Morning Bits: Sabathia, Soriano & Hughes

Good morning all.   Hughes had a good outing and Cano made a hell of a double play.   Soriano came in and closed the game out.   Tampa lost which is good but the O’s won again.   Today is a day game as C.C. will be on the mound against Happ.  First pitch is scheduled for 1:05PM EST.
Enjoy the game.  Now for some links…

ESPN Stats shows how Sabathia owns the Jays.

Andrew Marchand of ESPN NY writes that Mariano mentors an angry Soriano.

Mark Feinsand mentions that Hughes gave a gritty effort.

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Avid Yankee fan since birth. I have been going to Yankee games with my father since i was young. I have many memories at YSII including many playoffs and world series games. I hope that you enjoy our blog. Comment often.

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  1. Jeter is on pace for 220 hits,.. that woluld be the most he ever had,…… do i think he will get 45 more hits in 33 team games, given the possibility he will rest some games after september call ups, no i dont.

    Jeter needs just 37 hits in final 33 team games, to reach 212 hits on the season, for 3300 overall,…. i think that is a good possibility now

    jeter is currently in a mini slup right now.

    since being hit by the pitch , jeter is 5 for 22, 227 avg.

    on a side note, twasp asked me the other day in a joking way if i was bill james, lol,…he is the sabremetrics guy i think?

    i went to find out who the heck bill james is,.. and came up with this,…an investigation into the boston strangler case

    very intresting analysis of the case as it relates to the T, the Green Line, that goes in and around Boston.

    after reading this, you will believe what all the fam,iles believe of the victims, desalvo was not the strangler

    dont believe hollywood

  2. Jim……are you saying the book says that Bill James, the father of saber metrics, wasnthe Boston Strangler.?

  3. no,… at risk of this not being the right venue,… click the link, and read the article bill james wrote

    all the murders occured at stops on the GREEN LINE ON THE T, or a spur on the GREEN LINE

    desalvo said he drove in his bs confession, with delusions of grandjer

    read the article

    it is obvioys the boston strangler could have been known as the green line killer,.. only the police did not let that out,.. or even in 1960′s didnt have the technique to identify it

    the map technique wasnt accepted until around 1980, in fbi investigations

    none of the familiy’s of the victims believe desalvo was the killer , to this day

    not just the sullivan case,.. but all of the cases,

    do not believe hoolywood

  4. Wow…you are right it’s the same Bill James!

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