Andy Pettitte fractures ankle; out 6 weeks, Warren & Garcia step in for C.C. & Pettitte

The Yankees suffered a big blow today during today’s game in the 5th inning when Andy Pettitte limped off the mound after a Casey Kotchman liner hit him in the ankle. The prognosis revealed Andy Pettitte has a fractured ankle and will be out for a minimum of 6 weeks. The Yankees injury woes continue after losing Brett Gardner in April, Mariano Rivera in May and CC Sabathia earlier today. Yep, this isn’t a slap into reality–this is a punch back to reality.


Here is something I wouldn’t have imagined for this year  Betances going to AA

Warren’s last 10 games (from MILB.COM)

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Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. call me crazy but lets go after grienke or hamels this team is to good not to turn back now

  2. You’re crazy.

  3. When it rains…….

  4. You’re right jfrag10. ….let’s not give up on the season….CashMan has to get us a stud # 2. We’ve got the offense and the bullpen.

  5. Andy will be out more than 6 weeks ..

  6. Matt – dont give up hope Lee is on his way…

  7. Texas has Harrison and Darvish.

    LA has Wilson and Weaver.

    Chicago has Peavey and Sale.

    Yankees have CC and ?

    CashMan get us a # 2 for the playoffs!

    • Twasp – Cashman hasn’t been able to find a legit #2 for years yet he says EVERY off-season that his goal is pitching, pitching, pitching!. Pettitte has done his best to fill that role and we won a WS in 2009 with him as that guy. But overall, getting a true #2 starter has been Cashman’s goal for about 5 years now and he’s struck out.

      He tried AJ, Vazquez & Pineda recently while all of these guys below have been on the market and changed teams during recent years. I’m not saying that all these guys are #2′s right now or ever were just illustrating that a lot of good pitchers have been available on the market and there were probably more that I’m forgetting right now.

      Roy Halladay
      Cliff Lee (2wice)
      Zack Greinke
      Dan Haren
      CJ Wilson
      Yu Darvish
      Gio Gonzalez
      Matt Garza
      Jake Peavy
      Doug Fister
      Max Scherzer
      Ian Kennedey
      Edwin jackson
      RA Dickey
      Shawn Marcum
      Trevor Cahill

      • fishjam, that is a long list of pitchers but, some of the pitchers passed on the Yankees not the other way around. A few of the others wouldn’t be good enough to hold down the #2 spot (example; IPK) in the “Beast of the East”. Then there were the ones that wanted long contracts for big money at the ages of 32+. Some of the teams wanted to have our top 4-5 Prospects for one pitcher…not a chance!

        No, I am not making any excuses for Cashman at all, just pointing out there are a lot of reasons deals don’t get done. Gio, CJ and Haren were on my wish list but, no such luck!

        If I were to go from his history, I would say Cashman got his legs cut out from under buy the dumb, dumber and dumbest set in the front office when it came to bidding on players like Yu and the Cubans…of course it is all supposition on my part!
        No excuses, just reasons…big difference! :)

      • fishjam, of those pitchers only Wilson, Darvish, and Gio were available to the Yanks and could be #2 pitchers. Halladay and Garza were in there division, and Lee and Greinke wouldn’t come to NY, Cahill, Marcum, Dickey, Jackson, Scherzer, Fister, weren’t #2 when traded or are not #2s now. Kennedy has dropped off alot this year in the weakest hitting division, and Peavy was a gamble the Yanks wouldn’t take. I think that Pineda was just as good as most of these pitchers when healthy. Many teams have tried and failed when trying to get top line pitchers either through trades or free agency. Just look at the injured pitchers this year in the AL East, Yanks, Sox, Jays, and Rays all have lost top pitchers and have others that have under performed. Pitching is the most unpredictable thing in sports.

        • Geez…….Doug enough with the CashMan apologies and excuses……yes pitching is hard to predict but that is his job. And he has more money than any other team to spend!!! Almost all of the contending teams have better 1-2′s than us. Because their GMs evaluated and predicted the pitching talent better than CashMan did.

          • lol, how come other GM’s have made good trades in regards to pitching? Phillies gave up squat to get Halladay. You go back and look at what they wanted from us for him and you’d do that deal today in a heartbeat.
            The B’s could have been peddled two years ago. Brackman now with Reds after release, Betances a joke, Banuelos was always the most talented and he could still be good.
            Bad luck is something I believe can happen in the short term. Cashman’s record with trades over a long period of time is miserable. It stops being luck after a while.

            • Exactly, Michael P. You da man!

              • I’m a big believer in reality and accountability. Cashman has been outstanding at bargain pickups and minor trades. He just can’t make a win on a trade for whatever reason. You’d think he’d get lucky at some point and win one by accident.
                I know some will point to Granderson, but his acquisition and trade were directly related to the Melky trade. He basically traded Kennedy, Coke, Ajax, Dunn, Vizcaino, and Melky for Logan, Granderson, and Vazquez. I’m sorry, but that is not a win. It’s a push I’d say and some might say a small loss.
                You have to go back to Swisher to find the last time he won one with no doubt.
                With his resources that’s inexcusable.
                I was terrified he’s go after Garza before yesterday’s injuries. Now I’m going to be waking up in a cold sweat.
                Garza is just another pitcher. His tag will be far more than that of just another pitcher. This idiot will package up 3 or 4 prospects to acquire him.
                I’m also hearing Liriano? Oh come on now, you can’t be serious!!! He’s a joke and I’ve looked forward to games he pitches against the Yankees.

                • Yeah neither Garza nor Liriano really appeals to me all that much.

                  Garza has very strong peripherals this year (8.43 K/9, 2.45 BB/9, 45.3 GB%) but you have to ask, why are such great numbers amounting to an ERA above 4? It doesn’t really make sense. A pitcher who strikes a lot of guys out, doesn’t walk many at all, and generates a ton of ground-balls shouldn’t have an ERA even above 3.50.

                  Liriano was absolutely awful early in the season. In each of his first 6 starts, he didn’t allow less than 4 runs in any of them. He was then sent to the bullpen to get his act together and has pitched better in the 6 starts he has made since returning to the rotation (2.43 ERA). So unless the Yankees’ scouts think that Liriano looks like a changed pitcher from earlier in the year and that he’ll continue pitching strongly, would he really be that much of an upgrade? If he keeps pitching to a 2.50 ERA then yes he would be a solid upgrade, but what if he returns to how he was pitching earlier in the year?

          • twasp, were you all for signing Wilson, Darvish, or Gio, if not then hindsight is always 20/20. I don’t live in the past. Most of the free agents haven’t worked out the last 5 years, not just the one’s the Yanks signed. As I have said in the past, Gio, Darvish, and Wilson were mistakes. Who are these great GMs, I hope you don’t mean the Rays, Sox, Angels, and Texas. None of these teams have been in the playoffs 10 years in a row,some have never won a World Series. The Rays and Rangers are a different animal than the Yanks, they built through very high draft choices, while the Sox have made more bad moves. Where have the Angels been for the last 8 years since they won. Let’s not dwell on the past, when the Yanks have a boat load of injuries and are 5 games up in the East, you sound like a spoiled Yankee fan.

            • I stated a million times that i didn’t want any of those guys you mention. I know Fish is the only one who agrees with me on this, but I’ll state it again anyway. Why did we have to trade Montero at the end of last year?!!!!!! The right deal for him was NOT THERE!!! Why the hell couldn’t we have DH’d/backup catcher him this year and THEN trade him at season’s end??!!!!
              That deal was garbage from the get go, it just became a travesty after the injury.
              I never heard a single Yankee fan say last year “ohh!! We have to get Pineda!!”
              As far as the regular season goes and the 5 game lead? The money we spend allows us the luxury of depth, as we have witnessed this year with all the injuries. We’re SUPPOSED to make the playoffs.
              My concern is the postseason, where the same issues have blasted us out the last two years.
              We need a real DH, and probably a LF also.
              Maybe you forgot Tex, Arod, and Swish and their humiliating 2010 ALCS and 2011 ALDS but I sure haven’t. We needed more lower order support to bolster the lineup and instead pissed away Montero on a big fat slob with no work ethic. Guy gets traded to the Yankees and shows up at 305? At age 23? He’s probably rehabbing at an all you can eat breakfast buffet as we speak.

              • Denny’s just called …….Pineda has been caught sneak baggin’ buffet breakfast sausages and hash browns.

      • Remember if it was up to CashMan we wouldn’t have Soriano, then where would we be? You can never have too much pitching……

        • Exactly…Michael P. And CashMan has been good at bargains and minor trades only because he has the pick of the litter because of all the cash he can throw around.

        • Other than Soriano, the bullpen has been developed by the Yanks, this is one of their sucesses not failures.

          • agree totally, but Mariano has certainly helped Doug!! The Yankees have only had to focus on set up men and middle relief for 15 years. I’d say that sure helps a lot huh? Thank God Hank has his father in him and grabbed Soriano.

            • Michael, building teams is an on going process, to say that the bullpen would not be great without Soriano is just false. Cashman would have obtained another pitcher if needed.

              • HAHAHAHA! Who would he have obtained? Soriano’s presence allows us to have Drob setting up instead of closing!!
                Soriano’s deal looks like a bargain compared to Papelbon’s and its shorter term.

                • Doug …..Michael makes a good point ….you can’t assume that if we didn’t get Soriano that CashMan would have found another pitcher who would have the same success he has had…. That is very doubtful.

                  • Its very likely he wouldn’t have obtained anyone other than another middle reliever. He’d have seemed set with Mariano, Drob, Logan, and figured Joba and Aardsma would return later in the season. The job Soriano has done after the Mo injury, followed by the Drob injury, still hasn’t gotten enough credit. I would guess that’s because the beat writers killed the signing, convinced so many that Soriano was a bad signing and then Soriano got hurt last year and everyone piled on him. His lack of a lovable personality also made him a target. People who were all over him don’t want to admit error and are slow to admit that his results have been “Mo-ish” this year.
                    Soriano has made 31 appearances this year. His ERA is 1.88. He’s allowed an earned run in only 6 appearances and in all 6 instances he’s only allowed ONE earned run, never more. He’s 17-18 in save situations and in the one save he blew, fortunately for him we won the game anyway. He also had 4 holds and 2 wins before he was put into the closer’s role.
                    I’d say he’s right behind Johnson and Rodney in AL closers this year.
                    What would we have done when Drob was out without Soriano?!!!

                  • One can’t assume Mo would have gone down! Same scenario, one can’t see the future, only prepare for the worse! Soriano was a lucky pick-up…one that I have heard some of you same fans say was a waste of money that could have been used elsewhere!
                    Fate has a bad reputation but, it is well-earned! :)

                  • Michael and twasp, How about David Robertson and Phelps takes Robby’s spot, I don’t see a major dorp off there.

  8. Baseball is a crazy game. just when the team is looking great and building a lead in the East….BAM!!… lose your #1 & #2 starters in the same day to freak leg injuries.

    Yankiee pitchers have had some unlucky injuries this yr……..Mariano’s knee, Joba & Andy’s ankles, CC’s groin, Robertson’s oblique, etc……..5 injuries to great pitchers to areas other than their arms/elbows/shoulders.

  9. Here we go let’s here some thoughts form you all.

    Over / Under

    34 Saves for Soriano

    .299 Average for Jeter

    26 Homers for A-Rod

  10. Soriano no doubt over Jeter under Arod over

  11. TWASP agrees with Matt B. As usual……you da man Matt B!

  12. Matt S. Answer this: why is facial hair forbidden but Swisherlicious can where that crazy Mohawk??

  13. Ump Mike Dimuro admits he never checked Wise’s glove to see if he had the ball !!! What was he thinking???? And then he throws out the batter to compound his mistake.

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