Morning Bits: Martin, Home Runs, Teixeira

Good morning everyone and a Happy Sunday to you all! Tonight is an ESPN game (hey, better than FOX) and will begin at 8pm which means there’s a good day of baseball ahead from the other 28 teams. Let’s get onto the morning links!

– Russell Martin had a stiff back last night which prompted Dewayne Wise to pinch hit for him and for Chris Stewart to catch for him. But Russell Martin isn’t concerned about his back.

– Same story, different day: The Yankees continue to rely on the home run ball to win games. Why is it a problem? Because they have the issue of not hitting with runners in scoring position. Trust me NY Daily News…the fans have noticed how bad we are when it comes to small ball.

– Coming into tonight’s game, Mark Texieria has a game plan. He plans on batting left handed vs. R.A Dickey.

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Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. So what if Martin does go down? He hasn’t really been that great this year. But Stewart as an every day catcher isn’t promising as well. Romine is still not healthy. So this would be a huge hole if something happens.

    Next year Yankees need to address DH.

    1. Make A-Rod the DH to save him for the long haul. Or just go with split time half the season at 3B half the season at DH.

    They also need to address catching.

  2. Jeter is four hits away from tying Cal Ripken on the all time career hit list.

  3. FYI I will be going to the Staten Island Yankee game today. If any of you have anyone you want me to report back about let me know. I plan to go to a bunch of games this year.

  4. Matt – Yankee FO is convinced that floating DH is the way to go.

  5. Ken – how did you like TWASP’s AROD extra base hit stat?

  6. This will sound radical to many……but it may be time to bite the bullet and think about moving Arod while he still has some value. Who would take him? With his salary? Eat it. Eat most of it. Eat all of it.

    • Are some of you fans forgetting A-Rod is 36 years old, and washed up! What are you smoking? When have you ever seen a power hitter washed up at 36? He has to unlearn things he has been doing for years and adapt to his hip being a problem with his swing, the high leg kick etc., must and will be corrected. :)

      • Middle-agedyankee13:

        We’ve seen plenty of power hitters lose it at 36 especially those that used illegal substances. Giambi lost it at exactly age 36.
        Sosa lost it at exactly age 36.
        McGuire at age 37.
        Canseco at 35.

        18 extra base hits and were almost at the All Star break? Yuri …. please pick up the phone.

        • twasp…
          None of them had the talent of A-Rod to begin with. A-Rod didn’t need the drugs the others did.
          Bonds was never in the need of them either but, he got greedy.
          I do think if A-Rod finds he can’t do his job anymore, I honestly believe he will quit…unlike Johnny Damon and Jeter!

          • Oldyankee02hater:

            Jeter is still doing his job (getting on base +.300BA) better than the rest of the AL shortstops. Arod is not (lowest # of extra base hits for AL third basemen). Why should Jeter quit?

            • Because he is a has been on defense, no, I take that back…he has never been good on defense but now, is even worse!
              You (I think) and others criticize Nunez for his errors but, with time a SS he would get better. You know he belongs at SS his bat is better then Jeters and his defense is also better. Nunez and Brett get more clutch hits then most of the team. Jeter did ok, the other night but, he very seldom comes through in a clutch situation.
              Jeter is at around .300 for now but, it is starting to look like I was right back in the winter/spring. I said he would end-up around .287+/-. For a poor defensive SS with a avg., bat to play for the Yankees is unacceptable.
              I will say the same for A-Rod or anyone else that can’t do their job! :(

              • Jeter does lead the AL in hits.

                • Yes, he does Matt but, how many hits has he had when we need him to keep the line moving, knock in a run, get on base in a must situation? The answer is: very seldom, in other words he is getting hits but not helping much more than his march to 4,000.
                  I am saying; what good is his sort of hitting when balls keep getting by him and his hitting is not that good so as to cover up his problems on defense.
                  This is why I say, bring up Nunez (when he is healthy), let he and Jeter play equal amounts of time at SS…after all, unless they trade for someone, Nunez is the SS next year…mostly, or should be!

                  • Ken I see your point but we both know that isn’t happening. Jeter is to marketable and draws many fans through the gates. Unless he is batting well below .200 I don’t see that happening.

    • I couldn’t see any team taking Alex. The Yankees would have to eat alot of that contract.

  7. The concern with Alex is not his HR ‘s he’ll get his 25-30. It’s his loss of gap power and speed.

  8. Hey Willie Mays was traded. Why not Alex?

  9. Swisherlicious ….. First in RBIs on the team and 3rd in OBP +

    Not bad.

  10. That’s true Matt B. You da man!

  11. Oldyankee13lover:
    You say you would say the same about Arod …..but you don’t. Which shows your bias. your evaluation of Jeter ‘s hitting is incorrect and compared to Arod’s it’s much better. Jeter has a much higher WPA which means his hits have contributed to more wins than Arod’s and his clutch factor is much higher which means he has hit better in the clutch than Arod. Your views are just not supported by the facts. If Jeter needs to sit than so does Aroid. Do you agree?

    • Yes I do agree, both of them should set more.
      If you were to go by errors, Jeter would never made it to the Yankees for another year or two, he had 20+ errors his rookie year. The injury to the starting SS made things work out for Jeter. Put Nunez in SS and let him play and learn one position so he can take over for Jeter.
      The stats you always come up with are mostly subjective and opinions, how many Runs has Jeter knocked in to win a game in the last few years? Not very many at all. Clutch my —- he made a couple of very clutch hits and plays years ago and he has been me Clutch ever sense…he hasn’t been clutch for years and you know it.
      If I tell the truth about a player I am a hater, but you can denigrate a player and you are not a hater, that’s ok I guess! :(

  12. PS – When you look up Error in the dictionary there is a picture of Nunez. No way the Yankees can risk putting him on the field in a big game until his defense improves. I do agreethey need his bat and speed to add a dimension to their offense but first he needs to improve his defense before he gets a shot.

  13. fishjam, Matt s……let’s do a sanity test a. Gut check……bottom of the ninth world series 2 outs bases loaded …who do you want up Jeter or Arod?

  14. Girardi has overworked 3 guys on the team this year out of neccesity and I fear it may hurt them the rest of the year. Jeter is 38 today and should not be playing SS 150+ times per year. The fact that this team has no backup SS is almost criminal. Nix can play there but let’s be real – he’s no SS.

    The other 2 guys who are playing too much are Ibanez and Granderson. Without Gardner, Granderson has had to play nearly every inning of every game in CF and Ibanez has had to play LF much more than anticipated.

    We already now if gardner can’t return around the All Star Break they need an OF, but they also badly need a legitimate backup SS who can start once or twice a week while Jeter rests or at leasts partially rests as DH. Eduardo Nunez was suppossed to have a big role on this team and I didn’t want Jeter to start more than 120 games at SS. Cashman has to add a legit backup SS to this team. ARod gets regular rest with Chavez but there is no such rest for Jeter.

  15. Ken – good point on Nunez and Jeter starting off bad defensively. You then disappointed, claiming that WPA and Clutch statistics are subjective when they are not and are completely statistically factual calculations unlike UZR . But 1 ot of 2 ain’t bad for the OldbRanger -good job.

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