My 2012 AL All- Star Roster

The MLB All-Star break is fast approaching signaling the end of the first half and the All-Star game. Like it or not the All-Star game is important as the winning league gets home field advantage for the World Series. Unfortunately we don’t always get the best choices as sometimes it turns into a popularity contest. I will reveal my All-Star game rosters over the next two days starting with the AL today.


C- Joe Mauer- Twins: Mauer has not regained the power he had in his previous years but has been far and away the best AL catcher this year. Mauer is hitting .321, with 3 HR’s, 31 RBI, and a .848 OPS. His lineup protection and his stadium do him no favors either.

1B- Paul Konerko- White Sox: It was very close race between Konerko and Prince Fielder. Konerko won out in the end because his OPS is almost 100 points better. Konerko is hitting .332, with 13 HR’s, 39 RBI, and a .958 OPS. Konerko has led his White Sox into a surprise lead in the AL Central.

2B- Robinson Cano- Yankees: Cano is the first Yankee to make the team in a run away. Cano’s stats compared to the other 2B are astounding. His .307 avg is 27 points higher than any other AL 2B. His 18 HR’s are 7 more than any other AL 2B. Last but not least his .950 OPS is 151 points higher than anybody else’s.

SS- Derek Jeter- Yankees: Jeter has fallen off of late but still leads theALin hits. He is hitting .304 on the year, with 7 HR’s, 25 RBI, and a .760 OPS.

3B- Miguel Cabrera- Tigers: This was the closest race out of nay position between Miggy, Adrian Beltre, and Mark Trumbo. Trumbo hasn’t played in as many games as the other 2 so that dropped him out. Cabrera gets the edge over Beltre because of less protection, a tougher park, and slightly better numbers. Cabrera is hitting .312 this year, with 16 HR’s, 62 RBI, and a .912 OPS.

OF- Josh Hamilton- Rangers: The biggest no brainier out there doesn’t need much explaining. Hamilton is hitting .312 this year, with 24 HR’s, 67 RBI, and an astounding 1.022 OPS. That says it all.

OF- Jose Bautista- Blue Jays: Bautista may only be hitting .237 this year but that certainly does not tell the whole story. Bautista has the most walks among AL outfielders which helps make up for that average. The fact that he has 26 HR’s, 61 RBI, and a .906 OPS this year helps to.

OF- Josh Willingham- Twins: Stunningly the team with the worst record in theALhas 2 All-Star starters. Willingham has put up great numbers in a really tough park. Willingham is hitting .272 on the year, with 15 HR, 49 RBI, and a .920 OPS. He would be a great trade target for teams.

DH- David Ortiz- Red Sox: Big Papi has put up yet another stellar season forBoston. Ortiz hit .309, with 21 HR, 53 RBI, and a 1.028 OPS. He has helped Boston overcome a number of injuries to keep them in contention.

SP- Chris Sale- White Sox: This would be a selection nobody would have guessed at the beginning of the season.Sale has been absolutely dominant for the White Sox this year going 9-2, with a 2.27 ERA, a .96 WHIP, and 8.9 K/9


C- A.J. Pierzynski- White Sox: .272/ 12 HR’s/42 RBI/.816 OPS

1B- Prince Fielder- Tigers: .300/12 HR’s/50 RBI/.869 OPS

1B- Billy Butler- Royals: .296/15 HR’s/46 RBI/ .868 OPS

2B- Ian Kinsler- Rangers: .280/9 HR’s/38 RBI/ .799 OPS

SS- Asdrubal Cabrera- Indians: .291/10 HR’s/37 RBI/.853 OPS

3B- Mark Trumbo- Angels: .315/19 HR’s/53 RBI/.992 OPS

3B- Adrian Beltre- Rangers: .330/13 HR/51 RBI/.895 OPS

OF- Mike Trout- Angels: .345/ 8 HR’s/32 RBI/.944 OPS

OF- Adam Jones- Orioles: .295/19 HR’s/41 RBI/.891 OPS

OF- Josh Reddick- A’s: .260/18 HR’s/39 RBI/.855 OPS

DH- Edwin Encarnacion- Blue Jays: .285/22 HR’s/54 RBI

P- Jered Weaver- Angels: 8-1/2.31 ERA/.91 WHIP/7.3 K/9

P- C.J. Wilson- Angels: 9-4/2.36 ERA/1.14 WHIP/7.3 K/9

P- Justin Verlander- Tigers: 8-4/2.52 ERA/.97 WHIP/10.3 K/9

P- David Price- Rays: 10-4/2.95 ERA/1.25 WHIP/8.3 K/9

P- Jake Peavy- White Sox: 6-4/2.84 ERA/.99 WHIP. 7.7 K/9

P- Felix Hernandez- Mariners: 6-5/3.09 ERA/1.22 WHIP/ 9.3 K/9

P- Jim Johnson- Orioles: 22 Saves/1.07 ERA/.74 WHIP/5.6 K/9

P- Chris Perez- Indians: 23 Saves/2.54 ERA/.99 WHIP/8.9 K/9

P- Fernando Rodney- Rays: 21 Saves/1.07 ERA/.77 WHIP/8.8 K/9

P- Rafael Soriano- Yankees: 17 Saves/1.88 ERA/1.47 WHIP/8.2 K/9

P-Ernesto Frieri- Angels: 10 Saves/0.00 ERA/.90 WHIP/15.4 K/9

The Angels led all teams with 5 All-Star’s even though they are all reserves. The White Sox were 2nd with 4 and the Yankees, Rangers, and Tigers all had 3. The Yankees would have had 4 but Josh Reddick had to be selected over Curtis Granderson because every team is required to be represented, which is a ridiculous move. This is a highly debatable subject so please leave your thoughts in the comments and tell me what you would have done differently.

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About Matthew B

I am a student at William Paterson University and studying to become a sportswriter. I have a huge passion for the Yankees and love sharing my opinions on them. I can analyze every aspect of the Yankees very well. I am very active on Twitter so feel free to contact me there Twitter: @RAYROBERT9

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  1. Nice picks Matthew B. I think Mike Trout should start. Not many regular fans are aware of him yet though. He deserves it.

  2. Figured that would be a popular complaint. Certainly valid I just don’t think he played enough games to start and Willingham has been great.

  3. Good job Matt. Can’t argue with much. My changes would be as follows:

    C: Matt Wieters instead of Piersynzki. They are very even numbers-wise but I think Wieters has turned into the leader of that Baltimore team and is absolutely awesome behind the plate leading the AL in runners caught stealing at 37%.

    SS: Cabrera starting and Elvis Andrus over Jeter. Andrus is better defensively and is a great leadoff man leading A.L. SS’s in OBP (.381) and SBs (15)

    OF: Starters would be Hamilton, Trout & Trumbo backed up by Adam Jones, Reddick & Bautista. Hamilton, Trout & Trumbo have probably been the 3 best hitters of the 1st half and would make up my starting OF.

    I’d also have Austin Jackson on the team over Billy Butler. Jackson has missed about 20 games but he’s been awesome hitting .325/.411/.531/.942 for a .411 woba and 161 RC+ that rivals Hamilton, Trout & Trumbo. He’s also awesome in CF. Put Broxton on the team over one of the closers to give KC a representative.

  4. Yeah forgot that Trumbo has been playing more OF than 3B lately. He should be starting in the OF for sure. A random note but how about Ernesto Frieri’s numbers this year? Sick

  5. Matt B – you want to see #s like Frieri? Look at Joba the Hut in 2007. Makes you remember the promise he once had……..

  6. Oldfish02hater:

    Don’t start Jeter? Have you gone to the dark side with oldyankee07?

    • twasp, even fashjam knows Jeter is not the player so many try to make him out to be. hahahaha! :)

    • Nah. I appreciate jeter’s contributions more than most. But I’d say there are 2 SS’s having slightly better seasons right now. It’s very close though and I have no problem with Jeter over Andrus. But IMO Andrus is the better player right now.

      • Fish – what seasons in his career do you think Jeter was the best SS in the AL?

        • Without even doing much leg work, he won the Silver Slugger every year from 2006 to 2009.

          • Have I ever doubted Jeters hitting for Avg. ? Nope!
            But come on guys, one has to play defense as well as offense. He has never been one of the top defensive players in the league. I am not saying he didn’t have a few good years but even the Silver Slugger award is awarded for your Avg. more than anything else. :)

            • Ha ha Ken, a “few good years”? 15 of 17 seasons he had an ops+ higher than the avg SS .

              9 seasons he had an ops+ 20%higher than the avg SS that year.

              • twasp…
                Every time you bring up something Jeter is good at…what is it? It is always hitting, why can’t you get it through you head one must play defense as well…not that he was bad.
                Example; Hornsby had 142 errors in 23 years, A-Rod has had 230 in 18 years playing SS and 3rd base…let us -20 for the learning curve shall we 210 for A-Rod. Jeter has 237 in the same amount of time playing only SS.
                Again, are those numbers bad…not so much, I’d take it for my SS…but 1st ballot HoF…not so much!
                HoF yes!

                • Ha ha , sorry Ken, strike three and you have been caught looking!

                  TWASP knows all about the defensive part of the game and Jeter has played fine defense for most of his career and durIng his prime he was above average. Combine that with his hitting and you have more than an average shortstop with a “few good years”.

                  And as far as your debate with Fish about first ballot HOF , I’ll let Fish give you the supporting rationale.

                  • twasp…
                    You cheat, everyone says one must compare a player to his competition during his career, right? Yes!
                    Doing things the way it has been laid out by those that vote…he has to be compared to Nomar and A-Rod! I don’t care how much you hate A-Rod but, he was without question the best SS over the years he was a SS.
                    You always pick one out of all the stats to show how great Jeter was on a given year but, never show most of the stats that back me up! I have know idea where to get stuff like that but I do read a lot and watch players play.
                    You can say; “Ha ha , sorry Ken, strike three and you have been caught looking!”
                    That’s ok, most fans will congratulate you for your defense of the Greatest SS that ever played the game…Jeter. Strike 3…ok! :(

                    • Ken – do you really think Jeter will not make the HOF on the first ballot or are you saying you personally don’t think he was good enough to be a first ballot HOF but he probably will be voted in by the writers the first time?

                    • twasp…
                      I am saying; “In my opinion Jeter is a HoF player but not on the first Ballot!” I believe; “Only the player that is head and shoulders above his contemporaries is a 1st Ballot HoF!”Jeter has never been head and shoulders above the players (SS) from 1996 to 2012, but he still should make it a bit later!

                      Jeter may make it on the first ballot, it will be a personality vote but, as we have seen lately guys that should have to pay to get in the HoF are in anyhow. Jeter in on the 1st ballot, doesn’t bother me at all.
                      The only thing that will up set me is if his career ends like I think it may…badly! And make no mistake about it, I wish him no ill will at all!

                      Yes, as you asked; “he probably will be voted in by the writers the first time”!

                • old yankee, the offical scorers used to ride the train with Hornsby, totally different time!

  7. I’ll say it again; Jeter is the best all around SS the Yankees have ever had but, has never been the best SS in the AL!
    Jeter is the best face of the Yankees sense Mickey and is almost as popular as The Mick was in NY.
    Using his stats only, Jeter is not a 1st ballot HoF maybe never but, putting everything together, I would write him in.
    Remember when A-Rod was asked about his buddy Jeter and he said something like; “If he played anywhere other than NY he would be an avg SS!”.
    Tell the truth, did he lie? No he didn’t, and many others said the same thing, at the time. After the media in NY got it and made a big deal out of it…that is when most every media person turned against A-Rod.
    Facts/stats can be twisted anyway one wants but, the truth is still the truth. :)

    • That’s were we disagree Oldyank. I think you go a tad too far. Jeter is a 1st ballot HoF’er and has often been the best SS in the AL with 4 Silver Sluggers.d

      if ARod or anyone ever called Jeter an average Shortstop in his prime they’d be foolish. He’s had more hits than any SS in baseball history and has hit .322 or better 7 times. Even now at 38, he’s still better than an average SS.

      • Fish -don’t forget 1999, Jeter’s best season. I know what Ken will say about 2006-2009 , Jeter was only the best because Arod moved to 3rd.

        • Yeah, 98,99 & 2000 Jeter won 3 WS rings and was def the best SS in 1999. Nomar had a great yr too but Jeter was the best in 99.

          From 98 to 2000, Jeter had 3 rings and the stats were very close between the 3 top guys. Here is how the top 3 SS’s stacked up over those 3 yrs combined:

          ARod .305/.379/.582/.960 ops .410 wOBA – 146 RC+
          Jeter .337/.413/.505/.918 ops .405 wOBA – 142 RC+
          Nomar .350/.404/.595/.999 ops .422 wOBA – 150 RC+

      • fishjam..
        mayhap you forgot HONUS WAGNER, I know Jeter wants to stay around to pass him if no one else!

        • Old Yank…..I didn’t forget Honus Wagner. Luis Aparicio actually had the most hits by a SS with 2,673 but Jeter passed him in 2009 and now has that record well in hand. Wagner has 3,402 career hits but only about 2,300 of those came as a SS. Wagner played several positions in addition to SS. Of his 2,794 career games, only 1,887 were at SS.

  8. Old02hater:

    1.Arod never said Jeter would be an average SS anywhere else.
    2. A number of seasons Jeter has been the best SS in the AL.

    One more strike and you are out! :-)

    • Young fly…I said some thing like that.

    • Why do you think Jeter and A-Rod still don’t get along very well, Jeter has never forgiven him for saying what he did in Sports Ill. (I think it was)!
      Jeter has been the best hitting SS a few years but, not the best SS…big difference, don’t you think?

      • Nah…they get along fine now, They even drove down to spring training together in the same car. Aroid has stopped saying stupid things so they have become closer.

      • Fish – one last pitch to strike out Ken OR. In your opinion, excluding UZRs and fielding %s, just watching him play, during his prime, did you think Jeter was an average fielding SS or above average?

        • I don’t think ether one of you ever played the infield, so it may not be very objective (that is a laugh) coming from pitchers.
          I made my (Army) career dissecting situations and people to find the weak spot in any and all plans etc.
          When I look at a player, I do so much differently than you do. I see the weak things 1st then put the good and bad together and see what it all adds up too.
          Everything Jeter can get to he makes a good play on more times than not. But his balance and feet don’t get it done as well going left and makes some plays look harder than they are. He has never been a bad SS, just not one of the top defensive ones.
          Oh oh the bosses are here, got to go! Cheers guys! :)

        • During his prime, Jeter was an above average defensive SS. He always had poor range to his left but he was average to good in every other facet.

          As a pitcher I want a SS who is going to make every play he is suppossed to, turn the double plays when I get them and have the ability to make a great play every now and then. Jeter did all of that in his prime and even now at 38 is as sure-handed as ever. His glove ain’t hurting the team and anyone who thinks differently, just remember how you felt when Eduardo Nunez was playing SS.

          • fishjam…
            I have no problem with what you write, Jeter has been as sure handed as most SS and better then very many more.
            As a closer, I want the same playing behind me, as a 2nd baseman I want a SS that knows how to make all the plays and won’t hang me out to dry. I would say Jeter fills all those bills but remember, he played his first 8-10 years with a few very good SS as competition. He has always come up with super plays. Baseball instincts can’t be taught and he and his 3rd baseman have it.
            Our differences are; Jeter is a 1st ballot HoF SS….I say, NOT!
            HoF SS…I have no problem with that, never have (If all things are counted, not just stats) but, to put him in with the top10 Yankees of all time…I say not even within smelling distance of that honor!

  9. Ken – here is what Arod said about Jeter – nothing about Jeter being average:

    “He’s never had to lead,” Rodriguez was quoted as saying in April’s edition of Esquire. “He can just go and play and have fun. He hits second – that’s totally different than third or fourth in a lineup.

    “You go into New York, you wanna stop Bernie (Williams) and (Paul) O’Neill. You never say, `Don’t let Derek beat us.’ He’s never your concern,” he said.

    Told about the remarks, Jeter said he had a phone call to make.

    “I’ll ask him tonight, and I’ll talk to you tomorrow,” the New York Yankees’ shortstop said Friday. “The only thing you can ask him is what his intentions were. Do I think his intentions were bad? No.”

    Later in the day, Rodriguez said he looked forward to telling Jeter he meant nothing negative. The Texas shortstop insisted his comments were taken out of context from a 90-minute interview last December.

    “How can I ever dog Derek Jeter? It’s impossible,” Rodriguez said. “There is nothing to knock. He’s a great defensive player. He’s a great offensive player. He’s one of the top three players in the game, for the greatest team of my era.

    • That is about the same thing isn’t it? Your 3rd part says about what I said…thanks for making that clear for me and others.
      The main thing is, they have never been tight sense that magazine. Jeter is not one to take criticism very well, even the coaches were afraid to correct him. Cashman had to have a private talk with Jeter because the coaches wouldn’t tell Jeter what Cash wanted them to tell him.
      I am sure you remember that, it was only a few years ago, very few!

  10. Jeter doesn’t like negativity – ever- that’s why he has remained clean and successful and scandal free.

  11. I’m going to bed -fish – please strike out Ken by answering TWASP’s last question.

    Good night all.

  12. Ken- take a look at this article it has 50 players that will never make the HOF! :-(

  13. Ken- take a look at this article also it predicts 12 current players that will be first ballot HoF. :-(

    • I have read them and they are opinions of a writer, so I didn’t think they were pertinate to the subjects.
      His opinion is as good as anyones but, it is still an opinion. :)

  14. to be not voting a guy in on the first ballot and than later is ridiculous. If the guy is a HOF than he is a HOF the first time he is up for it and the 20th time he is up for it. Such a silly argument.

    • Matthew B…
      If he were the only one on the list to be voted on, you would be right. There is a list of about 3 to ? players the writers have to vote on, each writer has a reason to vote for some one other than Jeter!
      That is one of the reasons I say 1st ballot is a hard sell. :)

  15. Matt B – that makes too much sense , oldyankee07 believes only players head and shoulders above their peers should be voted in on first ballot.

  16. Ken – what do you say to those that believe Arod AND Jeter were head and shoulders above the other shortstops of their era and that Jeter’s 4 golden gloves, 5 silver sluggers, .310+ batting average 3000 hits and 5 world championships make him a first timer HOF.

    • twasp…
      That is esay…they were better than others of their time but, so what, the writers vote and a lot of times they see one player that is on the list for the last time and will vote for him.
      A-Rod, Jeter may (or not) deserve 1st ballot but, but they will not be the only ones on the list! :)

  17. Ken – did you know that Lou Brock was a first ballot HoF?

    • So what, again…it depends how many are on the list at the time and who they are!
      I am answering the same questions over and over….

      The End…I was struck out on a high hard one. I did take it to extra innings! The game is done! :)

  18. No….no…….don’t pick up the marbles again………come back…….all is forgiven……. :-)

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