Game 132 Lineup: Orioles vs. Yankees

This Just In:

Lineup vs. Yankees

Derek Jeter SS
Nick Swisher 1B
Robinson Cano 2B
Andruw Jones RF
Curtis Granderson CF
Russell Martin C
Jayson Nix 3B
Eduardo Nunez DH
Ichiro Suzuki LF

David Phelps RHP


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About Delia E.

Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. In August, Andru Jones played in 14 games, 12 starts, out of 28 total team games.

    Jones was 6 for 42, 143 average, 50 plate appearances ( 6 walks, 1 hbp, 1 sf), 5 runs, 4 rbi, 1 homer, 1 double over that span.

    Today Jones is batting cleanup.

    I was talking about “perception” this morning.

    It is my perception some players get 4 rbis in one game sometimes. Four RBIs in 14 games, over the course of an entire month, seems lite to me.

    anyone have any comment?

    • Jones shouldn’t be our cleanup hitter. He only is because of injuries. It is nice to see Nunez back in the lineup. There are many that comment here that love him. I am sure they are happy to see that today.

      • yeah Nunez,…… I wonder about this. Was he hitting at AAA? I guess it is better than playing him at shortstop and having Jeter DH.

        I wonder what Cerveli is thinking right now. You really can not mess with the pitching staff this close to the post season in the middle of a pennant race.

        I hope the team is loose,…. and having fun.

        A big win today can change “perception” on a dime.

        • Nunez was not hitting that well in AAA. 38 games .227 average but 16 stolen bases is what this team needs.

          We know he can hit on the MLB level so not worried about his low AAA average of this season.

          • Yes, Nunez hasn’t been hitting in Triple-A BUT we have to take into account the Scranton team has been living out of suitcases all season. Moving from hotel to hotel all season is emotionally and physically exhausting.

  2. Jim here is another stat for you since i know you love your jeter stats….

    Players With Most
    200-Hit Seasons

    Player Times

    Pete Rose 10
    Ichiro Suzuki 9 (Active)
    Ty Cobb 9
    Lou Gehrig 8
    Paul Waner 8
    Wade Boggs 7
    Charlie Gehringer 7
    Rogers Hornsby 7
    Derek Jeter 7 (Active)

  3. Twasp you are a big Nunez guy right? you excited to see him in the lineup today?

  4. Yep, should be 8 for Jeter by seasons end,.. hopefully 9, next season, lol.

    Ichiro ticket is ready for the HOF.

    Ichiro was born october 22nd 1973, his first game in MLB was April 2nd 2001, He was 27 years 5 months plus a few days old.

    He has hits in Japan before that,,,,, I do not know how many.

    In MLB starting here at that late age,, he had the 10 consecutive 200 hit seasons, 2568 hits ( one of those 2500+ hit players), 1185 runs (8-100 run seasons), 322 lifetime average ( in this day and age),…

    I would like to see Ichiro on the Yankees next season. I know the team is old,….. but this is a player that could come up big,…

    It all has to work out though,…. platoon with Gardner? Decisions, decisions, decisions.

    I dont like it,…. like I never liked the mookie-dykstra platoon, and the mets had to get rid of both players.

    or even the knicks trying to decide between strickland and mark jackson, had to get rid of both.

    • Do you see Swisher on this team next year Jim?

      • I have no reason not to have the vision in my mind of swisher on the team next season.

        Players just need a few more hits in games sometimes.

        it goes season to season.

        Cashman has to make the decisions.

        We get to to root for whoever is playing.

        • there you go, thats a change
          get rid of both gardner and itchiro,, sign a big time left fielder,…..wait, lol

          didnt we go down that right in right field with signing abreu?

          too many big time stars , a chemistry solution does not make

          maybe do this, keep gardner as basically the everyday left fielder, and ichiro, if he wants to be on the bench, on the bench,… and get rid of ibanez ( who coukld probably get a contract)

          and replace jones with a different aging veteran.

          i dont know,

          just thinking out loud.

          can not realy make too many changes

  5. Jim – you got to vision Swisherlicious in our outfield. He’s got over 10m twitter followers.

    • To get under 189. I think the Yankees might sign Swish if he doesn’t want a ridiculous contract which is being reported and then trade Granderson.

      • the yankees have a 13 million team option on granderson for 2013, could go as high as 15 million,.. or buy the option out for only 2 million, and granderson is a pure free agent this off season.
        lets say the team option for granderson is 15 million , and the yankees pick it up,…..
        who will trade for that contract? the redsox wont trade with you,.. the dodgers cant afford it now,….. and what do you hope to pick up for it, pitching?
        if you can play gardner in center and ichiro in left,…. and get either a big time starter back, or a bunch of prospects for granderson,…. that may be the way to go
        but who is taking on a 15 million dollar contract, for just 1 season option,.. then grandersons a free agent again going into 2014

  6. not for nothing, but the usa today , has the okland a’s pl;ayer teamn salary at 55.37 million this season, the 2nd lowest in all of MLB,
    and they might make the playoffs over the yankees

    it could happen, lol.

  7. Delia- Swisherlicious has a much higher wRC+. And OPS+. And much nicer hair.

    I dont know why Gardy doesn’t let his hair grow? Why does he want to look 50?

    • again with this bill james stuff, lol
      hits man, hits, pure, pure hits,….
      swisher on pace for 142 hits this season
      this is his 9th season, he has had more than 1412 hits in a season 1 time

      paul oneils 9th season on, he had more than 141 hits 6 times from that point

      i’m on the fence

      can swisher come up with a 191 hit season that oneil had in 1998 , his 14th season?

  8. 2-0 o’s,.. this game is getting away early,.. just like i talked about very early this morning in another thread.

    the o’s tack on,….. i dont know ,.. man oh man,…..

  9. No Jim , I don’t think NS can get 191 hits in his 14th season. I do think he can get that many more twitter followers though.

  10. Jim …do you mind if I trademark your new saying?


  11. Baltimore is playing MUCH better baseball than us right now.

    They created both their runs already by capitalizing on Walks and playing good fundamental baseball. Their 1st run was set up by a perfectly executed hit and run that created 1st and 3rd no outs.

    The 2nd run set up by a perfect bunt to move both runners up and create 2nd and 3rd no outs.

    Thankfully, despite Phelps having no command early, he induced 2 double play balls to stop the bleeding.

    Baltimore’s OF made 2 excellent catches in the 1st to rob Jeter of a Double and Swish of a Single. Meanwhile we have train-wreck Andruw Jones in LF and old man Ichiro out of position in CF.

    Injuries and terrible fundamentals are killing the yankees right now.

  12. Last time I saw a Yankee OF this poor, Randy Wynn was in LF and Marcus Tums was in RF.

  13. In the biggest series of the year with 1st place on the line, we have 1 garbage time run in 12 innings.

  14. the games are becoming annopying to watch, .. the yankees are 23-23 since the all star break,…. and it doesnt look good right now,… every single hitter is in a slump,.. lol
    this is unbelievable

  15. the new york yankees need to become the damn yankees

  16. at risk od being deleted, i’ll just put up 1 more, from 1968, detroit, cause there is hope for tommorow , if the yankees bats wake uyp today!!!!!

  17. the o’s are colliding with the yankees, its like on sienfeld, when georges 2 worlds were colliding, he said ” george is getting upset” lol,… well my name aint george, but im getting upset

    that last pitch to jeter was below the knee

  18. Cashman & Girardi have made this mess.

    Yes, this team has 3 starters out with injuries in ARod, Tex & Gardner but you HAVE to plan for that and adjust. Let’s be real….ARod is 37 yrs old and has missed significant time with injuries for the last 4 years. Gardner has been out the whole season so Cash has had all year to find a replacement and Ichiro is a similar player, albeit older and not nearly as dynamic. The only injury that couldn’t have been foreseen is Teixeira.

    All year long Cash has tried to bring in journeymen platoon-type veterans to fill-in rather than go with youth. Nunez could have been DHing and backing up at SS all year long after Gardner went out. With all the problems/injuries at the corner spots why was Mustelier not even given a look? What did Dewayne Wise do to get DFA’d? David Adams, Corban Joseph & Zoilo Almonte…..all having big years in the minors….why are they not looked at instead of these washed up vets they keep bringing in? Chris Dickerson is a great Outfielder and ripping the ball in AAA but Girardi is too married to platoon splits that he’ll throw up any RH bat instead.

    All season long the writing has been on the wall….the team is 100% reliant on the HR-ball. The entire lineup is 31 or older with the exception of 29 yr olds Cano & Martin. Cano is the only dangerous bat in the lineup and look at the chumps they have batting behind him…..Andruw Jones, Steve Pearce, etc.

    • I feal your pain Fish. Imagine if Granderson goes on the DL. Trouble all around for this team.

      • Yup. Only good thing is Cashman can’t go out and trade for any ridiculous retreads now. He’s forced to use his youth although its too late since they weren’t given valuable eperience during the yr.

    • i am a person with plenty of time on my hands,… you know what i’ll do one day,….. i’ll make a chart of runs by innming for this season, compared to runs by inning in 1998, for the yankees,…. i feel i have to know,…….

      i seem to remember a big inning during most games, at least a lot of games, in 98,…. and this season,….. big innings are almost non existant.

      then the debate the YES has brought up comes into play,… is it the pitching in MLB, or the yankees lineup

      • then in the back of my mind, i know i dont care what kind of stuff chen has, bernie williams, in a day ganme at yankee stadium, on a saturday afternoon,… is coming up big, no matter what

        • JIM…the difference is the yanks are totally reliant on the HR. They don’t put together rallies where they string together 4 or 5 hits anymore. And it didn’t matter if they did. With their brutal baserunning it takes them 4 singles to score 1 run. It comes down to lower BA, lower OBP and poor team speed and baserunning. You live by the HR you die by it. They need a bloop and a blast to tie this game. Cano came lose last inning after Swish’s bloop.

    • Go Dougie….go Dougie……do the Dougie….

  19. matt s, do you mind if i put up another song that describes how i feel?

  20. Definitely a ball, George.

  21. Who’s playing LF for the Yankees…..Cano?

  22. A tremendous catch by Cano….followed by a terrible error by Nix/Pearce.

  23. Oh Christ, now Joba’s warming up!

  24. Just like yesterday…this team is getting beat by 90 and 91 mph Fastballs time and time again. Pop up after pop up!

  25. Hey Nunie! whatta ya know?!?

  26. Nunez does the job…

  27. Now is time for Girardis first squeeze play with Ichiro!!

  28. This isn’t a good matchup for Jete….big hard throwing Right hander

  29. Great AB by Jeter…battling back from 0-2 for a game tying Walk

  30. Quickly everyone….what will Swish do here? I predict he’ll come through

    • An E-6 on a tough play for Hardy. He knocked it down but couldn’t pick it up. I’ll take it.

      Well its a rally, not exactly hitting the ball but a rally none the less:
      Single, pop-up, Walk, Walk, Walk, E-6….now we need Cano to bust it open

  31. Does that count as coming through?


  33. matt s, you could look into getting chat room softeware in here,…. so we dont have to post little real time comments in the blog section
    need an investor?

  34. Why doesn’t Chris Dickerson Pinch Hit for Jones leading off the 8th? You have a side-armed RHP throwing and Dickerson is a MUCH better defensive OF than Jones anyway so it makes sense just to bring him in for defense??? Not to mention Jones can’t hit a lick!

  35. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Dickerson comes in for defense but doesn’t PH for Jones. Did Girardi just forget?

    • I’m still trying to figure out Joes thought process on leaving jones up to bat instead of Dickerson ???

      The only possible thing I can think of is Joe thinking he has to show Jones he’s not giving up on him balance of the year . Despite the slump

  36. Joe thinks its the Atlanta WS.

    • Yeah, he ignored his binder that said Jones is hitting .130 (9 for 69) since July 20th and for the season is hitting .197 vs RHP. Dickerson hit .312 with a .958 OPS vs RHP in AAA and was coming in for defense anyway….good call Joe!

  37. i guess my uncle ted linkis did good,…… lol

  38. derek jeters walk was huge, bases loaded, 2 out, down in the count 0-2,… against a 98 mph hurler,.. in the bottom of the 7th,… jeter doesnt walk their, but swings at a slider for strike 3, the o’s win

    jeters plate appearance was the key,….. that was incredible

    only a veteran hall of famer, comes up with that after being down 0-2

  39. Jim……yes……and remember Jeter should be a FIRST ballot hall of Famer.

  40. I’ll try to put on my optimistic hat and give some positives today:

    1) They FINALLY put Nunez in as the DH and he got the most important hit of the game
    2) The bullpen did the job with 4.1 innings of 1-hit shutout ball
    3) Phelps had no command whatsoever today but he battled through, got some key double plays and kept the team in the game for 5 innings. A lot of pitchres would have imploded and the game could have been over early in blowout fashion if he didn’t gut it out.
    4) Eppley got a big out in the 5th with 2 on even though it was hit hard
    5) Logan threw 2 shutout innings and Robertson & Sori were perfect
    6) They came back vs Pedro Strop who is Baltimore’s best set-up man…he didn’t get an out
    7) Cano made an unbelievable catch and turned 3 impressive double plays with his quick release and cannon arm
    8) They gutted out that comeback in the 7th with 3 walks, 2 of which were after being behind 0-2

  41. Maybe TWASP is over exaggerating…..but watching Cano day in and day out….I’ve seen plays made that I’ve never seen other players make…..ever.

    Forgetting the ghosts and juicers…….I’ve never seen such physical genius on the baseball field.

    • No Twasp, you are correct. I have never seen someone play 2B the way Cano does. His 2 trademark plays are running to his right and gunning the ball across his body to 1st and the manner in which he turns the Double Play pivot.

      Most 2nd baseman straddle 2nd base or catch the ball and come off the bag in front or back to make the throw. Cano catches the ball on the SS side of the base and uses the bag to defend him from getting taken out. He can get away with it because he has extremley quick hands and a shotgun of an arm.

      Think about it….have you EVER seen cano get taken out at 2B? Never, he doesn’t get hit or get dirty at all on Double Plays. This is why I scoff when people say Cano isn’t worth a long-term deal and will deteriorate because 2B don’t usually play well into their mid, upper 30′s. Cano isn’t your typical middle infielder. The reason they don’t age well is most 2B/SS are light-hitting players who rely on speed and defense for value. They also take constant hits and when they lose quickness/agility they become even more vulnerable to getting taken out and can’t turn 2. Cano hits like a 1B, never gets hit at 2B and speed is not part of his game. And worse case scenario, he can move to 3B or 1B down the road and still be an asset because of his bat.

      We are watching the best Middle Infield combo in yankees history and 2 likely hall of Famers. Jeter’s not in his prime anymore but still does a great job turning double plays. He is helped out because Cano is amazing at the pivot. His catch and release is so quick it almost seems like he’s a wall and when the ball is thrown to him from 3B or SS it just bounces off him and goes straight to 1B.

      Where’s Ken and Ernie….they were middle infielders….what do they think?

  42. Yeah…good analysis Fish…. He never gets knocked down at second.

    What I think I’ve noticed is that he has a strange arm angle when he throws. I don’t know if it’s sidearm or what, but it looks different than anybody else I see throw.

  43. Twasp….isn’t it unbelievable that in the long, rich tradition of the Yankees with so many great players, we are likely witnessing the best 2B, SS & 3B ever to play for the Yankees?

    ARod, Jeter & Cano are likely the best Yankees EVER at their positions.

    What do DOUG and OLD YANKEE KEN say? They have seen more players from previous years than many of us.

  44. Yeah….it’s amazing how spoiled we are ….itsbtruly a great time to be a Yankee fan.

    I actually talked to Ernie about it and was surprised that he preferred Pedroia at the time. I used to tease him about it.

    I also once mentioned it to Ken once and he agreed thatbCano was the best he ever saw at second.

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