Morning Bits: SWB Yanks Playoffs, Kuroda looking to avoid the sweep & More…

Going back to the old mug for some good luck

Well the Yankees are now tied for the division lead.  Things are not looking good at all as Tampa and the O’s are putting on some serious pressure on the Bombers.  The Yankees need a big game from Kuroda tonight as he will face up against Moore.  Game time is set for 7:10PM EST.

Enjoy the day now for some links…

Wallace Matthews of ESPN NY says the Yanks have hit rock bottom.  What will the writers say or call it if they don’t even make the playoffs?

Richard Justice of writes that the Yankees lack healthy bodies, not heart.

Steven Miller of has the preview of tonight’s game as Kuroda looks to prevent a sweep.

Donnie Collins of The Citizen Voice has the preview of the SWB Yanks playoff series which begins tonight.

Robert Knapel of The Bleacher Report looks at where a Yankee collapse would rank among the six worst in baseball history.

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Avid Yankee fan since birth. I have been going to Yankee games with my father since i was young. I have many memories at YSII including many playoffs and world series games. I hope that you enjoy our blog. Comment often.

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  1. last 10 yankees games – record 3-7
    (players listed in order of season yankees hits totals)

    cano has the most hits last 10 games, with 11 hits, 5 one hit games, 3 two hit games, 2 hitless— not exactly carrying the team on his back

    and the hits are not coming in bunches either, but spead out

    the yankees have 65 hits in last 10 games, that is 6.5 hits per game avg

    grannderson only has 3 hits over these 10 games

    check out the list what the players have done over last 10 team games

    jeter 8 for 40, 200 avg, 4 runs, 3 rbi

    cano 11 for 39, 282 avg, 5 runs, 5 rbi

    swisher 8 for 38, 211 avg, 4 runs, 5 rbi

    granderson 3 for 27, 111 avg, 2 runs, 6 rbi played in 9, 8 starts, missed 1 game

    teixeira 1 for 8, 125 avg, 1 run, 1 rbi,, missed last 7 games

    arod 2 for 8, 250 abg, 1 run, zero rbi, played in last 2, missed previous 36 games

    ibanez 2 for 26, 077 avg, 3 runs, 2 rbi, played in 9, 7 starts, missed 1 game

    chavez 7 for 25, 280 avg, 2 runs, 1 rbi, played in 8, 6 starts, missed 2 games

    martin 6 for 24, 250 avg, 1 run, 3 rbi, played in 8, 7 starts, missed 2 games

    jones 1 for 16, 063 avg, 1 run, 1 rbi, played in 5, 3 starts, missed 5 games

    nix 5 for 14, 357 avg, 2 runs, zero rbi, played in 7, 6 starts, missed 3 games

    ichiro 6 for 32, 188 avg, 1 run, 1 rbi

    stewart 1 for 7, 143 avg, zero runs, zero rbi, 3 starts, missed 7 games

    wise– no longer on team

    nunez 1 for 3, 333 avg, 1 run, 1 rbi, played in 2, 1 start, sept 1st call up

    gardner — zero games, last game played april 17

    mcgehee— zero games,…. not sure is on the roster

    dickerson 2 for 7, 286 average, played in 4, 3 starts, sept 1st call up

    pierce 1 for 7, 143 average, 2 runs, zero rbi, played in 3, 2 starts, aquired from astros about aug 27

    pena – did not play over last 10- has been released

    nova and petite each have 1 hit on the season as pitchers

    mcdonald got no hits, no longer on the team

    cerveli has zero hits, appeared in 1 game so far as september call up

  2. since being hit by the pitvh in the head, JETER is 9 bfor 43, 209 avg,… avr last 10 1/2 games, with 4 hitless games, has 5 walks total
    he had 1 walk in 3 of the 4 hitless games

    the entire team is in a slump,… even if a player gets a hit in an inning,… foolow up hits and rallys are not forth coming

    but they have been like that all season

    no reason to believe they can start putting multiple hits in the same inning together at this piont

    if they dont get it going,… they will be home for playoffs

  3. if the yankees do not win the division,.. the might not even get the wildcard either,.. the A’s, and angels, and rays, even the tigers,.. and vice versa the o’s and whitesox, all have chances at divisions or wildcars
    the yankees are in serious serious trouble
    and i do think its worse than the mets collape in 2008,….. only because this is the yankees,.. they are expected to win,…. not sink like a rock like this.

    and do not compare this 2012 yankees to the 1996 or 2000 teams,… those teams could hit

    in 1996 the yankees averaged 10.01 hits per game, in 2000 9.51 hits per game.

    the 2012 yankees through 135 games arer averaging 8.85 hits per game. If that stands true–
    10.01 – 8.85 = 1.16
    1.16 x 162 = 188 hits

    compared to the 1996 team, this team is missing 188 hits

    that like missing an all star player —- but the hits are shaved off of a bunch of players totals,.. making the whole team medicore at best


    Mike Francesa should stick to football

  4. 2012 yankees hits
    jeter 179, cano 157 swisher 117, granderson 116, teixeira 111, arod 99, ibanez 77, chavez 69, martin, 68, jones 42, nix 38, ichiro 36, srewart 31, wise 16, nunez 16, gardner 11, mcghee 8, dickerson 2, pearce 1, pena 1, nova 1, pettite 1

    1195 hits in 135 games — 5/6 of the season exactly, 27 games left

    1996 yankees hits
    jjeter 183, martinez 174, williams 168, oneil 165, boggs 156, duncan 136, girardi 124, sierra 93, leyritz 70, gerald williams 63, raines 57, strawbeery 53, fielder 52, fox 37, rivera 25, hayes 19, aldrete 17, howard 11, sojo 11, kelly 3, james 2, fenhotrn 1, posada 1

    1621 hits in 162 games = 10.01 hits per game

    the 1996 yankess had 5 players get over 150 hits,.. the 2012 yankees may only have 2 players to get more than 140 hits

    if you look closely at the 3rd highest hit getters for ewach team, to the 7th highest hit getter, you can see a huge discepancy , also the way down the line

    not only that, but

    to match the 1996 yankees the 2012 need need 426 hits in final 27 games, or 15.57 hits per game in final 27 games

    that is not going to happen
    in fact, the discepancy may get worse,….. as the entire offense is in a severe slump

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