posted an OPS+ better than any SS at the age of 38 in the history of baseball, while Aroid’s body and power continue to regress?

    Clean living!


  13. In 1996 Arod’s first full season he had maybe the best first full season a player has ever had.

    He led the league in batting avg. .358

    Runs 141

    Doubles 54

    And Total bases!

    He also hit 36 Hrs and stole 15 bases.

    But shockingly, he did not win MVP.

    Who did?

  14. Fish – I’ve got a great stat on Jeter for you. Let me know if you are online.

  15. George Jetson –
    “You have the right to remain silent, if you choose to comment on YFU all comments may be held against you in a court of law.”

    Later on:

    “You have been found guilty on one count of Internet Trolling by the honorable judge Matt B.”

  16. Mariano is the best reliever of all time by far.

    The best one season by a relief pitcher has to be Eric Gagne’s 2003 with LA. He struck out 137 batters in only 82 innings pitched. With an ERA of 1.2 and WHIP of 0.69 with 55 saves.

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