Game 136 Lineup: Yankees @ Rays

Lineup vs. Rays:

Derek Jeter SS
Nick Swisher RF
Robinson Cano DH
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Russell Martin C
Curtis Granderson CF
Andruw Jones LF
Steve Pearce 1B
Jayson Nix 2B

RHP Hiroki Kuroda


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Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. granderson is hitting 205 with only 35 hits since the all star break,… even though he has played in 48 of the 50 games,….

    i want granderson benched


    and buy out the optionfor 2013, and give him his flat out unconditional release

    send a message to swisher and cano.

    right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. 2013

    Gardner, Hamilton, Cabrera

    Jeter. Nunez. cano, Tex


    DH Arod

    • After this year you would still sign Russell Martin?

      I like the OF but there’s a problem. As much as I like Josh Hamilton I don’t think NY is the best place for him especially with his personal issues. Remember he relapsed before the season began so what’s going to stop him from doing it in the city that never sleeps?

      • The way I look at it is …if Josh is going to relapse …he’s going to relapse……nightlife, girls, drugs, beer, strippers are everywhere. Maybe we can sneak in a couple of rings while he is sober.

  3. i rathewr terar the team down, get down to a player payroll of about 50 million,…. and rebuild a team that will last with interchanging pieces, for 18 years, like they did back in the early 90′s

  4. of the 48 games grandersons played in since the all star break, he had had 23 hitless games,…… thats just about 50% of games he doesnt get a hit,…

    overall granderson has 52 hitless games, out of 133 played in

    im not asking him to be derek jeter,

    but he is in his prime, he is 31 years old— he should be able to pull in 170 hits if he is gonna play everyday

    how many hits he gonna have 130?

    send the message now

    bench him

    • Jim, the fact of it is everyone (except for oddly Jayson Nix) has played terrible this week. They all need to step it up.

      • no, 1 or 2 weeks bad hittinbg doesnt make up for 30-40 hits for granderson that will be missing, or up to 200 missing hits from the entire team

        your facts , as you see them,… and not the true right facts in my opinion

        the problem runs way deeper than a week or 2

  5. I like Russell Martin…..he’s having a bad year ….. But he will rebound. Look at his BAbIP…he’s been very unlucky.

    As catchers go, he’s got some pop in his bat, he’s fast, good defensively…..hustles, competes….

    • Jim – do you not believe there. is any difference between what type of hits they get? Wouldn’t weighted run creation be a better metric to gauge Grandy’s performance vs other Yankees?

      • I for one would rather not see Ibanez and Jones back next year. Let some guys like Musteiler or other guys get the chance who can play multiple positions. Ibanez and Jones are a joke in the OF rather see some youth backing them up. Maybe even Dickerson.

      • againm, look at it, see if it leads you to say what i think youll say,,,, look at it

        2012 yankees hits
        jeter 179, cano 157 swisher 117, granderson 116, teixeira 111, arod 99, ibanez 77, chavez 69, martin, 68, jones 42, nix 38, ichiro 36, srewart 31, wise 16, nunez 16, gardner 11, mcghee 8, dickerson 2, pearce 1, pena 1, nova 1, pettite 1

        1195 hits in 135 games — 5/6 of the season exactly, 27 games left

        1996 yankees hits
        jjeter 183, martinez 174, williams 168, oneil 165, boggs 156, duncan 136, girardi 124, sierra 93, leyritz 70, gerald williams 63, raines 57, strawbeery 53, fielder 52, fox 37, rivera 25, hayes 19, aldrete 17, howard 11, sojo 11, kelly 3, james 2, fenhotrn 1, posada 1

        you think the 1996 team lacked poiwer?

        they had 162 homers

        but they knew how to bunch the hits and gets the hits

        • Jim…thru 135 ,show many hits and runs did each team have.

          • I DONT KNOW,..but in order for the 2012 team to match the 1996 team, theylkl need to average like 15.5 hits per game the rrst of the way,

            doesnt anyone read what i write, lol?

            if the pace stays exactly the same,.. theyll b e missing 189 hits.

            thats a hell of a lot of hits to take away from, a team over a season

        • Runners on base lead to runs, this isn’t rocket science. It causes the opposing pitcher to have to work from the stretch, get distracted by a possible stolen base, raises the pitch count, and causes the pitcher to have to pitch under STRESS!!
          These basic premises are forgotten by the masses who think that a team can live on home runs all year long.
          Cano and Jeter must be awfully tired of these clowns. They are the only two guys who have sweet swings on the whole team. Everyone else uppercuts everytime they are up there. Texeira looks like Rory Mcilroy sometimes and Granderson looks like Tiger Woods.

        • Austin Jackson has 136 hits in only 113 games this season!! LOL!! He missed three weeks and has more hits than everyone on our team except Jeter and Cano. But, I suppose we can invoke the old(completely INSANE, IRRATIONAL, and ILLOGICAL) “he wouldn’t have done it here in NY” rationalization to make ourselves feel better.

  6. here is hoping that the meeting before the game helps.

    • You knew that was coming, and I hate it. Now if they lose then everyone will say “ha ha they had a meeting”. I’d love them to call a meeting and give Cashman, Girardi, and all of the coaches pink slips.

  7. Moore has the ball on a string tonight and his slider is working. Not good.

  8. Every single time that clown Granderson strikes out I picture Kennedy pitching instead of Garcia, and Austin Jackson patrolling center, then I wish I had some xanax to calm down and control my rage at that whacko chasing Casanova GM of ours.

    • I understand Jackson but, why would you want IPK pitching for the Yanks? IPK is 12-11 with an ERA of 4.39! When with the Yanks had IPK, they all said he was one of the three best pitchers in the minors but, would end up as a BP pitcher in the AL East or trade for the NL. He has had one good year in 5, this is the guy you want to replace one of the five starters we have?

  9. now jeter has 2 hits,….. can anyone else get a hitr?


    at the very moment trout and meguel cabrera are both at 330 avg

    the batting title back in striking distance for jeter

  11. Why has Robertson stopped throwing his Curveball? He’s nothing but FB and Cutter for weeks now and he doesn’t miss bats like he used to.

  12. Ha ha ….tru b that! Jeter never gets old.

  13. You wanted to sign Grandy and dump Swisher, saying Grandy was a freaking gold glover. now two weeks later you’re ready to run him out of town.

    Stick to posting countless stats about Jeter in threads that have absolutely nothing to do with him.

    Yes….let’s pick up a 15M option only to release him and eat all that money. 50M payroll on the way… long as were all on tons of acid.

  14. JT – who are you talking to?

  15. Ken – Mike P is saying he’d rathernhave IPK pitching for the Yanks instead of Freddy Garcia.

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