Week 11 Yankees Player of the Week

The Yankees finished 3-3 on the week coming off their undefeated week last week. The starting pitching dropped off a bit as Phil Hughes and Andy Pettitte both had their struggles. A little drop in starting pitching had to be expected because their prior pace was not going to be sustainable. They struggled with RISP yet again this week, but used the long ball for wins especially against the Nationals on Sunday and the Mets yesterday. They have proved that they can hit them anywhere as they have 5 in the first 2 games at big Citi Field. The nominees for Week 11 Yankees Player of the Week are Mark Teixeira, CC Sabathia, Robinson Cano, and Nick Swisher.

The Case For Teixeira: Texiera had a hit in every game this week prior to last night’s game. Texeira batted .400 on the week with 1 HR, 2 RBI, and 5 runs scored.

The Case For Sabathia: CC had perhaps his best start of the year on Monday against the Braves. He fired his first complete game of the year, allowed only 2 runs on 7 hits, and struck out 10. Sabathia had been coasting along fine this year, but wasn’t his dominant self until Monday. Hopefully he can carry that momentum into tonight’s start as he has the tough task of having to out pitch R.A. Dickey.

The Case For Cano: Cano had a monster power week this week as he belted 4 HR’s. His 2 run homer Friday could have been huge if the Yankees could have capitalized againsr Francisco Cordero. 3 out of the 4 homers were solo though as Cano continues to struggle big time with RISP. It would be scary to think what his numbers would be if he was hitting just decently with RISP because he has still managed to have an all-star caliber 1st half with a .908 OPS.  For the week Cano hit .286, with those 4 HR’s, and 5 RBI.

The Case For Swisher: Swisher hit .357 for the week, with 2 doubles, and 2 RBI. Swisher missed 2 games this week so his RBI and HR totals are low but his average is impressive. He had multi hit games in 2 of the 4 games he played in this week. Unfortunately he did knock over Ike Davis’ ball over the fence for a 3 run HR that gave the Mets a 5-0 1st inning lead on Friday.

The Week 11 Yankees Player of the Week is Robinson Cano. You are encouraged as always to vote in the poll and discuss your choice in the comments.

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About Matthew B

I am a student at William Paterson University and studying to become a sportswriter. I have a huge passion for the Yankees and love sharing my opinions on them. I can analyze every aspect of the Yankees very well. I am very active on Twitter so feel free to contact me there Twitter: @RAYROBERT9

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  1. Matt B – who would you rather have this season kuroda and ibanez or AJ and $7m?

    • Twasp – I didn’t like Cashman’s off-season at all and I would have done a lot of things differently. The bats failed them in the playoffs last season and I thought they should have made some upgrades. I would have signed Beltran, traded Swish and kept Montero as backup C and DH. I thought they should have gone after CJ Wilson also.

      • fishjam, I thought the Yanks were going to go after a #2 pitcher like Darvish, Wilson, or Gonzalez. I think Cashman thought he was getting a young #2 in Pineda, so I can understand the move. I don’t think the Yanks wanted to keep Montero because he didn’t have a position on the Yanks. After they decided to go after Pineda I liked there moves. I thought the #2 pitcher was more important than the bat.

        • Yeah Doug, I thought they were both needed. Once CJ was gone I wanted Darvish also and said they should have bid $55M which as it turns out would have been the perfect bid. Gonzalez would have been good too but I wanted to keep Montero. If they were going to trade Montero, why not trade him along with Betances, Noesi & whatever for Gio? Pineda had sooo many questions and even if healthy I think he’d be a #4 pitcher.

          • fishjam, that’s water over the dam as they say, who do we go after to get that #2 now? Hamels, Sanchez, or Greinke could be #2 behind CC.

  2. Obviously depends on who the 7m is on but just between Kuroda and AJ I will take Kuroda for sure. He had done a nice job this year with his 3.%7 ERA and is a fine #3 IMO

  3. Matt S / Doug – who would you rather have kuroda/Ibanez or AJ and $7m to spend?

    • I just dont’ think AJ. fit here at all. I wish him luck in whatever team he plays for. I’d rather have option one.

    • twasp, I like what the Yanks have done this year, they picked up good veteran players with good track records. Kuroda really has had only 2 bad starts so he has been a good addition to the rotation, and Ibanez is a good veteran hitter who is playing the field well with the absence of Gardner. He has hit some big home runs. I like AJ, but I agree with Matt he wasn’t a good fit in NY. There are many good pitchers that haven’t been able to pitch in NY.

      • Yeah, Doug that seems to be the prevailing view of Yankee fans ….. but Mike P has a different view believing that AJ’s stellar performance in Pittsburgh proves that the Yankees should have kept him and used the $7m to get a better DH than Ibanez….

  4. I voted for Swisher. He had a great week.

  5. Mr. Youngyankee7:

    To blame Arod’s decline on a mechanical flaw like a leg kick is missing the bigger picture.

    Slugging % age year

    2007 31 .645

    2008 32 .573

    2009 33 .532

    2010 34 .506

    2011 35 .461

    2012 36 .428

    Is this a trend?

    • I never said it was because of his leg kick, I said it was because of his hip injury. He has to change things because he can’t get his hips cleared as soon as he did before. One of the things is HIS LEG KICK, it is to slow, amoung other more intrcate things. If I were he, I would look, inside half, dead red. until they quit throwing inside to get me out. A lot of times they start outside and put him away inside.
      The numbers from 2010 on, could be related to his injuries?!? Bad numbers aren’t they? :)

      • Middle-agedyankee07:

        Hip injuries, leg kicks,boli shots …. whatever…..He’s toast. We will never see the old Arod again. The trend is clear and repeats exactly what happened to many of the eras power boys…. McGuire, Sosa,Gonzalez,Giambi……..35/36 power #s go down dramatically.

        Well we still have old tapes of Mickey!

  6. Too bad Cano didn’t become the all around great player he is today, earlier. If he had and kept those #s for 15-20 years he would go down in history with Willie, Mickey and Joe D.

    Too much partying with Melky.

  7. Never know…..he still has time to put up even better numbers. Let’s hope he stays healthy and away from strip clubs.

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