Game 93 Lineup: Yankees @ Athletics

Lineup vs. Athletics:

Derek Jeter SS
Curtis Granderson CF
Mark Teixeira 1B
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Robinson Cano DH
Nick Swisher RF
Andruw Jones LF
Jayson Nix 2B
Russell Martin C

Ivan Nova RHP

Pregame Notes:

Andy Pettitte did a light toss in the outfield today. It seemed to have went well since Larry Rostchild was watching.

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About Delia E.

Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. Stop trying to throw the Slider low and inside to lefties with 2 strikes! Nova doesn’t have the command of that pitch to bury it down and in. he leaves it down and over the plate which is right in a lefties wheel-house. It speeds up their bat and has led to 2 line drives down the RF line for extra base hits.

  2. Nova continues to be wild within the zone. He’s missing his spots by a foot or more with regularity. It’s no coincidence he leads MLB in XB hits allowed.

  3. This kid Milone might test our 3-run per game streak.

  4. Ken – here is a good pro-Arod article…..agrees with what you have said when you are lucid.

    • About time…
      The one line I liked the best was a comment by;

      Mark Shang 10 months ago
      Great article.

      A few years ago, when ARod tried to slap the ball out of a fielder’s mitt to avoid the tag, he was branded a cheater.

      When Jeter did something similar, he was doing whatever it takes to win.
      That is what I have been writing about for over a year now. Two Yankee players one a Yankee only, the other one is an outsider. One treated special for hitting a single and going 1 for 4 and 3 RLOB while the other one goes 2 for 4 with an RBI and gets not a mention at all unless it would be; “A-Rod left two on in the 6th.”

      I don’t Hate Jeter and I am not a A-Rod lover. I have just been trying to show the press coverage one gets makes him look much much better than he really is. At the same time down playing the talents of another much better player.
      Both of them have had great careers, both will end up in the HoF, no matter what some of the fans that throw rocks in glass houses.

      • Come on, it’s like barking at the moon. You have a point but it is dismissible. Jeter is the poster boy for that ideal team Captain, and in the eyes of the Yankee fans, Jeter can simply do no wrong. To many Yankee fanatics, Jeter is immaculate, almost saintly in a sense, and even if he hits no runs, let’s admit it he’ll still make millions for the Yankee franchise on the sale of Jeter-embossed merchandise. And the media, specifically those that cover this sport, they have this unspoken rhapsodical inclination to favor one over the other simply to continue to feed the fans’ fascination, that is, play in melodic harmony to the overall rhythm of the ball game, still keeping in mind that it’s pure business. There is always that tipping point. Whichever way it is pointed to, in most likelihood, that’s also the manner in which every other story unfolds. A-Rod is unquestionably very talented but as soon as media suggested that his name deserves that tiny little annoying dot, right next to it, HoF-worthy or not, it has totally changed the landscape of his overall game. Oh well, my mama once told me, “all is fair in love” and it’s true, ….but never in baseball.

        • Actually, we all understand that Yankee fans always need an untouchable hero…in my time it was Joe D then Mickey, Munson, Guidry, Mattingly and now it is Jeter. Soon it may be Cano or someone we have not even though of as a player for us.
          Now days Jeter is the Yankees but, in the day, Mickey owned New York City the reporters and even Congress. If Mickey had done more than what A-Rod has been accused of doing…one would never see it in print nor on the radio, and if they did see it they wouldn’t care because this is Mickey, one of the gods of New York Yankees and Baseball.
          Before anyone thinks I am kidding about how Mickey and the fans had a love affaire with each other…if you were not around back then, don’t even think you can understand the difference between the love fans have for Jeter and had for Mickey. It is almost the same difference between A-Rod and Jeter…not that bad but, close enough.
          As you said; ” Jeter is immaculate, almost saintly in a sense” and is the poster boy for the Yankees, I have not seen anyone that I would have chosen other than he!

          • My friend, fans that never saw Mickey play can only read what he was to Yankees baseball but will never really appreciate it as those of us that actually witnessed him playing. This is just my opinion at a time in the 50′s and 60′s when there were many Yankee greats and hero’s, Mickey stood above them all.
            Even though I haven’t been here for a while posting I have kept an eye on the site. Good luck to one and all and good luck to the Yankees tonight. Have a good day my friend.

            • good to hear from you UYF. Stop by more often.
              Tell us your general thoughts on the season so far and what if anything you think Cash should do at the trade deadline.

            • We miss you uyf1950, come on back anytime. I miss having some one from my generation that understands what some of those guys gave to baseball and just how great they were. Oh, how the game and sports medicine has changed…baseball has been changed for ever, and for the better.

            • Mickey was may idol growing up, but I think the media would have killed him if he played today!

              • You may be 100% right, they don’t dig for facts for their stories anymore. Anything they can find they will print…without any confirmations at all!
                Then again, maybe they would cover his off field stuff up, like they did before…because of his leg and etc.
                But I would lean-to a middle of the road position for most writers because of his “ahw shucks” personnality…don’t forget he had one heck of a temper.
                Story: Billy Martin ran into Ted Kluszewski (at first) and was called safe. Ted took exception to the safe call and of course Billy being Billy, confronted Ted “Big Klu” when Mickey saw his buddy in trouble he ran out and bear hugged Ted picking him up and carried him out of Billys range. Ted was about 6’3″+ and about 240#s, Billy 5’7″ about 160#, Mickey was only 5’11″ 195# and one of his nick names was “Muscles”. Mickey was credited with a HR of over 700 feet twice at Old Yankee Stadium, once right and once left handed. They were his two rising line drive shots that hit the facade on the roof.

  5. Blah, blah,blah……the old days were better…..blah,blah,blah…….the old players were better…….blah,bla,blah…… From most accounts from Mickey’s teammates:

    1. They loved him.
    2. He had tremendous power and speed
    3. He was an average fielder
    4. He drank too much
    5. He stayed out too late committing adultery with showgirls (whoever “showgirls” are)
    6. He played drunk.
    7. He took greenies.
    8. He never reached his potential because of his extracurricular activities that led to injuries.

    Heroes are for fairytales , baseball players are humans with human frailties .

    Mickey was no better than Arod.

    • I don’t know where you read I said anything about the old days being better, I never have! I have said some of the older generation players played under different and more troublesome conditions and with equipment you and I would laugh at now days.
      3-no, he was a Granderson type fielder, good but no instincts.
      4-yup, as did most in his day
      5-personal, between he and his family
      6-Never happened as far as I know, he did play with a hangover a few times but, that was because Cassy said he had that day off and called for him to hit later in the game.
      7-He may have, one must realize those days the teams traveled by train and later by plain. I have read some have said he took greenies but, I have never heard it shown he had.
      8-He never reached his potential? How many players have a Triple Crown or anywhere near his achievements? The reason he didn’t play up to what he could have is because he had osteomyelitis in his bones…remember the broken knee in the 1951 WS, they say that was the start of his leg problems.
      Mickey was the 2nd best drawing card the Yankees ever had (Babe #1) and one of the 3 best players they ever had. Fans respected Joe D but loved Mickey!
      In baseball there are no heroes just damn good players that get the job done…some, much better than others. Mickey, with one good leg, was still better than almost every player in his generation.

      • I wished i lived to see Mantle play. I remember going to the old timer’s games and seeing him there and they would show his highlights on the big screen. It was amazing the things he did.

        • I think you have read a few times where I wrote about the wind tunnel in left field…it is true and it was a big deal in the old park before renovation in the 60′s (I think). It was so strong (at times) that I saw Mickey hit one on a liner to win the game in the 9th inning but it was like it hit a wall and dropped…never a HR at all. This from the guy that hit a liner at the 3rd baseman Harmon “Killer” Killebrew and knocked him on his butt gasping …a bit…for air.

        • Watch out what you wish for Matt, you would have been embarrassed, Mantle has said that most of the time he came to bat , he saw TWO balls, he was so drunk, coming straight from his bar (Mickey Mantles). That’s why he struck out more than anyone else.

  6. Mickey should have been nobody’s idol. Read:

    Even damaged, as he was by an injury early in his career, Mantle was probably the best player of the 1950s. He was also a poor boy who never grew up, in part because no one ever told him he had to. He was an alcoholic, a womanizer, a lousy father and a potty mouth. The Mick sometimes responded to a kid’s autograph request with a scrawled reference to the kid’s mother’s breasts.

    In Leavy’s portrayal, Mantle is a pathetic human being. Underlying his behavior is an insecurity bordering on self-loathing. He could hit a baseball and run the bases as no one else could, but he could never prove himself to himself.

    Mantle’s celebrity and talent protected him from the consequences of his behavior. Teammates built a cocoon around him. Some drank and caroused with him. Long after he retired, fans paid big bucks to laugh at his crude drunken jokes and chase golf balls with him.

    The journalists who covered the Yankees also guarded his image during his playing days. Beautiful writers though some of them were, they were the myth-makers. This required them to look the other way when the game was over.

    I’m not trying to protect Mantle’s reputation. He wasn’t my hero when I was a boy, and Leavy’s portrayal of him is no doubt true. I also have no desire to see journalism revert to the myth-making days that required sportswriters to look the other way.

    Jeter is a real idol…not Mantle.

  7. twasp, you have your concept of Jeter and Mickey, I have mine and most important, New York had theres…hands down Mickey wins the poll. Like I said before Jeter is loved by many New Yorker’s and is the face of the Yankees very untouchable as I well know…but then comes “The Mick”, he owned New York and no mater what he did it was over looked.
    There are no perfect ball players, never will be, both of the players have many faults…some we know of and some we may never know of. Joe D, was one of the most egotistical players on the team back in his day and wouldn’t talk to a rookie untill the guy proved himself.
    Underlying his (Mickeys) behavior is an insecurity bordering on self-loathing. He could hit a baseball and run the bases as no one else could, but he could never prove himself to himself.

    I don’t doubt he may be right partly but, one of the main reasons for his behavior was “Death”! His family had a history of loosing their men by the time they reached 35 +/-. So, Mickey thought the same was going to happen to him, therefore he had nothing to lose…writers sometimes forget to put in pertinent facts like that when they wish to put their own thoughts into a story, instead of facts!
    He wasn’t my hero when I was a boy, and Leavy’s portrayal of him is no doubt true. I also have no desire to see journalism revert to the myth-making days that required sportswriters to look the other way.
    Jeter is a real idol…not Mantle.

    Leavy’s portrayal of the life and times of Mickey fit his idea of Mickey but, some was taken at face value instead of the tong in check it really was. Mickey use to say things in a self-deprecating way; like. when asked if he would have played longer if the DH was around before he retired, his answer was about like this; nope I retired because I couldn’t hit anymore. Now he could have used his legs as an excuse for quitting but, didn’t. By the “Now Generation”, Jeter is the best player the Yankees ever had, I am still wondering why? But, so be it!
    Mantle is with the all-time greats, holding down a place in Yankee History that Jeter will never see. When one puts all the stats of the players in monument park to gether and compare them with Jeter and his stats…forget it, Jeter is great and will make the HoF but not as one of the top tear guys.

    As an Idol, even Mickey said; “use me as an example of things Not to do”!

  8. Ken ….. They should put Mantles monument under the bar at Mohegan Sun. That’s where he spent most of his time.

  9. Seriously though……would have loved to have seen that shot off the top off the facade. Is there any film of it? Is it true the lights sparked like fireworks went off and fell on the field?

  10. No , Ken, seriously….don’t you think the Yankees instead of retiring Mickey’s #7 should have retired “seven and seven”. Bada bing…..

  11. I kid….I kid……I’m actually a big Mickey Mantle fan …… I bought his 1952 baseball card…. How did I know it was authentic? It smelled like Budweiser. Booyah!

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