Game 88 Lineup: Angels vs. Yankees

Lineup vs. Angels:

Derek Jeter SS
Curtis Granderson CF
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Robinson Cano 2B
Mark Teixeira 1B
Nick Swisher RF
Raul Ibanez LF
Eric Chavez DH
Russell Martin C

Ivan Nova RHP

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About Delia E.

Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. Yanks are going to regret these baserunning blunders today. That Cano/ARod double play is inexcusable! 3 guys nailed on the basepaths in 3 innings! Can’t make those mistakes against good teams!

    • A-Rod was supposed to break as soon as Cano was in the rundown. He broke too late.

    • Let’s not over react, the Yanks were due to lose this game, the pitching of Quallls and Nova did them in on this one. The Yanks scored 8 runs enough to win any game. Cano is not a great baserunner and the thats not what the Yanks are paying him to do. This small ball thing is not this team, get over it. This team has built there lead in the East on the long ball and good pitching. If anything the Yanks need another good reliever to replace Wade, or have Wade come back strong.

      • No one is saying they should play small ball. I made that statement in the 3rd inning of that game after they had 3 guys get nailed on the bases and Martin bunted into 3 outs…..that’s 6 wasted outs due to poor fundamentals. That was as much a reason for the loss as was Nova and Qualls. But it’s OK because aslong as they take 2 out of 3 every series, they will never get caught. I just want to see this team be the best it can be going into the post-season.

        • fishjam, that is also nitpicking, you don’t think Cano and A-Rod realize they made a mistake, players are not perfect. It has nothing to do with fundamentals, every player makes mistakes.

  2. Ken – What do you think of Trout? Looks like a true 5-tooler. I really hope he keeps playing like that but it seems most of the 5-tool guys eventually get HR-obsessed – the average drops and they stop running.

    • fishjam…
      I like the kid, I like what I have seen of him so far anyhow. I have a bad habit of comparing others like A-Rod (Years ago) Josh Hamilton and now Trout to Mickey Mantle. I always come up with one thing they can’t come close to him with, A-Rod and Josh mainly speed. Trout now has (it seems) the 6th tool, what I call baseball instincts (like Jeter and A-Rod).
      I haven’t seen Trout under a lot of pressure, right now he is in a different place, just playing and having fun, doing all the things he dreamed of as a kid…heck he is a kid!
      Being honest Mickey, A-Rod, Josh and Trout should be considered 5 tool players. They are by me, with a caveat…I want to see more of Trout!

  3. what a catch by Granderson!!!!

  4. Nova has the stuff to be a very good pitcher but makes way too may mistakes up and over the plate. He’s going through growing pains transforming from a ground-ball pitcher to more of a strikeout pitcher.

    • fishjam…
      both he and Phil are the same, in as much they get to much of the plate at times. Phil lives up high but Nova lives down low both make a lot of mistakes but who didn’t? Phil is what he will be but, Nova is still working at being what he may be some day…a good #3-4 pitcher!

    • The most important factors in being a great major league pitcher are 1 control, 2 movement, 3 deception, 4 stuff. Nova has improved his deception with his slider, has good movement on his pitches, but lacks the pin point control right now. Nova and Hughes have cut back on their grooved mistake pitches this year.

  5. Sucks that the Yankees can’t hit HR’s against good pitchers like Weaver

  6. you guys see this from MLBTR today?

    Cashman On Cano, Granderson, Trades, Outfield
    By Zach Links [July 15, 2012 at 12:23pm CST]

    Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman spoke with reporters prior to today’s game against the Angels and Marc Carig of The Star-Ledger has the goods..

    Cashman implied that the Yankees might break policy and explore contract extensions early this winter with both Robinson Cano and Curtis Granderson. The Yankees hold club options in 2013 for both Cano ($15MM) and Granderson ($13MM) but may be motivated to extend both before they hit the open market. The Yanks want to get their payroll below $189MM in 2014 to avoid stiff penalties and could make the numbers work if they lock in both players early.

    Cashman doesn’t want to overpay to make improvements at the deadline that will only be “marginal.” He wouldn’t rule out some activity before the July 31 but he’s “very skeptical” about the chances of finding something worthwhile on the market.

    The GM said that he wanted to avoid wearing Raul Ibanez and Andruw Jones thin by playing them in the outfield but he seems content to wait on Brett Gardner’s return rather than overspend for an outfielder via trade.

    • Should have tried to extend Cano before this season like i wrote about in February. Now he’s having a monster season and he’ll be even more expensive. Granderson I would not extend unless he’s willing to sign a very team-friendly deal.

      I’ve been saying for months that Ibanez is wearing out. They should be using Wise more in LF or bring in someone they are confident in. Ibanez barely got to like 3 pop-ups today and let 2 balls drop in that Wise or Gardner catch. And his offense is suffering. In the last 30 days, he’s hit .190 with just 1 HR and 5 RBI. Wise has been playing great lately (9 for 20 with 3 HRs) but has started just 1 of the last 8 games. Play Dwayne more and keep Ibanez fresh.

      • This is all nit picking at this point with an 8 game lead, Girardi has done a good job with what he has at this point. Did you forget that these players just had 4 days off?

        • Nitpicking? It’s called planning ahead and Cashman said himself what I have been saying. That Cano needs an extension and that they want to avoid wearing Ibanez and Jones out. Cashman has to think of the future and not just rest because they have an 8-game lead.

          if Cano was extended in January coming off a season where he had an OPS of .882 and 28 HR it would have been cheaper than this off-season with a .970 OPS and on pace for 40 HRs. That saved money would have been very helpful come 2014 and beyond.

          Ibanez is 40 and was brought in to be a part-time DH not an everyday LF. He’s had a knack for getting the big hit late in games which is great but why run him into the ground especially with an 8 game lead (9 games now)? That’s all I’m saying. . This team has to prepare for the post-season where the team that is playing the best and is best prepared wins……not coin-flips.

      • Ibanez says, How you like me now! Another great team effort.

  7. Nice to see that Cashman has his head on right!
    Good posting!

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