Morning Bits: Back on Top, SWB & Trenton both lose game 1, Quotes from Hal & more…

Sticking with the old mug for good luck

Good morning all.  With a Baltimore loss and Yankees win the Yankees are back on top of the A.L. East.  I guess that team meeting woke some of the players up.   The Yankees now begin a huge four game series with the O’s.  Winning this series is a must.  On the mound tonight is Hughes vs. Chen.   First pitch is scheduled for 7:05PM EST.

Enjoy the day and the game.  Now for some links…

Wallace Matthews has the rapid reaction from last nights game.   Some good points check out this article.

Bryan Hoch has an article from yesterday with some thoughts from Hal Steinbrenner.

Steven Miller of has the preview for tonight’s game with the Birds.

– SWB Yanks had the opening of the playoffs last night.  They were up 4-0 and lost 7-4.  Mike Vander Woude has all the details from the game.

– The Trenton Thunder (AA) also lost the first game of the playoffs. That score was 4-2.  Here are the details from that game.

Zachary Rymer of The Bleacher Report has an article on why Jeter is not a top AL MVP Candidate.

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Avid Yankee fan since birth. I have been going to Yankee games with my father since i was young. I have many memories at YSII including many playoffs and world series games. I hope that you enjoy our blog. Comment often.

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  1. Jeter now has 182 hits, he needs 13 hits to tie mays, 18 hits to get to 200, and 30 hits to get to 3300 overall—– with 26 team games left

    Miguel Cabrera and Mike Trout are at 330 batting average

    Jeter is in 3rd place at 319, after his 3 hits last night.

    That batting title is in striking distance.

    Only 11 points back with 26 games to play,…. Jeter has a shot at the title.


    Granderson is now 35 for 175, and 200 average since the all star break, playing in 49 of the 51 games.

    He has 11 home runs since the all star break,. 8 of those were solo homers, the yankees are 6-5 in those games


    I was trying to say yesterday in different ways, and too many words, that the GAME is back to normal without PED’s for the most part. This means most power hitters slow down in home run production in the 2nd half of seasons, most of the time.

    A team built to rely on home runs to win, no matter what,… will have a hard time winning a world series, let alone getting there.

    We can see this by looking at the yankees over the course of the last 20 years. The 5 world series championships came when they got a lot of hits in a season, regardless of home runs, it is correlated to hits per game.

    I have compiled data going back to 1970


    The reason I do this is because I can. I can not do it for any other team. Not the Mets, no one.
    The Yankees are the one team you can dive deep into numbers and examine what has happened over 20 years, 30 years, 40 years,because they are the GOLD STANDARD.

    If I am a fan of another team, let us say the Mets,… I would be a normal fan, rooting to win, rooting for Divkie to get 20 wins, and enjoy when the team wins.

    But for me the Yankees open to door to go deep inside the numbers and examine it from a different perspective.


  2. start of 1996 through August of 2012 (counting march/april as same month, and sept/oct as same month) Jeter has played in 101 months.

    Jeter has:
    30 or more hits in 63 of those months (62.38%)
    40 or more hits in 17 of those months
    50 hits one time – aug of 1998
    less than 25 hits in 11 of those months (10.89%)

    Sept 2005- August 2012- when granderson started playing everyday, he has played in 42 months

    Granderson has:
    30 or more hits in 12 of those months (28.57%)
    less than 25 hits in 19 of those months (45.24%)


    Granderson is not reliable

    • 13 of Jeters 17 months with 40 or more hits, came in july, aug, and september, 10 of which were in august and september—- that is what a gamer is.

      Of the 33 months Jeter played in August and September, he only had less than 25 hits 2 times—
      september of 2001- 19 hits and september of 2002 24 hits—— that is what a gamer is

      The Yankees best season in wins, 1998, Jeter had 50 hits in August— think his hits had something to do with it?


      Since the start of 2009, Granderson has played in 23 months. he had had 30 hits in a month only 3 times, and less than 25 hits in a month 14 times.

      see above post for career details.

      • I see you’re coming around about Granderson and have changed your tune about keeping him around. He’s sealing his own fate and hitting the cages over the winter isn’t going to make him younger or make him a decent defender. He hasn’t been in the realm of “gold glove” since he came to NY. His routes stink and he can’t figure out which way to run on balls hit directly at him until it’s too late. What i can’t understand is why you would pick up a 15M option only to release a player. Wouldn’t it be wiser to give him his buyout money and retain the balance while saying adios?

        • Yep, you are the only one that picked up on the fact i changed my mind on granderson,….. i was so fused on jeter, and drinking the media cool-aid on granderson,.. i let it slide by the way side,… but now that i delved intoi the hits and things,…….. i definitivley changed my mind

          granderson is an OK player,…. the Yankees could do better,.. they want granderson, how about 3 for 15?

  3. bernie williams first 7 seasons, 1991-1997, he had 927 hits, 183 doubles, 33 tripples, 100 home runs, 597 runs, 469 rbi , playing in only 810 games

    derek jeter’s first 7 seasons, ( not counting 1995) 1996-2002, he had 1378 hits, 210 doubles, 37 tripples, 117 home runs, (364 xbh), 834 runs, 556 rbi, playing in 1078 games

    Granderson career to date, this being his 9th season, really his 7th, cause he played only 9 games september call up in 2004, and only 47 games in 2005

    Granderson’s total carrer numbers are — 1086 hits, 183 doubles, 72 tripples, 201 home runs, (456 xbh) 730 runs, 564 rbi, playing in 1100 games

    So in comparing Jeter to Granderson,,, from the stats above, we see Granderson played in 22 more games, but Jeter has 292 more hits, 92 less xbh, 104 more runs, and only 8 less RBIs

    Power is not the answer


    Bernie Williams got better after his 7th season, starting in 1998 he won a batting title, and batted 300 average 1998- 2006, 9 seasons, with 1409 hits, 197 homers, 256 doubles, 22 tripples, 829 runs, 788 rbi

    From this point on, if Granderson plays another 9 seasons, you think he will bat 300 over that time? with those numbers?

    You think Granderson will win a batting title?

    • Granderson right now is a 263 lifetime hitter batting 231 this season.

      I have shown Granderson is not dependable in getting hits by month

      I have shown Granderson’s power produces no more runs or rbi’s than Jeter in his first 7 seasons.

      I have laid out what Bernie Williamd did his first 7 seasons and last 9 seasons

      It is up to you all you make up your minds.

      The Yankees can option to keep Granderson next season at 13 million, while they work on another contract or TRADE, even if it goes to the off season after conclusion of 2013 season, or they can buy out his contract for next season for 2 million dollars, and try to negotiate a much lower deal, or just flat out buy him out and send him on his way.

      It is between a rock and hard place.

      The real question people like Stick Michael are asking themselves is ” do we think Granderson is the Yankees Center Fielder?”

      If the answer is no, TRADE him in the off season to a team that is looking for a center fielder and get back some top top draft picks, where the Yankees get to scour the nation’s highschools for players.

      In the meantime play gardner in center and ichiro in left.

  4. i do have a question about last nights game. here it is …

    in jeters 4th plate appearance, already being 3 for 3,.. he came up, man on 1st and 2nd,…. and ground to 2nd base,….. the 2nd baseman went home and threw the ball away,… both runners scored and jeter went to 2nd base

    with me so far

    during jeters 5th plate apperarance, they showed what he did in the game, and credited him ON YES, WITH AN RBI,

    Michael Kay styarted to try to figure it out, but stopped short of raising the question in the broadcast

    neither MLB nor, give jeter an rbi

    I spent at least an hour in bed last night trying to figure out how that can be an RBI

    All I came up with that it was a fielders choice to go home,… and the first run coming in, ichiro, i believe, was getting in antyway, and the 2nd run was the error

    This happens very rarely,.. but either way it is an 0-1 for jeter, whether it is a reached on error, or reached on fielders choice,……





    • Top of 7th
      Runs: 2
      Hits: 2
      Errors: 1
      - Yankees seventh.
      - An.Jones singled to left.
      - I.Suzuki pinch-running for Jones.
      - Pearce singled to center, I.Suzuki to second.
      - J.Nix sacrificed, pitcher M.Moore to second baseman E.Johnson, I.Suzuki to third, Pearce to second.
      - Farnsworth pitching.
      - Jeter safe on fielder’s choice and E.Johnson’s error, I.Suzuki scored, Pearce scored.
      - Jeter stole third.
      - Swisher struck out.
      - Cano was intentionally walked.
      - Al.Rodriguez grounded into fielder’s choice, shortstop Zobrist to second baseman E.Johnson, Cano out.


  5. More Jeter hate from the Internet :

    Jeter vs. The Record
    August 25, 2012

    1) Jeter has never been in the top 2-3 SS in the AL…Gold Gloves are political statements not for their defence.
    2) The good part is Jeters Hitting, he is not a bad SS at all, just not as good as some others at defence but, one of the three best of all time hitters!
    3) The stats Jeter is putting up right now is a big aberration, there is little too no chance he will end-up over .310 or even .300.
    4) Jeter still has much better baseball instincts then most players I have seen over the years
    As a baseball nut, let me state….I would like to have Ozzie Smith as my everyday SS rather than Jeter! The big thing to remember is; the make-up of said team….Now just think, don’t go cold to the touch here.!
    From 1995 on, the Yankees have had exceptional players, a very well balanced team…don’t count the unbalanced teams! For the last 15-17 years this team has needed a All-Star defensive SS more than an Ok defensive big hitting SS. Be Strong Defensively up the middle, is an old saying but, true none the less.
    When Jeter came up, he showed a very good bat, better than OK defense but the thing I saw through all the newsprint and everything else was; 1)-Baseball Instincts and 2)- his ability to handle the press.
    We have all heard talking heads say things like, “I don’t know what it is but, it makes him a better ballplayer!” Well, as one that has dealt with this so call “thing”, let me clue you in…it is called Instincts! Instincts can make an avg+ player into a very good player.
    Thus, we have Jeter, if we take away his baseball instincts we have an ok SS…nothing more. But, he has that thing so he is bound for the HoF
    Some will say I am stupid and a Jeter hater…the problem is, you guys are fans of baseball and read stats and think you see the same Jeter of years past. Look, and you shall see, let us not  forget the short days or weeks of Jeter being amazing…they will slowly get shorter, if he stays to long. 
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    KEN OR

    • OH MY GAWD,….. where should I start,….. did he read what I wrote above in todays morning bits, word foir word?

      Jeter is a true gammer, and I put up stats I compiled this morning, in hits by month to prove it.

      Jeters numbers are not an aberation at all,.. none of his numbers are,.. they are pretty mucvh exactly the same they have always been

      look at the hits by month, do your homework,… runs, hits,… xbh, rbis even,….

      aberation, lolololololololol

      jeters get 30 or more hits a month 62.38 of all months,……… out of 101 months,….. and only has had less than 25 hits in a month 11 times,….. and some of those were simply DL months, only 10.89% of the 101 months

      my gawd man,…….

      the numbners are clear, i am giving them to everyone on a silver platter

      and jeter production treand goes up in august and september, when it means the mnost

      come on man,….

    • This is a hate Jeter posting? That’s really funny!

  6. here are jeters hits for each month from start of 1996 – august of 2012, 101 months ( nots march/aril ans sept/oct are considered same months)

    34 ,,37,,43,,28,,34,,27,,40,,43,,19,,34,,36,,33,,27,,37,,24,,1,,23,,30,,37,,39,,26,,16,,31,,36,,28,,33,,44,,,, 31,,28,,33,,34,,40,,36,,35,,33,,28,,42,,36,,40,,32,,38,,35,,38,,31,,32,,26,,27,,33,,28,,39,,26,,27,,36,,27,,,40,,46,,36,,,31,,36,,25,,26,,28,,33,,23,,34,,11,,26,,41,,27,,,37,,34,,26,,37,,43,,


    that is jete’rs hits by month for the 101 months of his career. stat of 1996 – august of 2012

    I dont not see any abberationat all

    my gawd man

    and to answer francesa,.. hell ya,.. bernie williams was better than granderson by far,.. especially gouin gout winning a batting title,,.. and paul oneil was a better player than swisher

    not even that close when you get inside the numbers

    i dont know what stats ken or is talking baut


  7. ozzie smith couldnt shine jeters cleets offensivley

  8. Derek Jeter’s not a AL MVP candidate? Yep. Bleacher Report’s a big joke.

    • well, when you talk about al mvp, in terms of jeter,.. you cant think her will win the number one spot,.. but think in terms of top 10 .

      i dont know how the voting works,.. but lists everytime a player get in the top 25 in mvp voting

      that would tell me the voters can vote for at least the top 25 players, as they list them

      kinda like college football ap poll i guess

    • Bleacher reports Zachary doesnt get it. Most valuable is not about statistics wOBA or wRC+…’s about contribution to the teams success. And NOONE contributes to the Yankees winning more THan the Captain. On the field, in the dugout, everywhere he is the MAN.

      If the Yankees win The division he is the MVP this year.

    • No he isnt

  9. ozzie amith played 19 seasons, 1978-1996,… he had 2460 hits, 402 doubles, 69 tripples, 28 home runs, ..1257 runs, and 793 rbi,… with 580 stolen bases, and a 262 lifetime average,……HE IS IN THE HALL OF FAME

    are you kidding me?

    all his stolen bases didnt even traslate to runs,…. i mean sheesh, and the cardinals were a decent to above average offensive team.

    ozzie scored 100 runs only 1 time in 19 seasons had more than 50 rbi only 4 seasons, the highest was 75,…

    are you kidding me


    but dont even go there,.. go here

    TIM RAINES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,…

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