Game 118 Lineup: Rangers vs. Yankees

Lineup vs. Rangers

Derek Jeter SS
Nick Swisher RF
Mark Teixeira 1B
Andruw Jones LF
Casey McGhee 3B
Russell Martin DH
Jayson Nix 2B
Ichiro Suzuki CF
Chris Stewart C

Ivan Nova RHP

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About Delia E.

Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. Good thing Nova’s ok after that little spill he took..

  2. Ken – there is someone named Derek posting………be nice to him…….nicer than you are to Derek Jeter.

  3. I was at today’s game and sat somewhere I’ve never sat before…in the Left-Center Field Bleachers. The view was actually pretty cool as I could see the the left side IF & OFs and how they got jumps and moved when the ball was hit. I also spent a few innings in the Batters Eye section right behind the CF cameras. Here are some observations:

    1) Ichiro has clearly lost a couple of steps….he just doesn’t have the same foot speed he once did.
    2) Andruw Jones has lost about 5 steps in LF
    3) The left side of the Rangers Infield is absolutely INCREDIBLE!
    4) Elvis Andrus has tremendous quickness and range….the best defensive SS in the A.L.
    5) Adrian Beltre is a magician at 3B. He robbed a couple of hits including one which would have been a Double and turned a sure Double into a Single.
    6) No surprise Jeter can’t move to his right but moved his feet well on plays to his glove side.

    • Not to say your wrong on Andrus Fish but when I was at the game on Tuesday he had an error and missed 2 other balls he could have gotten to. Just a bad day I suppose. I have never really sat out in left before I love sitting out in RF about 5 rows back. Best seats in the house if you ask me. Love it out there.

      • Andrus still makes his share of errors as young SS’s tend to do but his range and quickness are amazing. The play he made in the hole in the 7th was great…..bases loaded, 1 out, ball hit in hole and Andrus makes 4 steps to his right to field the ball with his feet set and get the ball to 2nd base quickly. If Swish didn’t wipe Kinsler out, that would have been a double play and no runs scored. It may have looked like an ordinary play to many but that is an exceptional play. That is why scouts consider Andrus as one of the best SS’s in baseball. I don’t put a lot of stock in defensive metrics but they rank him as one of the best in baseball also.

        If Jeter retires after this contract or moves off SS, the Yanks should consider Andrus as he’ll be a Free Agent in 2015. With Texas having Jurickson Profar in the minors, Andrus could hit the open market at the age of 26.

        Here’s the play I was talking about…..looked even more impressive from LF as he seemed to be moving to his right before the ball was even hit.

        Here’s another play in the hole he makes look routine on one of the fastest players in baseball, Ben Revere

        • Yeah Fish, Andrus is the real deal…..both ways….

          Wanna see another great defensive play….

          • That was a nice play and I missed it last week. Jeter moves OK to his left its just moving to his right that isn’t good. He’s lost a step in the field but he still plays an acceptable SS.

            • Yeah….I wonder if the saber metric geeks had never hyped the UZR stuff if there would be so much negativity about his defensive capabilities. Watching him over the years, he’s always been fine.

              And even as he got older and his range got worse he balanced that with his surehandedness…and lack of errors and knack of making big plays and smart plays.

              I noticed this season though he has looked shakier on some fairlyroutine plays ( from my count he probably has 3 more errors than what was scored)…. We’ll see if its a trend….

    • I have sat in the “batters eyes” seats many times. I enjoy them.

    • Fish – did you see the play where Cano was rounding 3rd and our genius 3rd base coach didn’t make a signal at all……and Robby stayed at 3rd when he could have scored easily. Coney was all over Rob Thomson…..YES even showed a camera shot from above to get a view of Thomson running down the line towards home turning around to face Cano, AND DOING NOTHING…NO SIGN. Then they showed Girardi in the dugout frowning.

      • Twasp – I was flipping out about that play in the stands! cano could have scored standing up. I saw Thomson waaaay down the line, almost near Home Plate and saw him do nothing but I thought I missed it and I couldn’t see a replay. Thomsen has been a nightmare at 3B all season long.

    • Fish…..

      1. Iichy has not looked good defensively. In the first Mariner series – 2 Mariners took liberties against him and made it to 3rd. As if they didn’t respect him anymore. He also has been getting bad reads and doesn’t have the speed to correct them anymore. He also seems to be getting thrown out on the bases too.

      Having saidnthat he’s better than Jones or Swisherlicious.

  4. Great move by Jon Daniels to sign Adrian Beltre as a Free Agent from Boston before the 2011 season. Texas had a fine 3B in Michael Young already but recognized a good player and made the move. He’s played amazing defense and has hit .300 with 25-30 HR power. Great pick-up.

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