Morning Bits: Phelps, Reggie Jackson’s thoughts on A-Rod

Good morning all.  The weekend is here and on top of that a series with the Red Sox.  Can the Yankees end with a strong series?  Can Martin actually hit the ball?  Will they score with RISP?  Kuroda vs Beckett on the mound today.

Let’s get to some links…..

John Nalbone of The Star Ledger writes that David Phleps has been sent to the Trenton Thunder (AA) to make room for McDonald.   Don’t let the AA thing bother you.  It’s just is the perfect fit to keep Phelps going to start on normal rest.   This is a good idea to get him stretched out in case the Yankees need him again.

– By now I’m sure you heard that Reggie Jackson had a lot to say about A-Rod.  Here is the story from Mark Feinsand of The Daily News.

– Bleeding Yankee Blue has a good article about Cole Hamels.  Check it out.

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Avid Yankee fan since birth. I have been going to Yankee games with my father since i was young. I have many memories at YSII including many playoffs and world series games. I hope that you enjoy our blog. Comment often.

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  1. Matt to answer your questions at the top of the article: yes, NO WAY IN THE WORLD, and yes.

    I’m furious that the Yankees are going to with Freddy in Petitte’s spot rather than Phelps. Its complete insanity. Freddy has nothing but downside, plain and simple.

    Reggie certainly has the right to his opinion. Reggie did it clean, as did the others of his time. Those guys played the game hard and made such a paltry amount of money as compared to the juiceheads of the PED era, I can see why they feel the way that they feel.

  2. Michael P. – you are right on the Money as usual. The juicers blasphemed the sacred game we all love.

    PS – do you mind if TWASP refers to you as Money P. from now on , instead of Michael P?

    • Twasp you can call me anything you want to. I personally understand why most of those who juiced did so and I forgive them. It happens in cycling and horse racing also. What happens is that a few cyclists or horse racing trainers start using some illegal PED and winning everything, so others feel as if they must also cheat just to keep up with them. We know the rest, it all slides downhill after that.
      Who am I to judge these guys? I mean, they were under duress and probably paranoid that everyone else was using juice so they did. Their reputations have been irrevocably damaged and they have sacrificed a large amount of their pride.
      What I do understand is how guys like Reggie must feel. Playing in bigger parks and without the juice, guys like Reggie crushed all those home runs the hard way. To watch guys come along and launch home runs with the aid of the juice and temporarily diminish the accomplishments of guys who did it the legit way had to be hard to swallow.
      All Reggie did here was speak the truth. Anyone whose getting on Reggie obviously has a problem with the truth. Probably the same people who say Teixeira’s Yankee postseason stats are “insignificant” because they just don’t want to here the reality which is that he is a sad choker.

  3. the above should say “hear” in the last paragraph. I cannot stand spellcheck and don’t know how to edit a comment! LOL!

    • Money P. – well put. I forgive the PED use too. I’m glad Aroid tried to keep up with Manny and Ortiz and level the playing field. I wanted the Yankees to kick the Red Sox asses. Most estimates from people in the know were 70% used.

      As far as the HOF let them all in….or keep them all out.

      • Twasp…
        I agree with you but, I may have one caveat.
        We all know those that used for years, or think we do, so what do we say when a guy like Bonds, MacGwier, Canseco or Griffey Jr. come up for induction?
        I understand Griffey is a lot like Jeter in that he is untouchable! Just think of it, he played in the same years as most of the others that did use. What is to say he didn’t use?
        So you see the dilemma, if one guy is said to be guilty, who says many of those we think of (Griffey) as clean are really clean? :)

      • twasp…
        Your line;
        “I’m glad Aroid tried to keep up with Manny and Ortiz and level the playing field. I wanted the Yankees to kick the Red Sox asses.”

        Makes the assumption A-Rod never quit using from his days in Texas, there is evidence he did quit but, not any that says he did use after he quit in Texas. :)

        • Ken- the Yankees know he was still using …both mgt and the players. That’s why they banned his cousin from traveling with him.

          • You are wrong twasp, they banned his cousin because he was named as the supplier. They didn’t want any sign of drugs around the team or A-Rod.
            Maybe you can tell me how A-Rod passed all the tests if he were still using? The league was testing him…more offten!
            You are always saying his records are because of drugs but, where oh where is your conformation?
            We all know there is none, just speculation, because he played in a home run park like Texas and hit a lot of HRs even after he is said to have quit using and was being tested.
            A-Rod came to the Yankees in 2004 and year by year hit; 2004-36, 48, 35, 54, 35 etc., then was hurt.
            We all know he had used, so there is no way to hide the facts but, there is no need to make it as though everything sense Texas is because of drugs. Can you be sure Jeter never tried the drugs? No, you can’t but most of us don’t think he did but, what if someone said he did? There is no way you would by it but, as with Griffey, it would be a non-story! :)

            • They banned yYuri because he was Arods supplier , he shot Arod in the butt. I’d send you photos but they are R rated and you are too young to view them.

              • Well, thank you a lot twasp, I am younger then you by a lot! HAhahaha.
                I think you said what I said, didn’t you? lol :)

                • Ken – we may disagree, but what fun is agreeing all the time?

                  • None at all twasp!

                    So let me be the big-hearted guy and admit you have been very adamit in your well rounded attack on A-Rod. I will go as far as to say your allegations have a lot of his competitors, with their inept innuendos and egregious rhetoric, confused and disappointed in the results. Most thought he would be band from playing but…no such luck.
                    Bottom line…I won again…as usual!
                    I like that last part the best, as I know you do also…right?!?!? lol
                    Who has more fun than people? Why, more people, that’s who! :)

                    • Ken – you won because I didn’t think you knew what egregious meant :-)

                      Nor how to spell it ! BOOYAH!

                    • Don’t tell anyone but, I was wondering, what does egregious mean? I thought it looked like a big fancy word so I used it…the dictionary is a wonderful tool? :)

                    • Egregious happens to be my favorite word! lol

                    • Teacher to student: ” please use egregious in a sentence ”

                      Student answers: ” Ken was egregious in his analysis of Derek Jeter “

  4. Yeah…. Its a dilemma. If I was a writer voting I would do some research with griffeys teammates. I bet he used.

    • twasp…
      I have no idea if he did or not but, is there a chance he did the same as A-Rod and tried but quit? Yes, would I say he did…no way, not without proof. That is what has happened to A-Rod and maybe a few others, some writers took the word of an unnamed source and went with it rather than checking it out.

      There are very very few investigative reporters now days, in my day that is where a reporter got his story not reading someone else on the internet and going with it.

      So, what is your take on this junk? :)

  5. I think the high profile guys like Bonds and Arod are taking the fall for what was going on in all of baseball. Pudge did it, Brett Boone did it, chuck Knoblach did it, practically everyone was doing it. Cansenco is a little crazy but I read both of his books and everything he has said has come to light as true. He said 70 % of the players were doing it.

    As far as the HOF if I’m a writer voting, and I don’t know who did and who didn’t, I would do some inside research and see if I can get some off the record info from the nominees teammates.

    I read Selena Roberts book on Arod and it was garbage, all hearsay , no facts. So I agree there is a lot of garbage in the media that has to be sifted through if you’re an HOF voter.

  6. You da man Ken, stay healthy you youngster!

  7. Jeez….. Cano just hit a rocket line drive 415 feet….. What a swing this guy has.

  8. Girardi sit Arod DOWN! He’s lost out there.

    • Don’t worry Twasp,

      Your prayers have been answered. A-Rod is sitting for the 2nd game. :)

      • About time, it is getting a bit nasty out there…heck I’m older than time and I could get the same results as A-Rod; well maybe, close, almost ok, ok already…so it would be not a chance! But one can dream just like about 100,000,000 others!

        The big difference is, one high hard one and I am off to the hills, most fans that have never been there have no idea what it is like to feel the whip of a high hard one at even 90+.

        I think I would sit A-Rod for a short while, he is not only lost he is trying to darn hard and nothing will ever work that way…all that is redundant, because he knows it already, it is just hard to do.

        • Ken – you could never Touch TWASP’s fastball!

          • Unless you put it high, I could have hit it in the day, I could hit anything, except fast ball in the 90s “the high hard one”! I knew I couldn’t hit it but, I always swung at it. If only they had known, oh well it was good hunting for me!
            The big question is, could you have hit me, back in the day?
            I mean, with my super fast 84+/—– fast ball, if that, I don’t know if you could catch up to it. Then I would follow it up with my real good stuff nothing but late moving junk you would wave at…I hope!
            My memory makes me much better than I really was sometimes. :)

            • TWASP was a good hitter….eveRything to right field though….hitting of front foot like Roberto Clemente. Was a better fielder than hitter, at SS could go right into hole plant foot and gun out runners …..could go left over second base , spin and gun out runners….. Could charge , barehand and gun out runners.

              Pitching, I threw fastballs and a sidearm or 3/4 sweeping curve. Knee bucklers. Lindy McDaniel forkballs and Steve Hamilton bloopers.

              • That sounds very good to me twasp…… question, how does it feel to hit the ball over the fence? I have never done that! My hands were spaced about 6″ apart, hay, it was good enough for guys like Ty Cobb (my hero), it worked for me!
                Fielding, I was at 2nd base (because no one liked the spin on the ball), covered a lot of ground with soft hands and make all the plays, throwing right-handed!
                Pitching; I was a closer and threw with my left hand, I had the slowest FB in history (ha,ha,ha) you may see darn near anything from me. My left hand could do almost anything with the ball, my right hand had nothing but speed…enough speed to play the infield, not throw a 90+ FB. Being ambidextrous helps.
                To bad, I went Army, I coud’a been a star closer, even better than that guy in New York Mo or Moo something. Ha ha!
                Now that one is funny!
                Damn well sounded good, I sure must have been one hell of a ball player, I get better as the years go by! :)

                • Ken- I knew you were an odd bird but AMBIDEXTROUS…. I’m sure you were a great player…..

                  That brings a question to mind…..has there ever been an MLB player that pitched both leftie and righty depending on who was coming to the plate?

                  • Yes I was Ambide…what ever, but I did things differently with each arm, not because I wanted to , that was just the way it was.
                    Did you know Mattinly was also ambide— whatever?
                    I don’t know if there has ever been a MLB pitcher from both sides, I vaguely remember hearing something about it when the guy we have, was doing it in the minors but, I don’t remember if it was pro or con.

                • Ken …. See if you can get this answer before FishJam can…..

                  There are only 3 Yankees in history that hit 3 hrs the first 3 times up……Andy Phillips (2004) , John Miller (1966) and ? In 2002.

                • As far as hitting the ball over the fence …it’s a lot more fun than hitting an inside the park HR. My teammates would tell me I looked like I had a refrigerator on my back. One time I hit a line drive between the left fielder and right fielder and chugged all the way around the bases. My teammates carried me off the field on their shoulders. Great day!

                  • Heck twasp, I had many HRs in my day but, not one went over the fence, most of them were liners as was yours. It gave a new meaning to the words “Hit and RUN” because that’s the way I got them…yup just hit’um and run like hell! That is one of my reasons for liking Brett as much as I do, except for being a switch hitter, we both are about the same player…oh, I forgot, the outfield and I are not good friends at all. :)

                    • Ken – you didnt answer the quiz…. I’ll give you a hint…..he played for the Yankees twice…in 2002 and 2009. 3 hrs in first 3 at bats in 2002. Hurry before Fish or someone else beats you to the answer!

      • Thanks Delia for the news …..TWASP was about to have a heart attack.

  9. Will Martin ever get another hit?

  10. He’s letting it effect his defense. Jeter grimaced last night when the pitch went through Martins legs.

  11. “if the syringe does fit, then you cannot acquit ! “

  12. THE SOUP NAZI SAYS to Aroid : ” No HOF for you! “

  13. I hear Justin Upton may be available. What do u guys think? I would be all over him if I was the Yanks despite his down year this year. A world of potential and a reasonable contract I believe.

  14. Matt B ….. And sit Swisherlicious ? Matt S says….”get’er done”

    • I think if I were to make that trade I would give up Twasp, Matt S, Ballpark, fishjam and Mike D. In other words, nada on that trade. We can find someone over the winter to take Switchers place next year, without going for a guy with a bad attatude. We have that kid Mustelier and a couple of others that are younger but doing a very good job. Let us not worry about age just bring up talent. :)

  15. You da man Ken!

  16. Money P. – Cano has come out in today’s Daily News and refuted Longs claims about Melky.

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