Game 85 Lineup: Yankees @ Red Sox

Lineup vs. Red Sox:

Derek Jeter SS
Curtis Granderson CF
Mark Teixeira 1B
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Robinson Cano DH
Nick Swisher RF
Andruw Jones LF
Jayson Nix 2B
Chris Stewart C

RHP Ivan Nova


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About Delia E.

Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. Would be nice to see a win tonight to take the series. A lot of these guys need a blow so this all star game is coming at the right time.




    • relax man. Even RAB which is the best blog out gets the lineup wrong at times.

    • Jim – what did your bosses in Industry think about your typing in capital letters?

    • Darn Jim, we really like to have input from fans that stop by once in a while. We have found that most of our drive by can spell (VGET what is that?) and not lock the cap key.
      We do understand your being a little nervous reading the line-up written very well by a woman but, on this blog everyone is open to any fan and she is very good along with the other writers.
      Please stop by and mix it up, your opinion is welcome any time, thank you for stopping by. :)

  5. Jayson Nix at second base . Say Whaaaaaaaat? We want to win this series! Rest Cano against KC.

  6. Second and third, nobody out and our # 4 hitter is up……and we can’t score a run????

    Arod ……earn your money…..or sit down.

  7. How did Russell Martin make the All-Star team last year?

  8. Derek Jeter keeps circling his shoulder. I think something’s wrong.

  9. Delia- I think something’s wrong with Arod….he keeps popping up withRISP?

  10. Oh did Martin.make it by the fans vote last year?

    • Yeah, last year it was the fans that voted in Russell Martin. I think the only Yankee that made it as a replacement last year was David Robertson.

  11. Who’s playing SS for the Yankees tonight…..Luis Castillo?

    • Haha. It looked like a Luis Castillo play. But I don’t think before today I had ever seen Jeter make an error like that. Maybe the Yankees shouldn’t eat Big Macs from Boston McDonalds anymore.

  12. Good one Delia….. You’re making me hungry.

  13. Another botched play by Derek Jeter. He’s only human but these plays have to stop.

  14. I wonder when the last time Jeter made two errors in the same game…that must also be an impostor at SS.

  15. Jeter is having a bad game. Ken you must be loving this.

  16. I don’t know about you guys but I think Derek Jeter is hurt. He was trying to loosen his shoulder and then made 2 uh-oh plays the next inning? Not a coincidence.

  17. Ken is sticking pins into his Derek Jeter voodoo dolls shoulder. Stop it Ken!

    • Only Jeter could make an error and have the scorer take it away and add a hit to the pitchers record.
      If they had done that to me or anyone on my team, I’d let it be known (and have), “score the game the way it is played”!

      • Both errors were on plays that Jeter normally makes, on the slow roller Derek is considered to be one of the best in the past. It might be time for him to concede the SS position next year.

        • Doug, let me answer both of your last two posts.
          Jeter is not the answer to our SS position in the future, why not give Nunez a chance. Right now (when healthy) Nunez is the better all-around player…even with his errors, Jeter has 9 this year and on pace to have 18-20 himself.
          As for he and A-Rod playing 3rd and DH, not much of a chance. It would take Jeter most of the year to learn 3rd base plus, 3rd is for HR hitters of which Jeter is not one and the school is still out on A-Rod. Put Jeter at DH and SS when leftys are pitching.

          • Doug….Ken hasn’t had a lucid moment since mickey struck out four times at an AllStar Game.

            Jeter is projecting to 15 errors this season not 20.

            His fielding % is .973 ….. Arods is only .956…..

            Arod should be sitting instead of Jeter.

            One bad game and the vultures come out.

            • twasp, are you smoking something funny again, Jeter really has 9 errors the scorer cheated and made one a hit (BS). Anyhow at the halfway point Jeter has 8 so that is 16 +/- meaning 20 maybe.
              Jeters Fielding % is .973 and A-rods is .958, both of them should be sitting but, as I said before, A-Rod get hot, he can carry the team…Jeter, not so much!
              I would still sit them both.
              Besides, Jeter had 9 errors when I wrote the above, I can’t help it if the scorer is a cheater…and you call A-Rod a cheater?!?!?
              I can’t stand lie or cheating, playing as hard as one can and using every trick in the books is not cheating. Anything band is not to be used…that is cheating! :)

  18. That did not look like a Boston/NY series …..horrible, sloppy play on both sides. To be fair to Boston they were missing 3 or 4 key starting position players. But their pitching was awful.

    Jeter was coughing, favoring his shoulder, getting pins and needles from someone’s voodoo doll….

  19. That guy Ciracio for Boston showed why we need Nunez in the lineup, especially for the playoffs when we will have to grind out some runs. But how do they work him into the lineup? As long as Jeter is hitting over .300 and scoring runs there not going to move him from SS or out of the one spot . They tried putting Nunez at 3rd and DHing Alex against LHs and Nunez kept making errors.

    • Simple, put Nunez at DH. Of course, we could wait for Jeters avg., to go south then put Nunez in at SS.
      Just joking Twasp but, the Yankees need a SS for the years to come and Jeter is not it. Answer is not a nice one and is honestly one I never wanted to see happen but the team comes first. Next year, they must sit, DH, fill in at SS when needed, Jeter!
      Let’s be honest twasp, Jeter has been getting hits and knocked in by others but, as many times as he has come up in a clutch situation he has failed more than he ever did before and is on pace to set a new record (For himself) in DP for the year also, he should have many more RBI than he has,,,in proportion to the amount of ABs.
      There are others not hitting well but, they are not hitting .300+ and having so many AB in clutch spots as he has.
      twasp, you may think I hate Jeter but I don’t, I just don’t like the idea of putting ones quest for hits ahead of the team. And right now Jeter and A-Rod are not hitting as they should but, the difference is; if Jeter comes out and starts hitting a lot, they are mostly singles, whereas, if A-Rod comes out of his funk the hits are monster HRs. Both must pick it up!

  20. I agree Jeter has not been a clutch hitter for a long time and kills rallies a lot. I also see your point about not being a first ballot HOFer as he is not in the class of Mickey or Willie or the truly great players.

    I like Jones against LH’s in the playoffs so I am hesitant to use Nunez over him as DH.

    So how do we get Nunez in the lineup?

    • That is a good question twasp, against leftys I would play Jones (DH) and Jeter SS because they both hit leftys very very well. On those days sit Nunez then let him play aganest the rightys along with Ibanez. I think that may work? :)

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