Morning Bits: Sabathia, Pettitte, Wise, HRs, SWB Yanks

Good morning everyone. The Yankees begin a new series tonight against the White Sox at 7:05pm ET. Here are your links…

— The Yankees have lost both C.C. Sabathia and Andy Pettitte to injuries. Sabathia luckily will only be missing 2 starts, while Pettitte will be out for around 6 weeks.

— Dewayne Wise says it’s not his fault that the umpire Mike DiMuro made a bad call on his “catch”.

— The Yankees lead home run scoring while stranded runners wait for hits.

— The Scranton/Wilkes-Barres Yankees defeated Gwinnett for the second straight game last night. Ramon Ortiz had a strong performance on the bound and Francisco Cervelli broke the 2-2 tie with an RBI single, leading them to victory.

Have a great day!

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About Mike D.

Mike D. is one of 2 co-founders of the Yankees Fans Unite Blog. He has been a Yankees fan for as long as he can remember, growing up in a family of huge NYY fans. His knowledge of the game comes from watching baseball his whole life, and playing third base in high school and college.

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  1. I really think the panic button so many have hit is really uncalled for. CC didn’t want to miss the second start he is going to miss, that was strictly a Cashman decision. He’s going to miss two starts and be back to pitch after the break, probably the first game after the break against the Angels.
    They haven’ really lost two starters long term, just Andy for about two months.
    I looked at the schedule and there is an off day in late July before the Boston series that will enable the Yankees to skip the 5 man against Boston and go with the 4 man in the first game and CC in the 2nd game assuming CC pitches the first game after the break.
    So assuming Petitte will be out two months, we’re talking about 9 missed starts after the break and two before.
    You’re talking about a total of 13 missed starts between the two pitchers. The Yankees have won 70% of the games these two have started this year. So let’s assume the Yankees would have won 9 of 13 starts they will miss. You’d think that the Yankees could win 6 of the 13 starts they will miss with the rookies and Freddy, espcially since Aardsma and Joba will return after the break(about three weeks apart) to further bolster the bullpen.
    We’re talking about a net of about 3 games here.
    With the 5 game lead we have over the Orioles(who will fade and aren’t the concern) and the 6 1/2 game lead we have over the true concerns Tampa and Boston, I just don’t think Andy’s injury affects our regular season fate.
    Tampa has injury issues and Boston is about to embark on a 7 game West Coast trip(which they have been terrible on in recent years) before facing us for three games before the break.
    After the break Boston plays a brutal July schedule which includes 3 at us, 3 at Texas, 3 at Tampa, and 3 with Detroit.
    We have a nice schedule after the break which includes a 6 game homestand followed by a West Coast trip to play 7 with Seattle and Oakland(we’ve done well on West Coast trips in recent years), and then another 9 game homestand.
    Andy’s injury has been crushing to everyone because of how much we love him, and what he means to us as a person. The truth is that almost every team is missing a starter right now. Missing Andy is no excuse for the Yankees and shouldn’t impact us along with CC for more than 3 games net.
    It’s going to be ok.

    • Good stuff Michael – a nice rational approach to the injury situation.

      • Mike I know people think I get too down on management and some players(Tex, that BUM, would be one of them as well as Martin, the automatic out). Truth is during the games I’m still like a little kid. I scream like a little kid for everyone to do well. I just call things like I see them. Last year before the season began where I used to write I said the Red Sox hype was a JOKE when everyone said we had no chance to beat them in the AL East. I pointed out there lack of depth, pitching,and lack of a farm system to trade or bring up as key factors that would ruin them. I guranteed the Yankees would win the East and of course then, people called me a “homer”. LOL, you can’t win either way!!
        Before 2009 I LOVED all the signings and guranteed a WS win. Before 2010 I went ballistic over those asinine trades and signings and said we’d not repeat and lose to the Rangers(who were 25-1 to win the Al) in the ALCS.
        I think we’ve overachieved recently, and thank God for that!! The cushion we have as well as Tampa’s injury woes and Boston’s impending schedule means we just shouldn’t have any excuses because we are missing Petitte.
        I said before the season began that the annual Cashman hunt for pitching was a mistake, I said here all along that the pitching would be fine and truly believe AJ would have been fine here this year.
        This team goes as its hitting goes.
        The biggest concern we have is Gardner. I don’t think he’s coming back. I think we haven’t stated his real condition so that we don’t get held up so much when Cashman tries to trade for an outfielder. We also don’t have a real DH, which you all may argue doesn’t matter now, but trust me when we are in that first playoff series facing good pitching it WILL matter.
        I’m as sentimental as anyone else, and I’ll admit seeing Andy limp off affected me like everyone else. In rational and objective summary though? It’s certainly not a season breaker or even close.
        I’m actually happy CC will have over two weeks off and miss the all star game. His command has been lousy this year, and I’m wondering if sitting back and thinking about what he’s doing might not help him mentally fix what he’s been doing wrong like Jeter did last year when he was down.
        CC could use a little break to refresh him.
        Nova is a battler, and his fastball is really popping. He can be better than he has been. Kuroda seems to be settling into understanding what he can and cannot throw situationally in the AL. Hughes is the MAN when he’s on. That day game last week produced 9 home runs and it would have been 10 without Bourn’s incredible catch. I think that game was a fluke due to the conditions that day. Hughes still has upside and I have total faith in him.
        Most teams have to start at least one rookie who wasn’t intended for the rotation right now. So now we join them, but it isn’t in any way the end of the world.

      • Russel Martin makes you appreciate what Posada gave us offensively through his career.

        • Little know fact in 2003 Posada hit 30 hrs and had 101 rbis and the Yankees went to the WS.

          He would have won an MVP had the 2juicers ahead of him in the MVP vote not cheated. Delgado/Arod

          • Twasp…that record should be replaced by one closer to common sense, don’t you think? Where is the proof Posada had never tried the stuff, or Jeter or Andy…oh, wait, Andy did.
            You ever notice the players that were outed where players that didn’t have the likeability factor in there favor…except Andy!
            Posada in 2003 got caught up in the old saying; Sh-t happens to the best of people and the worse of people! Mickey got caught up in the same situation the year after he won the Triple Crown, he could have had two in a row if it hadn’t been for a player hitting .350+/- the only time in his life.
            Sure sorry he didn’t get his MVP in 2003, it would have been a nice reminder for the future days! :)

            • twasp and old yankee, take away the steriods and amphetamines he you will be hard pressed to find a good player to put in the Hall of Fame. Just look at the averages this year, only 27 .300 hitters in baseball at this point. Players are getting tired because their are not amphetamines.

              • Doug – I think you are right….something has caused batting averages to plummet. Players were using all kinds of drugs to get an edge. Many of which were not detectable by drug tests. when strict testing began they just started using drugs that could not be tested for. By 2010 most players were scared enough to get off of them except for the stupid few like Braun and Manny.
                Now the effects are showing and we only have a handful of players that are truly great….Cano, Kemp, Hamilton…..

            • old yankee, twasp, and Michael You could make a comparison to the decline in Texiera’s lower average with the use of steroids. I would tend to think of the shift hitting left handed as really hurting his numbers.

              • He stinks at the plate, it’s just that simple. I root every day for the old Tex to come back but I think I’m waiting for a train that’s never going to come.

              • Doug…
                Riods spoken about anyone is not something to bring up at all but, I understand what you are saying and I agree, it is the right field wall.

    • Michael, I agree Andy won’t be missed that much, it could be a blessing to have a stong rested Andy in Sept. After all the Yanks only paid him for 3 months anyway with what they signed him for. I would like to see Warren get a start again’st the Sox , he pitched one of his best games in spring training again’st them in the end of March. The Yanks need to play .500 ball the rest of the way to win the East, so I would think they could do that baring any more major injuries. This team has really shown it’s depth, and I still think Phelps could be this years Nova the second half. The Yanks have 4 good choices as starting pitcher replacements which is a luxury.

  2. Exactly , michael P……good analysis.

  3. Michael P. – I just read your blog the other day and what Long said.

    I couldn’t believe what he said. Melky is hitting now because he is not drinking?

    First it’s derogatory – inferring Melky drank too much with the Yankees.

    Second – it’s a statement to cover his own ass…..basically Long is saying it’s not my fault that Melky couldn’t hit with the Yankees and now he’s a top hitter. It was Melky’s fault.

    Throw Melky under the bus to keep your own reputation as a good hitting coach….classless.

    • ACCOUNTABILITY is the right word.

      If Billy Bean had CashMan’s budget he would have won a lot more championships in the last 11 years than CashMans one.

    • Twasp those were my points exactly. At some point, isn’t something we do wrong our fault? The current management(general and field coaches) has turned koolaid pushing and excuses into an art form. Every player we trade wouldn’t have done as well in NY if he was still there? Really? That is so irrational and arrogant that it defies comprehension.
      Players develop, players regress, players have resurgent years, players have bad years. Does everyone still root at the start of every month that THIS will be the month that Texeira returns to his pre Yankee lifetime .301 average? I know I do! Why? Because he’s done it before and perhaps a mechanical tweak or mental tweak could restore him. If we want to use one or two subpar seasons to decide a talented guy is done then why don’t we just trade Teixeira and eat his money too? Martin? I don’t hear anyone calling for that, which includes me.
      It’s insane to say that any player we trade wouldn’t have had the success he’s having elsewhere here. That’s like a broker telling a client not to be upset that he talked him into not buying a struggling company that went up in stock value using the rationalization that if he had bought it, it wouldn’t have gone up!!
      So now we have a hitting coach rationalizing the Melky situation? We all know the real deal there. Melky and Cano were buddies and the Yankees thought they needed to be broken up after 2009 because Melky was a bad influence. You know, lots of young players find their way maturity wise and settle down. The Yankees decided Melky wasn’t worth waiting on. They made a judgement. That judgement was obviously wrong. There is no need to bring drinking or past maturity issues into the discussion especially when Melky has never ripped the Yankees in any way.
      If there is one thing I miss about George(besides his spend what it takes to win manner) its the accountability factor. You can bet your ass that George wouldn’t have tolerated that kind of excuse making from Long and would also have fired Cashman for his failed trades and off the field embarassments.
      George made so many errors, he cost us 18 years of total famine, but in the end he got it.
      In any business or personal situation I demand accountability. Admitting errors means there is a much better chance you won’t repeat those errors. Simply rationalizing every mistake away means you haven’t learned a damn thing. I’ll take the guy or gal that says “I really screwed that up” over the guy or gal who says “it wasn’t my fault” any day of the week.
      For example, for all the great calls I made here in the preseason regarding players and teams? I actually drank the koolaid that a rookie could win the Cy Young this year. What a complete and total idiot I was!!!

      • Michael, your drinking your own koolaid, your only solution is to become a Buc fan and wait 40 years to make the playoffs. We need for you to get out your crystal ball and help the Yanks, I believe that Trout came to the majors due to an injury, even the Angels didn’t know he was going to be this good. Trumbo is actually are more dangerous player at this point.

        • Everyone knew what Trout was, especially the Angels. They just didn’t want to rush him and start his arb clock ticking. He was going to come up after the break anyway, just like the Giants did with Posey a couple of years ago.

      • Michael, you could say Geoge was like the past two presidents of the US, he put the Yanks in a big hole with his long term contracts and spending similar to out past two presidents driving up our deficit.

  4. Yeah…..anyone who questions CashMans moves are called “spoiled Yankee fans”. :-)


    Those who don’t analyze past mistakes, are doomed to repeat them.

    • Truer words were never spoken. The first thing anyone should do after a screwup is analyze what they did wrong, then mentally decide what they should have done, then decide to do everything they can to avoid making the same mistakes.
      Again, a lot of these calls are total judgement calls with a small margin of probability in the projected outcomes. We get that. It would just be nice if Cashman won a trade once every 5 years or so.

    • And those that criticize from supposition and not fact are Monday Querterbacks…hind sight is always 20-20, no, 100%.

      If Billy Bean had Cashmans money he wouldn’t have gotten all those 1st round draft picks…oh, by the way, where are those picks now?

      Cashman has made mistakes but, you guys think it means nothing to know some players can play a game or 5-6 in NY but not play a 162 game schedule. Being a big fish in a small pond is nice but, being a small fish in a big pond is hard to handle…for some players!

      Cashman will make more mistakes but, just because you don’t read about it doesn’t mean other GM are doing just about the same or worse.

      If one has the idea a good manager doesn’t analyze every deal before and after has not managed may situations or people. If they have, it was until they were fired!

      Let me reiterate something that is truth…we may think what we know is truth but, in reallity…we don’t know what we don’t know!

      Every GM has knowledge about deals we have no idea about, some times we may dispute that but, the fact is, every deal is a gamble. I have no idea if Cashman is a very good or bad Manager but, every time his contract come up there is talk of this or that team wanting him…which means nothing because there are owners that are desperate to get rid of the GM they have!

      Good or bad, we have what we have! :)

    • twasp, unfortuneately that what cost us Darvish, Gio, and Wilson. The poor performance of AJ , Irabu and Igauwa.

  6. You da man Ken OR!

  7. What TWASP believes cost us from getting top flight pitching to complement CC is CashMans inability to assess correctly who to go for and who not to. He has a poor record of evaluating pitching. After all these years and all the money spent you would think that we would not have to rely on a 40 year old to save us again in the post season? How many times can we expect Andy to go to the well?

    • Twasp, do you really think it is Cashmans job to evaluate pitching or any other talent?
      You know better than that, he has people that do their (more than 1 or 2) assessment of a player, give their opinion to Cashman and Cash goes from there. It is the same with 95% of the Gms around the league…some GMs (Ryan-Texas) are ok to good, and most like Cashman depend on others. :)

  8. We are watching Nova transforming into a real good pitcher, he is really learning to master his pitches. He used to be struggling to make 5 innings, now he throws 7+.

  9. Once again Girardi makes good use of the pen, Logan and Eppley two different windows. Eppley striking out Kinerko was huge.

    • He’s a moron and his BS makes me sick. Membership in the Joe Girardi fan club should come with a do it yourself sterilization kit.

      • Yeah it was really Girardi’s fault that Rapada threw a routine throw into center field and that Robertson gave up that HR. Man, Girardi single-handedly lost the game! If those two (or even just Rapada) had simply done what they were supposed to do, you wouldn’t be calling Girardi out.

        C’mon now.

        Not to say that I am necessarily a member of the Girardi fan club though.

      • Michael P. – funny line!

        • Look, if a guy isn’t available I don’t bitch. It’s too early to overuse guys who may need a night off. I don’t mind that Soriano wasn’t available and if Robertson wasn’t available because of the schedule run we’re in I wouldn’t have said a word. BUT, Robertson obviously WAS available!! Therefore he should have taken the mound at the beginning of the 9th inning.

          • Mike P…… What was Girardi’s reason for not using Robertson earlier?

            • twasp, We don’t know what Girardi was thinking but Pinella may have given us some insight. He said, sometimes when you are winning alot of games your 8th and 9th inning guys are over used. This was the case last night, everyone was pitching in the wrong spot. Soriano needed a rest, Robertson is coming off an injury, so Girardi figures let’s try and win without using them, especially after the 3-1 lead. Then the Rapada throw and Girardi has to use Robby. Everyone was out of sequence.

  10. Arright my two cents. I am not defending what he did tonight because I didn’t agree. Even if he gets the DP i still don’t like it because I don’t monday morning QB. Sometimes a manager makes a bad decision and it works out and a good one that ends up failing. However overall this year I don’t recall many screw ups and he has done a very nice job overall. U can’t blame him when they loose and not credit him when they win. You can’t have it both ways.

  11. Boy , Cano is so good it’s scary!!!

  12. To all you crazy Arod haters:

    He pounded 2 balls into the gap last night … Rockets……who said his power is gone? Was it you Ken OR?

  13. TWASP QUIZ :

    What’s more WAY OFF BASE?

    1, A Rapada throw to second base


    2. Oldyankee7′s analysis of Derek Jeter?

  14. The shift teams have been using against Tex have taken hits away…..his getting older has probably taken his avg down somewhat….and his uppercut swing to hit home runs has become more pronounced as he tries to stay a 30/100 stud.

    • twasp…
      Perchance maybe it is nothing more than the right field wall? That wall will make a hitter change his style if he hits HRs. See; Tex and Cano!
      That would account for his uppercut and less time in the zone. I don’t think age has much to do with his problems as a lefty but, the shift hurts him a lot. I don’t wish to discount the age factor, it may also be part of it but, I still think it is the wall!
      I also believe Cano is looking to that wall too much this year, which is hurting his hitting numbers a lot. With his natural talent, he should be hitting .325+ and clutch hitting at .285+! What a waste, Cano is one of the most unstoppable hitters I have seen since ” Teddy Ball Game” or “Stan the Man”! :)

  15. I wasn’t happy with the way Girardi handled the 9th inning. I’m a firm believer in you bring in your closer to start the inning. With a clean inning, no one on base and a 2-run lead. Also, no sense in wasting pitchers if you don’t have to. if that game goes extras, the only available pitcher would have been Igarishi.

    However, can’t fault Girardi for Rapada firing the ball into CF or Robertson giving up the HR. And watching Robertson’s stuff, it is clear he isn’t 100% so Joe probably figured he’d try to get an out or 2 before bringing him in. His velocity is down about 2-3 mph and that is the difference between Viciedo hitting a HR on a FB at the letters and him popping it up or fouling it off. His first pitch was 89 mph and the HR pitch was 90 – clearly not typical DRob.

    Tough loss but the entire AL East lost yesterday so no ground lost

  16. So it was Girardi over thinking again…which he does every so often. Though he might have been right trying to bypass Robertson since Robertson’s velocity was down.

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