Morning Bits: Tex, Cano hit streak to 23, Swisher injured, A-Rod should be full time DH

Good morning all.  Another loss in a close game last night.  Lot’s to do today so here are the links….

–  Wallace Matthews of ESPN NY writes Tex is what he is.

– Cano’s single in the 7th pushed his hit streak to 23 games writes Evan Drellich of

Drellich also has the story of Swisher’s hip flexor strain.

– Bleacher Report writer Zachary Rymer suggests that the Yankees make A-Rod the full-time DH to maximize his value.

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  1. Two L’s and still 8 games up. Not to worried. As long as they come away with a .500 record on the road trip they should be fine.

  2. Ken you still taking the under on Jeter ending the season below .300? He is currently at .312

    • You got it Matt, that .312 is because he is Jeter. We have seen him get a few homer calls this year…more than before it seems.
      That is alright, unfair, but still others get it, so I say, take it while you can Jeter! Like others don’t get good call for themselves?

  3. Yankees interested in Rick Ankiel.

  4. also read this in the NY Post.

    The Yankees’ current plan calls for Chamberlain to throw a bullpen Monday before being cleared to pitch in back-to-back games on his rehab assignment. If he makes it through that exercise with no issues, it’s possible he could come off the disabled list before the end of July.

    • Matt, fishjam, twasp, doug anyone….
      I have said many times, I thought Joba could be one heck of a starter. Even after Cashman said he would work out of the BP from now on, only!
      My reasoning was, Casman and the Yanks knew something about Joba we didn’t (arm problems?)!

      Question to all of you guys; Anyone think this surgery may actually be the fix he needed for his arm?

      • Joba has always had a tremendous arm however, he’s never had good mechanics. His velocity comes from incredible arm speed but he doesn’t use his lower half or midsection enough. He stands straight up when he pitches so he’s always going to put extra stress on his arm. Part of the reason to use your legs and properly follow through is so your arm can safely decelerate. I think his lack of good mechanics is the reason why the Yanks gave up on him as a starter. I wish they could have fixed his mechanics and made him a starter but its not gonna happen at this stage.

        • Thanks fishjam, very succinctly put, covered many of his problems.
          The thing is; I can’t understand why after they (Joba/Phil) were drafted someone didn’t take them to Tampa and change what needed to be changed and leave the rest alone. It may have cost them a year but, would payoff in the long run.
          I don’t know but I would say you had someone, at one or more times, show you something that should be done another way…I know I was. Is it ego or too much work and they are ok with what has gotten them where they are? If so, I can’t understand it, I guess I am just getting too old.
          Some (Most) of what you have critiqued seems to be correctable to me, of course, easier said than done.

  5. If the Yankees have given up on Chamberlain as a starter…….what is left for him ? Middle relief? Seems a terrible waste of talent. If it’s as simple as using your lower half when you pitch …. Do it!

    I think he was tinkered with too much. He will someday be a force again…….probably in the NL.

  6. Twasp..
    To be honest, some people just can’t do the change thing, also it would take a year or more to do it without hurting his arm…and then you may not have the same end results!
    On the other hand, if he is pitching as well or better than a few years ago, he could end up as the closer. Of course if he has learned to start his slider in the strike zone and let it slide out/in side! That is just how good he was…will Joba #2 be as good or maybe even better than the #1 Joba ???????

  7. Why does he have to change that much? Some minor tweeks maybe…but I say most of it was mental. He was never on the same page with Posada , at times he looked lost…..the pitch one week don’t pitch one week ……too much for him to handle mentally. If he’s now hitting 98…I would not give up on him as a starter.

    • twasp…
      There is more to being a starter than just pitching, if his mechanics are bad and likely cause him to only go 5 innings at a time or blow out his arm etc. he is a big waste of money for the Yankees. The changes you are speaking of are major changes and are not mental at all.
      The pitching schedule Cashman had him on was to save him for the future and not let Joe T use him every day…Scott Proctor anyone!
      Posada was a stubborn catcher and Joba was also stubborn…need more be said?

  8. Exactly , but stubbornness is mental, I deal with it everyday with a guy I comment with on YFU! :-)

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