Morning Bits: Bullpen blew it & should Joba be sent down

The Bullpen was just horrible yesterday.  Freddy Garcia wasn’t much better as well but the bullpen needs to hold games like that.  Tampa is hot on the Yankees heels they are now only 4 games back!!!   Game tonight is 8:10PM EST.  On the mound is Nova vs Liriano.

Enjoy the day.  Now for some links…

Bryan Hoch of has the recap of last night’s game where the bullpen spoils Jeter’s historic night.

Steven Miller of has the preview of tonight’s matchup.

Wallace Matthews of ESPN NY writes that the Yankees brought up Joba to quickly and it’s time to send him back down.

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Avid Yankee fan since birth. I have been going to Yankee games with my father since i was young. I have many memories at YSII including many playoffs and world series games. I hope that you enjoy our blog. Comment often.

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  1. Are the Yankees allowed to send Joba down to the minors still? Joba been in the bigs since 2007, under Joe Torre. Remember when he got attacked by bugs on the mnound in the playoffs?.

    Also, Jeter has the most hits he ever had through the first 122 Yankees games of a season.
    136, 147, 153, 166, 144, 154, 151, 113, 135, 151, 159, 160, 132, 164, 141, 121, 167

    in August of 2011 Jeter played in 25 of 28 games, 41 hits, 19 runs, 13 rbi, 5 doubles, 2 tripples, 387 average, 435 obp.

    in August of 2012 Jeter played in 19 of 19 games, 33 hits, 17 runs, 12 rbi, 7 doubles, 3 homers, 398 average, 419 obp, and the Yankees still have 9 games left in august.

    Jeter these past 2 seasons has heated up in August.

    Even though the Yankees lost last night, Jeter’s production like this can only lead to wins.

    Powers hitters tend to slow down 2nd half of the year,… except ocassionaly a power hitter, the can also bat for average, sometimes steps up and oputs his team on his back for a month,…. if someone on the Yankees can do that in conjunction with Jeter being this hot, the division should not slip away.

    One or 2 players do it in a season, in all MLB. Strawberry did what I am saying a coiuple times. Platers can put teams on their backs out of the power holes, it just rare in August.

    lets go yankees

  2. Jeter with 167 hits this season, and 3255 overall, needs just 45 hits in final 40 team games to reach the 3300 hit mark.
    Jeter can hit this 3300 mark like this : 15- 2 hit games, 15 – 1 hit games, 6 hitless games, 4 games off.

    I figure with Jeter playing in 120 games ( 119 starts) with only 2 days off so far, that in September he will probably get about 4 games off after the call-ups.


    I hate to do this again, but someone has to counter Mike.

    If Jeter ends at 3300 hits this season, he can reach 4257 by playing 6 more seasons with any combination of hits like this : 190, 180, 170, 150, 137, 130.

    I think once he gets close, if he is getting hits veven at a regular players rate, he should play to go for it.
    Not for nothing, but Swisher may only get 140 hits this season, and if you look at it the right way, he is playing pretty good.

    What I am trying to say is, Judging Jeter against himself is wrong. Judge Jeter each season, each month, that is current, against other qualifying shortstops and lead off hitters in the AL.

    As long as Jeter can play at least in the middle of that pak of players, he should keep playing.


  3. Among AL shortstops Jeter leads in at bats, runs, average, slugging percentage,OPS, OWAR, and hits, and is 3rd in doubles with 27, 2 behind the leader, 3rd in homers, 7th in rbis, and 2nd in OBP, 0.001 point out of the lead.
    So among shortstops Jeter compares favorably.
    As far as defense goes,….. look at it realisticaly, the Yankees have lost 50 games,….. how many of those losses can be atrubted to Jeter letting a ground ball get past him or an error? Not even for the game winning hit, but even in a more general sense. I do not know the answer. I asked this question the other day. I can not imagine it is more than 2 games.

    Jeter is 5th in fielding percentage among 14 qualifying shortstops in the AL. Jeter only has 8 errors.

    next I will compare him to AL leadoff hitters.

  4. There are only 7 players in the AL that have enough at bats out of the 1-hole to qualify on that alone for average, Jeter in 2nd in average out of the leadoff sport at 324, Trout is first at 343.
    Jeter leads all leadoff hitters with 158 hits, 4th in doubles, 4th in runs, 5th in homers, and 4th in OBP among qualifying hitters out of the 1 hole, and 4th in slugging among qualifying hitters out of the 1 hole.
    Jeter compares favorably to AL leadoff hitters right now as well.
    Maybe it is not the best, but it certainly is not the worst.

  5. Good analysis Jim.

    One of our commenters has mentioned that Jeter’s hits have not been productive this year.

    But if you look at wRC which measures run creation ….he has a 120+ which is first of all SS.

  6. Jeter just tied Eddie Murray at 3255 hits. Murry played 21 seasons, 1977-1997. Murray had the 3255 hits, 1627 runs, 560 doubles, 35 tripples, 504 home runs, 1917 rbis, 110 stolem bases, 1333 walks, and a 287 average. Certainly no doubt about his Hall of Fame status.

    This is Jeters 17th season. Jeter already has 3255 hits, 1845 runs, 519 doubles, 65 tripples, 251 home runs, 1237 rbis, 347 stolen bases, 1024 walks, and a 314 average.

    I know a host like Francesa does not like to compare a leadoff hitter to a power hitter, however, among the all time greats, I think it can be done.

    If Jeter plays 4 more seasons after this season, at a decent level ( which I believe he will) to get through 21 seasons, Jeters numbers in hits might be over 3900, his runs maybe 2200, 600 doubles, 304 homers, close to 1500 rbi, 1200 walks, and still maintain an average over 300 lifetime.

    Looking at the home run projection, if Jeter is at 304 homers after 21 seasons, that would be 200 behind Murray. Murray getting an average of 9.5 more homers a season , over the 21 seasons, above Jeter. In other words, 162/9.5 = Murray would have had 1 home run above Jeter once every 17 team games.

    At the same time, once Jeter gets 21 seasons under his belt,…. he would have blown past Murray in hits, runs, doubles, while maintaining a higher average.


  7. if Trout goes into a slump, let us say, 5 for his next 30, that puts him at 142 for 430, 330 avg,……. with Jeter at 326 right now,… and continues to hit,.,… the race for the batting title is going to be exciting this season,…and thow cabrera on detroit into the mix at 331 average, 157 hits.
    Trouts 113 less at bats could work in Jeters favor,… if Trout comes up with o’fers, cause it will affect his average more than a Jeter o’fer.
    Enjoy watching how this plays out.

  8. Jeter is 167 for 513, 326 avg, playing in 120 of 122 games, 4.2049 ab/game, if Jeter plays in 36 of final 40 games, and averages 1 for 4.2049 per game, he will have 203 hits, 306 avg.
    and that is only if he slumps, batting 238 the rest of the way

    Since coming off the DL for the final 80 games of 2011 season, Jeter has played in 189 of 202 games, 261 for 797, 327 avg, 121 runs, 82 rbi, 15 homers, 32 doubles

    Is there a player in the AL that is batting 327 or better over his teams last 202 games, with qualifying amount of plate appearances?

    If someone can comne up with that, I would like to know.

    Some of Jeter’s spilts this season are : 301 avg vs rightys, 380 avg vs leftys, 359 avg on the road, 346 avg in July, 398 avg so far in August, 439 avg in 16 games at DH, 391 avg batting 1 in the first inning, 444 avg on a full count (28 for 63 with 16 walks and only 13 strike outs), 330 avg with runners in scoring position ( 31 for 94, 112 plate appearances), 421 avg in the 7th inning ( 24 for 57), and 719 avg on balls that reach the outfield.

    Jeter is not going to win the MVP, but can he break the TOP 10, I think that is possible.

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