Game 121 Lineup: Red Sox vs. Yankees

Lineup vs. Red Sox:

Derek Jeter SS
Nick Swisher 1B
Robinson Cano 2B
Curtis Granderson CF
Eric Chavez 3B
Raul Ibanez LF
Russell Martin C
Ichiro Suzuki RF
Casey McGhee DH

Pregame Notes:

– Here’s a question I was asking to some of my Twitter followers and I figured to add a poll to tonight’s lineup. Tonight’s poll circulates around–Nick Swisher.

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About Delia E.

Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. opps, let me type i lower caps,….. of course swish should be on the yankees,.. not only is he a hell of a hitter,.. he does play the wall well,…. the 1 or 2 miscues can not be considered, as to hundreds, maybe thousands of balls on the track/wall/line.
    as i said the other day,….. you got 2 sets of players —— arod,jeter, cano, tex, granderson, swisher,…… compared to broscious, jeter, knoblach, martinez, williams, oneil,…
    the talent as of right now, projected out maybe 2-6 ,more years,.. is exactly the same as 98,……….
    i would not mess with the current core,…..
    on a side note, tommy john today suggested jobba go to the domican for winter ball,…. im not sure that it right,…. BUT I WOULD BE ALL FOR RUSSEL MARTIN BATTING AT DH EVERYDAY IN THBE DIOMINICAN THIS WINTER,. if they even have the dh there.
    This team is ready to roll through 4 or 5 world series in a row.
    I would not mess with the core at all

  2. Jim…..I agree “KEEP THE CORE INTACT”. ……do you mind if TWASP trademarks that phrase on YFU?


  3. Tampa and Baltimore both won again and won’t go away. I’m concerned about Tampa who swept the Angels this weekend and are presently 4.5 Games Back. They have gone 16-5 over the last 3 weeks and gained 6 full games on the Yankees in the last month. While the Yanks keep suffering injuries, TB has been getting everyone back healthy and look poised for another late season run. Price and Matt Moore are a combined 10-1 with a 1.43 ERA since the All-Star Break and they have the best Bullpen in the A.L.

    • Realistically you can’t expect the Yanks to stay on top with all their injuries, they have 3 starters out and their ace.

      • Doug – “KEEP THE CORE INTACT!(tm)”.

      • Doug the Yankees started the season 21-21 and have gone 15-15 in their last 30 games. An incredible 36-13 run in between the two periods of mediocrity is what they are living on, and the reason they have the best record in the AL. The return of A-Rod and CC would be much appreciated for a playoff run. Andy would be nice to have but I’m not counting on him.

        • All teams go on streaks, anyway you slice it the Yanks have a 5 game lead. Remember they have 3 starters out, and 2 top pitchers out. The Rays,Sox, and O’s haven’t these kind of injuries, not to mention losing their closer in MO. If not for the injuries the Yanks would still have a 10 game lead.

  4. I really hope the Yankees crush Boston tonight. I hate Josh Beckett as much as anyone in baseball. And this guy Ciriaco is pissing me off too……..can we please get him out?

  5. sorry, we arent getting channel 11 anymore,…. we are living in the twilight zone

  6. The Cardinals and Pirates are tied 3-3…going to the 19th inning. If the Yankees weren’t playing now, I would have continued watching it.

  7. Matt B …how’d you like another great game from the Captain? He pounded Beckett !

  8. Fish…..what would Jeter have to bat the balance of the season to hit below .300 for the year?

  9. You da man Matt B!

  10. Money Mike P is back…..where you been hiding? How’s Burnett been doin’?

  11. See Ken…what happens when you take a little Boli or Testosterone…..a .250 hitter like Melky becomes a .350 hitter. JUST SAY NO, TO CHEATERS IN THE HOF(tm).


    MacGuire, Sosa, Palmeiro, Canseco, Bonds, Arod, Tejada, Biggio, Ivan Rodriguez, Gonzalez, Manny Ramirez, David Ortiz,

  12. Doug – why not renovatevthe HOF building in Cooperstown to have 3 wings?

    Yellow wing (steroids)…..McGuire, Arod, Clemens etc..

    Green wing ( amphetamines)……..Mays, Mantle etc..

    White wing (clean) ……….Ruth, Gehrig, Jeter etc..

  13. twasp, the size of todays fields is much more of a factor than any PEDs , just look at the size of the stadiums in the 50s. Realistically players that play in band boxes have a much greater chance of being successful.

  14. Doug- the size of the fields may have made hitters offensive numbers go up but that wasn’t cheating by the players. The players who didn’t cheat (Jeter etc..) deserve their own wing of the HOF where you can take your children and say….here is a player who was great and didn’t cheat. If Jeter had taken amphetamines and steroids he would have broken Rose’s record by now.

  15. Jeter has always had a very anti-drug stance. It had to do with his upbringing. His father was a drug counselor and taught him from a very young age the dangers of drug use.

  16. Doug – do you think Mickey took amphetamines? Bouton in Ball Four said he did.

  17. If Bouton said he did, then yes he probably did!

  18. Doug – since the Mick probably took greenies and according to your previous comments you believe greenies enhanced a players performance (because they increased reaction time)…..then by facto you believe The Mick probably took Performance enhancing drugs otherwise known as PEDS. Correct?

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