Game 67 Lineup: Braves vs. Yankees

Derek Jeter SS
Curtis Granderson CF
Alex Rodriguez DH
Robinson Cano 2B
Mark Teixeira 1B
Raul Ibanez LF
Nick Swisher RF
Eric Chavez 3B
Russell Martin C

RHP Hiroki Kuroda


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About Delia E.

Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. Swish back in the outfield.

    • Just a theoretical here. Lets suppose Gardner can’t return. Lets suppose the Rockies decide to clear the decks. What would anyone here give for Carlos Gonzalez? I’d give them just about anyone not named Cano, switch him or Gardner to CF next year, and trade Granderson and get a return since we aren’t resigning him anyway. Thoughts?

      • Mike I agree CarGo is exactly what we need. I do not like his numbers away from Coors but heading to Yankee Stadium is almost as good for him and his contract is damn good.

      • CarGo would be perfect. However, with it being a down year for the system, I don’t know if we have the MLB-ready talent Colorado would likely seek.

        If I’m Colorado, I ask for the following:

        Nova, Banuelos, Nunez & Mason Williams

        Would anyone part with that?

        • Yes, I think that would be a good deal.

        • I would consider it especially if they were to trade Grandy and get back at least some of what they lost. Although I have never seen the Yanks make a trade like that were they got back the prospects ans they have said they want to sign Grandy. CarGo is pretty much a 5 tool player at an affordable price and would be great for Yankee Stadium. Dude has an OPS over 1 this year. I don’t see Nova as more than a 3 and Banuelos has had his fair share of problems lately. I like Nunez and would rather leave him out if possible but I don’t know that I can say he is a deal breaker either. I think he will be a solid everyday SS but is unlikely to ever be a star.

        • I’d make that trade.

  2. I will be at the game tonight my wife’s boss just gave us his tickets. Enjoy the night everyone.

  3. Fish – swisher just overthrew the cutoff man again!

  4. If Tex was any slower running the bases, he’d be going backwards.

    • 22,5 mill a year for a great glove and a .246 average since October of 2009 if you include his postseason at bats!!!! If this guy is a star, then I’m an astronaut. We cheer this guy just for his once a week or two week good games. As if he isn’t supposed to do that all the time at that price and based on his .301 lifetime average before we got him.

  5. We paid Aj Burnett 10 million to pitch for the Pirates this year. We spent ten million on Kuroda. We could have kept the better pitcher and had 10 million to spend on a real DH. Please don’t give me that AJ is in the NL crap. Thats where we got Kuroda and his sub .500 record from. He’s still sub .500. Aj is also 3-0 vs the AL this year.

  6. Mike P – Tex has become a Giambi post steroid player – with a better glove and not nearly as clutch.

  7. AJs problem was his personality …. Similar to his fellow Arkansas Randy Johnson ….. Couldn’t handle NY scrutiny. He’ s very talented but would have never bee a + .500 pitcher here.

    • You mean like he was in 2009? When he saved the World Series for us? LOL!!

      • Forgetting the two straight mid-5 ERA seasons? It seems that you always do when you discuss A.J., instead pointing to his clutch performance in the 2009 WS. That would almost be like ignoring Teixeira’s poor (for his standards) seasons in 2010-11, but pointing to his walkoff in the ’09 ALDS.

        • Just as soon as you let me know when Kuroda is ever over .500 lifetime!!

        • Tex has never been clutch, ever. He’s hitting .170 in the posteason foodar us and having another bad average year at the plate.
          AJ was fantastic in game 4 last year too. He’s better than Kuroda, we’d be better off with him and have saved 10 million we could have spent on a real DH.

          • Yeah tell me when W-L record is an actual valid stat to evaluate pitchers. Oh yeah that will be never. Yeah the guy with 2 of the worst season is Yankees history is better than the guy with a 3.50 ERA this year and a 3.07 ERA last year.

          • Michael, AJ has a fastball and curve that is better than Kuroda, but Kuroda has more deception because he has more pitches that move in different directions with different speeds. If Kuroda makes a mistakes with a pitch he is more hit abe. Kuroda seems to be more consistent while AJ was bad in July and Aug. after starting out well. To AJ’s credit it is much tougher to pitch in the AL East compared to the NL West. To Kuroda’s credit he has pitched consistently well to this point. Neither pitcher is a #2 for the Yanks. Hindsight is always 20/20.

  8. Gotta love AJ for that. Rest of his NY career …not so much.

    • Yeah I agree. You have to be grateful for what he did in that WS, but to ignore two straight seasons of an awful ERA doesn’t make sense. The change of scenery was what AJ needed, whether you believe it or not.

      • The win was great but he then proceeded to shit the bed in his next start which totally nullified his victory. His stats in the 2009 WS were 1-1 with a 7.00 ERA and 1.57 Whip.

        AJ was 34-35 with a 4.79 ERA ,1.45 Whip & 92 ERA+ in his Yankee career. In the same time period Kuroda was 32-36 with a 3.35 ERA, 1.17 Whip & 114 ERA+. That was the only GOOD move Cashman made this offseason dumping AJ. AJ badly needed to get out of NY and even he admits it.

        • Good stat analysis Fish. You can bet Girardi didn’t want him back. How many times did AJ show him up when Girardi came to take him out after another horrendous performance? how many times did AJ get surly with the press? When AJ wasn’t punching glass doors and hurting his hand, he was punching himself in the eye. He was an implosion waiting to happen. Nothing was going to get better for him in NY.

        • Fish that is nonsense. AJ took one for the team in his next start, pitching on 3 days rest. He was very unselfish to do that and that was part of what raised my opinion of him as a team player. Martin said it right after AJ was traded, too many people tried to tinker with him. I thought Eiland was a joke, and my opinion of LR is even lower.
          AJ still had a live arm and good stuff. Fastballs work in the postseason. Always have and always will. I have zero faith in Kuroda as a postseason guy and postseason is where you win titles. I’m hoping Hughes and Nova get nods over him in the postseason assuming we make it.

          • fishjam and Michael P, I’m kind of caught in the middle with AJ, I thought he had great stuff, but his downfall as a pitcher was the fact that he only threw 2 pitches. If one was’nt working he was in trouble like any other pitcher. AJ also had some attention problems, like ADD. He could bang out 5 good innings and then lose it in a minute. He is what I like to call a conundrum. AJ had such a good fasball and curve that at times he could get away with poor location. This is why I used to teach young pitchers the OK change, so they would have deception later in their careers.

          • Michael, what exactly is nonsense since all I did was list straight factual statistics? AJ threw a great game in his first WS start but in his 2nd start he last 2 innings and allowed 6 earned runs. So if you win 1 game and single-handedly take your team out of another, how was he such a great WS pitcher? The Yanks decided to use ALL of their starters on short rest in the post-season so it wasn’t some grand noble gesture by AJ to do it once. His career post-season stats are 2-2 with a 5.08 ERA.

            The guy was a nightmare on the mound more times than not. He would look great one outing and be terrible the next and would even change from inning to inning. He always seemed to implode after the Yanks got him a lead, and would also start to nibble as soon as he gave up a hard hit or 2. If you want to blame the Yanks for “tinkering” with him too much, fine. But why did they have to tinker with him and why would he allow it? Obviously what he was doing wasn’t working b/c 34 yr-old veterans don’t change things unless they are broken.

            Besides the 4.79 ERA & 1.45 Whip over his 3 seasons, he also did all of the “little things” to help the team lose. During his 3-yr Yankee tenure, he led ALL MLB pitchers in Walks (258), HBP (38), Wild Pitches (58), Stolen Bases Allowed (84), Errors by a Pitcher (12) and was 6th in most HRs (81). He has more Errors (31) than any active Pitcher in MLB. So aside from getting hit hard, he walked more people, hit more people, allowed more people to advance on Wild Pitches and SBs and committed more errors than any other pitcher in MLB – yet this is the guy you are making a big deal over?

            • Fish you’re wrong and its nonsense. Aj was the only one back on 3 days rest, and he agreed to try it but knew it was low percentage. Pettite and CC did NOT throw on 3 day’s rest and I can’t debate with someone who knows that to be true, but tries to misrepresent what the truth is. You are aware that only AJ in that game had to throw on 3 days rest right? Since I know you do know that, I can’t respect the rest.
              As far as tinkering goes, I don’t like junkies and drunks and none should ever work in a Yankee system. When your pitching coach goes AWOL to rehab for one month in the middle of the season? That tells me all I need to know about what kind of coaching the Yankees had out there, and it was this junkie who tinkered the most with AJ’s delivery.
              Aj is clearly outperforming every starter on our team this year except CC.
              There is no other way to put that. It was an insane trade, one in which we got nothing back and ate 10 million. We could have used that ten million to buy a real dh but instead will watch old man Ibanez continue his fade which will get really ugly and watch Jones do his disgusting thing.
              Its really simple here, we could have a real dh and AJ in the rotation instead of Kuroda instead of Kuroda/Jones/Ibanez.
              You want to fantasize that AJ wouldn’t be doing here what he is in Pitt then be my guest, but we both know that’s not true.

              • “You want to fantasize that AJ wouldn’t be doing here what he is in Pitt then be my guest, but we both know that’s not true.”

                No, I’m sure Fish thinks/knows that is true along with just about everyone else here. You are the only one here who thinks that A.J. would be pitching like he is in Pittsburgh, here in New York, clearly ignoring the reason why he is having such success this year – which is the change in scenery. You can ignore that all you want but it is absolute BS to say that we are “fantasizing” that AJ wouldn’t have the same success as he is if he were pitching for the Yankees this year.

                • What makes you possible think that AJ would suddenly make a swift turn it around at age 35 while still in New York? What evidence do you have that he would be pitching the same way for the Yanks? You’ve expressed your opinion but failed to provide any sort of evidence for why you could possibly think AJ would do what he’s doing for the Pirates for the Yankees. Yet somehow you are saying that Fish is fantasizing after all he did was display the numbers.

              • “Fish you’re wrong and its nonsense. Aj was the only one back on 3 days rest, and he agreed to try it but knew it was low percentage. Pettite and CC did NOT throw on 3 day’s rest and I can’t debate with someone who knows that to be true, but tries to misrepresent what the truth is. You are aware that only AJ in that game had to throw on 3 days rest right? Since I know you do know that, I can’t respect the rest.”

                Michael P…You are making yourself look like a buffoon. Check your facts before you accuse me of misrepresenting the truth. Both CC & Pettite also pitched on short rest in that World Series. It was HUGE news.
                CC pitched on 3-days rest TWICE in that post-season. he pitched Oct 16th and Oct 20th, he also pitched Game 1 of the WS on Oct 28th and Game 4 on Nov 1st. Andy also did it starting Game 3 on Oct 31st and Game 6 on Nov 4th. How anyone can try to hide the FACT that Girardi used EVERYONE on 3 days rest in the WS is beyond me. Read this article if you don’t believe me:


                So Michael let’s see if you are man enough to apologize for calling me a liar and admit you are wrong.

                • Michael P. – TWASP has been commenting with FishJam for 4 years on Yankee sites and has never seen him misrepresent the truth.

                  “Michael P ….. You have been found guilty of making false accusations……your penalty is to apologize to the honorable FishJam”

  9. You the man , Mike D. Badda bing!

  10. Mike P … Did you know AJ had posted the worst single season ERA for a starting Yankee pitcher EVER? Booya!

  11. It’s truly puzzling how this team can’t hit with RISP. they have 1 win this year without a HR and even their best all-around hitter, Robinson Cano is 9 for 61 with RISP. Only Eric Chavez is worse at 1 for 20.

  12. TWASP does miss those pie, though!

  13. CashMan has never been good at evaluating the mindset needed to pitch in the AL East….Kevin “broken Hand” Brown, Randy Johnson, “gutless” Javvy Vazqez, ” Blackeye” Burnett.


    If the All star game was held today one of the starting NL outfielders would be Melky Cabrera.

  15. TWASP Dont want to give to much of this away because I do plan on doing articles giving my all-star teams but as good as Melky has been Braun, Beltran, CarGo, and McCutchen have all had better seasons so he would not be starting for me.

  16. Hot and humid today, the ball is going to carry. I just finished my golf game and one less club. This should be a high scoring game. Braves have a little advantage in this game, the Yanks haven’t played too many games in the hot weather, while it’s been hot in Atlanta.

  17. Damn Doug u are a beast for playing golf in this heat. I have played in Florida in the summer and it is frekin brutal lol

    • Matt, I started at 6:30 and finished at 10:00. The ball was flying even at that early hour, by the end of the round two of us hit our longest drives on the par 5 eighteenth hole. This usually means a slugfest.

  18. Yeah that is the added benefit of playing in the heat but distance usually isn’t my issue its accuracy so it doesn’t help me much lol.

    • Just like my hitting, accuracy was not a problem for me, it was the distance thing. The good thing about being down the middle is, it makes up for the mashers that have to hit out of the rough, out of bounds or take a drop after hitting into the pond. :)

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