Game 133 Lineup: Orioles vs. Yankees

Lineup vs. Orioles:

Derek Jeter DH
Nick Swisher 1B
Robinson Cano 2B
Eric Chavez 3B
Raul Ibanez RF
Russell Martin C
Ichiro Suzuki LF
Chris Dickerson CF
Jayson Nix SS

Phil Hughes RHP

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About Delia E.

Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. Hmmmm….Nunez and now Dickerson. It took the expanded rosters for the yankees to give these guys a chance.

  2. Dickerson reminds me a little bit of Bernie Williams. A big, tall, athletic guy with some of the same mannerisms. I’m not saying Dickerson is near the talent Bernie was.

  3. By the way, has anyone been following the Reds minor-league SS Billy Hamlton? The kid has 154 Stolen Bases this year…..154! Broke Vince Coleman’s all-time record which was around 145 I believe.

  4. JUST when you think Hughes gets it together…he implodes. Blech!!

  5. Hughes just got totally lit up…4 batters in a row, a walk, 2 bullets and a bomb. Why the hell didn’t Larry Rothschild get off his old ass to give the bullpen time and to give Hughes a breather? Every pitch that inning was up in the zone and there is no way in the world Hughes should have been facing Reynolds who had hit one 450 feet off him in his last AB. C’mon Joe….c’mon Larry… was obvious Phil was burnt!

    • You saw the reason he tried to get everything out of Hughes he had. Putting in the rest of the collection of crap he has out there would have done him no better. He can’t pull rabbits out of his hat with the roster he has to deal with right now.

      • That’s not exactly true Matthew. They saw Hughes was shot when he walked the lead-off man. they quickly got the pen up but they did nothing to stall to let the bullpen get ready and in the blink of an eye there were 2 bullets and a bomb. If Joe gets through the 6th there with the lead things change and you can go to Robertson in the 8th instead of Joba, Lowe & Logan.

        • And who would he have to had used to get through the 6th and 7th? Result would have likely been the same

          • Eppley and Rapada got through the 6th and the 7th fine….they didn’t allow a run. But they were brought in already down 5-3.

            But I see what you are saying….the roster is weak right now. But Girardi’s mistakes make things worse without a doubt.

        • Fish – you should be managing the Yankees …not Girardi…..

          • Twasp if you want to blame somebody look at the guy who is giving Girardi this roster. He has 2 reliable relievers and a mostly all platoon lineup. Nothing much any manager could do about it.

            • Ok …TWASP blames CashMan!

            • They are both joined at the hip and equally to blame for this collapse. They got complacent with their lead and ignored the team’s flaws that were apparent for much of the season.

              • If the Yankees miss the playoffs they both must go.

                Athletics are tied with the Yanks and Beane only has $60m to play with.

              • Well once the injuries hit their is not much they could have done if it wasn’t for them they wouldn’t be in this spot IMO. However I put the blame on Cashman because the team that has been out there the last 2 -3 weeks is simply not good enough. He has put Girardi in a near impossible spot.

                • The team we have on the field now is the same team CashMan would have on the field if he only had a $80m budget. He stinks. Terrible talent evaluator. He’s won in past because of the Yankee money.

                • You are right. The only significant deal they made was for Ichiro and he has been a wash since he basically replaced Wise who’s numbers were identical. They kept trying to patch every hole that came up with retread veterans refusing to give young players a chance or to make a significant trade.

                  Guys like Ibanez, martin, A.Jones & Joba have been trainwrecks…..Granderson has totally fallen off the map. Jeter, Swish & Cano were the only guys they could rely on and they failed this series.

                  Eppley, Rapada & Wade were excellent in the pen early on but when they came back to earth months ago they didn’t make any significant moves to upgrade them. They rolled the dice with Joba and Lowe whohave been awful.

                  There is blame all over. Injuries have hit hard but they are part of the game. That is why you have a AAA team. Nunez and Dickerson should be playing instead of Jones and Ibanez from here on out.

                  • Cant just gloss over the injuries Fish there is a reason they were up 10 with practically the full team. I agree with all of your other points though the old guys are finished.

                    • I agree, the injuries have been a huge factor, but they aren’t an excuse for losing 8 games in the standings in 6 weeks. Tampa played most of the season without their best player.

                      When you have an old team, you have to plan for injuries. ARod has missed significant time for the last 4-5 years. Gardner’s injury happened 9 games into the season so they had ample time to find a legit OF but they elected to go with the duo of Jones & Ibanez. They were OK as a DH tandem but are now shot.

                      They have also ridden Granderson, Tex & Cano hard this yr. Maybe that has something to do with Tex & Grandy’s injuries and Cano looking tired. Jeter has also played way too much this year and it’s been a miracle he’s played so well.

  6. Fish- Larry Rothschild only stands up at AA meetings.

  7. Jeez – what’s wrong with his rehab?

  8. Dickerson has accounted for all 3 runs today and made 2 great catches in CF. So Girardi takes him out for Andruw Jones who is 6 for his last 51 vs LHP (that’s .117) and is the worst fielder since Marcus Thames. So now you have Jones in for the rest of the game and Baltimore has nothing but Right Handers left in the Bullpen.

  9. Machado reminds me of somebody………..

  10. Derek Lowe….another failed attempt with a retread. This team is soooooo afraid to try young players they’d rather fail with old washed up players then try a young guy. Baltimore had a hole at 3B they went down to AA and pulled up Manny Machado.

  11. Girardi has been doing a slow implode ever since Arod got injured. Ridiculous moves, chasing fans, irritable at press conf…..

    • He’s watching his 10 game lead dwindle down to 2 after today. They were a hair away from getting swept this series vs BAL and having been tied with no lead. And they are far from out of the woods. After today they get 3 AT Tampa where they are 1-5 this year then 4 more AT Baltimore.

      By the time this stretch is over they might not only lose their division lead but they could find themselves out of the playoffs all together. Oakland has the same record as the yanks so if BAL & TB pass us we are out of the playoffs.

  12. Where’s Chan Ho Park when you need him?

  13. Was that cano or swishes fault?

  14. So far this series, we’ve been outscored 17 to 8 this series and out-hit 28 to 14.

  15. Talking about coaches , I’m seeing Longs pupils regressing…..Grandy, Cano, Arod.

    And it took Jeter going to Tampa last year to work with ? To get his swing back.


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