Morning Bits: Nunez, Red Sox, Soriano

Good morning all.  The Yankees begin a series with the Red Sox tonight.  Game time is set for 7:10PM EST.  On the mound will be Kuroda vs Lester.   The other game we need to be following is the O’s vs Rays.

Enjoy the day.  Now for some links…

Andrew Marchand says it’s time to start Nunez!

Joey Nowak of has the preview of tonight’s game.

Dan Martin of The New York Post writes that Soriano is saving his best for last.

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Avid Yankee fan since birth. I have been going to Yankee games with my father since i was young. I have many memories at YSII including many playoffs and world series games. I hope that you enjoy our blog. Comment often.

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  1. Andrew Marchand is not one of the better bloggers nor reporter but, he came to life today saying Nunez should be playing, not setting.
    He was going to start but someone talked Joe out of it…any guesses?

    Just reporting what everyone knows, and has seen before.

    Matt S., had it all covered in this AM bits, very well done., Matt!

  2. Ken – this is a site for Yankee fans …..if you don’t like Jeter wanting to play his position then you must be a Red Sox fan. Go to Red Sox Fans

  3. Ken – do you expect the Yankees to move Jeter from SS? Why?

    They moved Mantle away from SS and he led the league in errors 4 times and finished second twice…….he was just awful.

    • What are you talking about? Where have I said to move him now? I have said to have him DH more and let Nunez play SS more. Jeter hits fine as a DH as does A-Rod. DH saves both of them, so kiss my but.

      I was a Yankee fan before you were even thought of, if having a different opinion is a sin to you, I think it is your problem not mine.

      You keep saying I am against Jeter but, you know that is not true, just as my little comment above said Nunez should play more, it didn’t say in the field or DH…you are one weird guy.

      You are back at your old tricks again trying to make others look bad so you and your ideas ( of which there are very few, other than claiming ideas from others) are the only ones that count.

      What a punk you are…leave me alone! I was going to leave here just to get rid of you but, as I was here first and you are the one trying to pick at everything I post.

      You are the only Yankee Fan I know that DENIGRATES YANKEE PLAYERS like Babe Ruth, Lou G, and Mickey Mantle. By the way, have the guts to stick up for yourself, don’t ask Matt S. to do your durty work for you…be a man. What a looser!

  4. Ken…..yeah, I agree, moving Nunez to DH And sometimes having him rest Jeter at SS is the right way to go. You and I have been big Nunez supporters for a few years now.

  5. Pedroia just kills the Yankees….

  6. A. jones career is OVER.

    • It has been over for quite some time, our GM just didn’t realize it.
      Nix’ career is still medicore at best, another gem provided by Cashman.

    • Oh no…Jones, Nix, Pearce, Ichiro, McGehee, Ibanez…..these guys are SO good we can’t afford to give Nunez any ABs because one of the aforementioned studs would have to sit out!

      • LOL!! Fish I have been screaming this for weeks. McGehee? Joke! Ibanez? We got our million bucks out of him but he’s old and fading and done. Pearce? Another joke. Nix? I want to stab myself in the eyes whenever I see him in the lineup. Jones? It’s truly sad to watch him, he’s an automatic out. Ichiro? He is what he is, an occasional slap single. Which of these fine players exactly is it that the brain trust of Cashman/Girardi are afraid to swap out with Nunez?!!!!!!

        • I really don’t understand it. I really thought Nunez was going to play a major role this year. And then when Gardner had his first setback trying to come back they DEFINITELY should have made Nunez a starter at that point. Instead they trotted Ibanez out to LF every day while Jones got most of the DH time..

          I’m really starting to think Cashman plans to trade Nunez this Winter. They played the same game last year with Montero. They absolutely REFUSED to use Montero in the field thinking he’d get exposed and lose his trade value. Seems they are doing the same with Nunez now.

          But even if that’s true, Nunez could be DHing against all of these LHPs they’ve been facing. I don’t understand.

          • It is odd that they aren’t using him at all now that he is healthy. And even if they wanted to trade him wouldn’t they want him in the game to show off and bring up his trade value?

  7. Jim – did you know that Jeter had a much better fielding % and less errors than the Scooter Phil Rizzuto

    Jeter. 240. .976

    Rizzuto 263. .968

  8. Fish – why does Arod look so awkward and slow running? I thought he was injury free?

  9. A BIG HIT for the CAPTAIN.

  10. Fish/mike p. -what makes it worse is that Nunez has the GAME we miss………contact/speed….

  11. Average Age of Teams in American League

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    NYY 32.8
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    LgAvg 28.8
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  12. That’s a disgraceful loss.

    Boston has lost 11 of their last 12 and are 10-27 since August 1st. The team was absolutely dead and buried now they are on the field celebrating their walk-off win like they won the fucking pennant!!

    I know Robertson was in his 2nd inning after dominating his 1st inning but he’s starting to piss me off too. How do you get beat with your 4th pitch there? He hadn’t thrown a Changeup all game and throws a crummy one, belt-high there to lose the game. Why doesn’t he throw the Curveball more? He threw Aviles about 6 or 7 Fastballs in a row until he finally got a hit on one.

  13. Fish why was Robertson even in there for another inning? Soriano had warmed up earlier and damnit you have him pitch the 9th inning.

    • I won’t kill Girardi for that since they were on the road and would have needed Soriano for a save if they took a lead. Robertson struck out the side in the 8th with just 13 pitches so I thought he was OK. But after Ciriaco got the cheap hit on a Curve, Robertson threw 9 straight Fastballs then 1 crummy ChangeUp to lose the game.

  14. That’s abgood question MP. Where wasvSori?

  15. Girardi just said Nunez slowed down when he slid and that’s why he was caught stealing?????

    • I didn’t notice that. It looked like he got a lousy jump and kind of looked back at the plate. Even so, it took a perfect throw to get him. It’s also difficult to never play then be called on to steal a base in the 9th when everyone knows you are going.

  16. Fish – since 1995 one player in MLB has been awarded the Lou Gehrig Memorial Reward for integrity and character on and off the field. Only 2 Yankees have ever won it.

    1. Derek Jeter


    Who was it?

  17. Correct Fish. Donny B.

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