Is it a little too late for the Yankees?

Could this slump be the end of the Yankees season?

For the past couple of weeks, the New York Yankees have been in a downward stretch. Teams like the Baltimore Orioles and the Tampa Bay Rays have been able to beat the Yankees into submission. Teams like the Boston Red Sox are sitting back and watching the latest struggles from their rivals. And a team like the Yankees know trouble when they see it—and boy are they in trouble.

The Yankees have not been able to get onto a winning streak and nothing has been working for them. On days where the offense decides to wake up, the starting pitching gives up a plethora of runs. On days when the starting pitching is dominant, the offense falls into a deep slumber. The Yankees are not able to hit with RISP and they look so lifeless against pitchers, that it seems as if Nolan Ryan is pitching against them. In the end, it seems the Yankees are worn out—and this could very well be the end of the Yankees for the 2012 season.

The Yankees usually are able to own the Orioles, but lately the Orioles are outdoing the Yankees in almost everything imaginable. The Rays play small ball, the Orioles know how to get runs in via the HR ball and both teams have exceptional pitching. It seems that the injury bug has caught up to them. Injuries to key players such as Brett Gardner, Mariano Rivera and Mark Teixeira make the Yankees change the dynamics of their game to rely on HR’s to win ball games. But it’s September 8th. The Yankees only play 24 games left in the season, so if the Yankees want to make a run for the playoffs, now is the time to get hot. The problem is—is it a little too late for the Yankees, or could they make a resurgence? Everything is up to them. Just last month it seemed the Yankees were a shoe in for the play-offs but now if the Yankees don’t get their acts together they could be spending a postseason at home—which is rare for this team.

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Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. morning notes

    Jeter has 1243 rbi currently 130th of the all time list.

    some notable RBI people Jeter will be passing in history this season and next.

    Jeter is 14 rbis behind bernie williams, 25 rbis behind oneil, 27 rbis behind Tino Martinez, 31 rbis behind the great gil hodges, 62 rbis behind clemente, 64 behind molitor, and 71 behind Pete Rose and Nettles who are in 98th place all time


    Granderson has played in 136 of the teams 138 games.

    54 of those games he played in, he failed to get a hit

    the Yankees are 27-27 in those games


    Granderson has 31 multi hit games, the Yankees are 19-12 in those games.
    Granderson homered in 20 of of those 31 games, 22 homers of his 34 homers.

    So, in the other 105 games granderson played in, he FAILED to get a hit in 54 of those games,……. and added just 12 home runs in those 105 games.


    Nick Swisher is batting 061 over the last 9 games, 2 for 33, in 39 plate appearances, 5 walks, 5 runs, 1 rbi

    7 of the 9 games swisher FAILED to get a hit

    can swisher wake up at the plate?


    Cano is batting 179 over the last 10 games, 7 for 39, 42 plate appearances, 3 walks, 6 runs, 3 rbis

    4 of the 10 games Cano FAILED to get a hit, and only has one multi hit game over the 10 games.

    can Cano wake up at the plate?


    it is not too late for cano, swisher, and granderson to get on track,…..

    i am not worried at all about jeter, arod, or teixeira

    but it will take all 6 coming together getting hits

  2. Jeter has played in 136 of the teams 138 games

    Jeter has 56 muli hit games. The Yankees are 37-19 in those games,

    Of the remaining 80 games Jeter played in , he had hits in 53 of those games.

    In the 27 games Jeter failed to get a hit, he reached base with a walk, error, or hit by pitch in 14 of those games.

    That leaves only 13 games where I cant prove jeter reached base,.. but he may have reached on a fielders choice here or there, beating out a throw to avoid being doubled up.

    The other Day MIke Francesa said Pete Rose was always in the middle of things.

    Derek Jeter is always in the middle of things himself!!!!!

  3. wow that is another weird quirk in Jeters stats,….. the Yankees are 18 games above 500 in Jeter’s multi hit games, 37-19,.. and they are 18 games above 500 overall 78-60.

  4. Bill Jim James ………that tells me the Yankees are a 500 team (41-41) when Jeter isn’t doing his thing. You may have won him the MVP with that statistic alone. Great job!

  5. Well, I dont think even if Jeter wins the batting title he will win the AL MVP,….. It is going to Trout or Cabrera, maybe Hamilton, Beltre, Fielder, ….. but TOP 5 is a possibility.if he gets the batting title.

    • Jim…..don’t you think it would be great if the Yankees win the AL. And Jeter gets MVP for his consistent play this year while all hisnteammatesnwere injured. It would also reward him for his illustrious MVP cahmpionship career.

  6. I don’t think it’s too late for the Yankees, but it’s dang sure getting close. As of today, they would be in the playoffs as the AL East champions, so that’s all that matters. They have to take it day by day and just play situational baseball. Don’t look for long balls or strikeouts, look for sacrifices and executing pitches and plays the way a consistent baseball team should.

    Of course, that won’t happen, as these Yankees are too focused on home runs and trying to crush their opponents, rather than just plain winning.

    But is it too late for them to make the playoffs? I don’t think so, not with this amount of talent on the team. But to go far in the playoffs, and win the World Series? I think that ship has almost certainly sunk.

    It ain’t over till it’s over, but boy is it getting close.

    Go Yankees.

  7. The year Bernie Williams won the batting title, 1998, 339 avg, he finished 7th in MVP voting.

    Jeter hit 324 that year and finished 3rd in MVP voting

    Bernie only played in 128 games that year, but had 101 runs, 97 RBI, with 26 homers and 30 doubles

    The Yankees won 114 regular season games that year.

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