Game 145 Lineup: Rays vs. Yankees

Lineup vs. Rays:

Ichiro Suzuki LF
Derek Jeter DH
Robinson Cano 2B
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Raul Ibanez RF
Nick Swisher 1B
Curtis Granderson CF
Eduardo Nunez SS
Chris Stewart C

Ivan Nova RHP


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About Delia E.

Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. Delia – why is Ibanez batting ahead of Granderson in the lineup?

    • Twasp you have to understand that it takes Joe Girardi a little longer than most people to understand what works and what doesn’t. He’ll get it…when were all sitting at home when we get eliminated from the play-offs.

  2. IF jeter goes 5 for 5 today his average would be 328.9902

    IF trout goes 0 for 5 toiday his average would be 328.0318

    IF Cabrera goes 1 for 4 today his average would be 328.5199

    see,…… Jeter is just 1 great day coupled with poor days by trout and cabrera from being in the lead for the batting title

    • Jim24..
      The word IF is either the most optimistic or pessimistic word in the English dictionary, depending on its use.
      I would like to see a Yankee win the batting title, why not right.

      I do like seeing your stats, they are very well done but, I think one should use stats as a tool to help one see the complete picture of a player. Stats without knowledge of the situation a player is in or the player himself will not give one the truth of a players abilities or his talents

      Which of these players would you rather have on your team;

      BA .236, HR 35 RBI 70

      BA .305, HR 15, RBI 105

      As you can see, only 3 stats for each (the Crown stats)…what say you or anyone?

  3. Hey guys, guess who I casually bumped into while he was driving a golf cart? ;)

  4. kevin costner?lol,

  5. Nice news on Gardner. I brought this idea up about a month or two ago.

  6. Ken – Jim says OJ was not guilty?… he smoking something?

    • the bloody glove they said the killer absoluley wore, didnt even come close to fitting ojs hand,lol
      tthe police made a mistake – the juice was great

      • Have you ever tried to put on a pair of leather gloves after they have been wet then dried? On top of that, he has arthritis in his hands, he takes meds to keep the swelling down.
        Now comes the kicker and shows just how dumb the prosecutors were, he quit taking his meds a few days before and add to that, they had him put RUBBER Gloves on.
        I am sorry but, it doesn’t take a rocket lighting the sky to tell you what it all added up to.

        Rubber and leather don’t work well together, let alone having his hands a size or two larger than normal and dried out gloves…Dua!

  7. Gardner pinch running.

    SPEED KILLS(tm).

  8. With Gardner, Nunez,Jeter and Grandy….we couldnrun with the rays.

  9. Wow, I hate to jinx it but Nova looks absolutely filthy today! This time off has clearly re-energized him! Consistently 95-96 with the fastball and the Curve and Slider have been good.

  10. If the glove don’t fit, you cannot acquit. Who said it?

  11. As we said before Nova has the stuff to be one of the 3 first round,

  12. The great Jeter delivers again. MVP MVP MVP

  13. jeter has an 11 game hitting streak now,….. and the yankees are 4 for 41 now over last 4 1/2 gamnes risp, i think thats what they just said on fox, jeter has 3 of those 4 hits,………
    jeter will have a chance for a 2nd hgit today, another multi hit game

  14. Jeter has found the fountain of youth

  15. Bobby Valentine said Jeter was the best player he ever saw.

  16. if jeter finished the seasoin on a very long hitting streak,… does it continue at the start of next season officially?

  17. Good question…….MattS?

  18. Where is your FB Joba?

  19. We have a 40-man roster yet Joe leaves Ibanez in RF defensively in a 1-run game in the 8th?

  20. Whos playing CF for TB …Grandy?

  21. That’s a HUGE run….good job by Cano & ARod.
    Also gotta love the 2-out single by Ichiro….SB and then Jeter drives him in with a 2-run single after a 12-pitch At Bat.

    Those 2 runs are what this team needs more of. Grinding out good, tough at bats for clutch base hits.

  22. Damn, I didn’t have to go back in history to see the Yankees play Billy ball. That is two games lately they have done the old style baseball thing. If they wish to advance to the WS, there are going to be games when they need to forget the HR (pitcher is very good) and just play baseball…”Billyball”!

    I like games that are just down and drity, hard nose baseball! One has to pay attention to the little things instead of sitting there waiting for the HR to win the game.

    Like now, two on, two out, two run lead…who will make the mistake of the game…Yankees win!

    • Ok people, I must admit, I hate HR hitters. To be kind to myself, let me say, I didn’t have many HRs…….that is the BAD Ken, adroitly trying to make it look like I had hit a few HRs.

      I like the “Billy Ball” game much more than the HR powered games. The BB games are more fun to play because everyone MUST do their job as well as can be done. Another reason is because, I have never ever hit a baseball for a HR in about 40-50 years of playing. How would you like to play or watch 9 innings of pressure packed baseball?
      Ok, ok, some of you would have heart attacks before the game was over but, to mange or play one is a “high” few people have had, other than with drugs.

      That was the Good Ken! Did you see how I hide the fact I never hit a HR in my life.
      That is how a reporter can write a story and walk away saying he told the truth…he did! But, he/she didn’t write it to leave the real story for people to read, they wrote it to leave a completely different impression.

  23. I agree Ken, I like these type of games too!

  24. Prosecution proved it was OJ and victims blood….but defense said it was planted….but couldn’t prove it was planted…just that Furman was a racist

    Crime scene blood:

    Blood drops were found alongside bloody shoe prints leading away from the bodies of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman; blood was found on a gate at the back of the murder scene condominium; blood from both places contained Simpson’s genetic markers. Simpson had a cut on his left middle finger when interviewed by police the day after the killings.

    Prosecution: one of the most important parts of the case, claiming it placed Simpson at the crime scene; said Simpson dripped blood after wounding his finger with a knife during the murders; said scientific controls and testing by different labs thwarted any possibility of contamination or tampering.

    Defense: mounted vigorous counterattack, alleging samples were sloppily collected and poorly handled, rendering DNA results unreliable; raised possibility that blood was planted by someone who took it from a police crime lab vial that contained Simpson’s blood and a blood preservative; most compelling evidence was bloodstains on paper wrapping that was supposed to be holding dry blood samples; wound on Simpson’s left hand was only a minor one he suffered in his house – not enough to drip as much blood as prosecutors found – and that Simpson re-injured the finger when he cut it on a glass in a Chicago hotel room the morning after killings, before police interviewed him.

    Bloody shoe prints:

    The bloody shoe prints matched a size 12 Bruno Magli shoe, a relatively rare Italian-made model. Simpson wears size 12 shoes.

    Prosecution: tried to place Simpson at the murder scene by showing that Bloomingdale’s in New York, where Simpson sometimes shopped, carried such shoes.

    Defense: Thousands of people bought such shoes; noted that no murder shoes were ever recovered and that the prosecution had no evidence that Simpson ever purchased such shoes; raised the possibility that unexplained “imprints” that didn’t match the Bruno Magli sole also were at the crime scene.

    Crime scene hairs and fibers:

    Hairs found in a dark knit cap were similar to Simpson’s hairs; fibers on a cap were similar to those in the carpeting of Simpson’s Ford Bronco; dark blue cotton fibers were found on Goldman.

    Prosecution: Evidence places Simpson at the crime scene; noted that a witness said Simpson wore a dark sweat suit the night of the murders.

    Defense: Hairs mean nothing more than assailant may have been black, as is roughly 10 percent of Los Angeles’ population; also pointed to hairs that appeared to contain no dandruff, while Simpson’s hair sample had some dandruff; no dark blue sweat suit was ever found; evidence could have been cast about the scene when a detective unfurled a blanket from Ms. Simpson’s home to cover her body.

    Bloody gloves:

    One dark, cashmere-lined Aris Light leather glove, size extra large, was found at the murder scene, another behind Simpson’s guest house, near where Brian “Kato” Kaelin heard bumps in the night. Ms. Simpson bought Simpson two pair of such gloves in 1990. DNA tests showed blood on glove found on Simpson’s property appeared to contain genetic markers of Simpson and both victims; a long strand of blond hair similar to Ms. Simpson’s also was found on that glove.

    Prosecution: Simpson lost the left glove at his ex-wife’s home during the struggle and, in a rush, inadvertently dropped the right glove while trying to hide it; explained that evidence gloves didn’t fit Simpson in a courtroom demonstration because the gloves shrunk from being soaked in blood and Simpson had rubber gloves on underneath.

    Defense: glove behind guest house was planted by Detective Mark Fuhrman, a racist cop trying to frame Simpson; blood on glove may have been planted by police; gloated that evidence gloves didn’t fit; hair analysis isn’t sophisticated enough to be trusted.

    Bloody socks:

    Pair of dark, crumpled socks found at the foot of Simpson’s bed; DNA tests found the genetic markers of Simpson and his ex-wife.

    Prosecution: contended this directly linked a victim to Simpson.

    Defense: suggested socks were planted at house by police, then blood was put on socks later at the police lab to frame Simpson; most compelling evidence of tampering is that some blood soaked all the way through one sock to other side, which it shouldn’t have done if a foot was in it.

    Bloody Bronco:

    Small spot of blood found near driver’s outside door handle of Simpson’s Ford Bronco; other blood found smeared inside on console, door, steering wheel and carpeting; DNA tests showed some of the blood apparently a mixture with genetic markers of Simpson and the victims.

    Prosecution: said Simpson drove Bronco to and from crime scene.

    Defense: challenged interpretation of DNA tests, particularly those suggesting a genetic match to Goldman in a mixture; noted that the genetic material of an unknown person was found in the steering wheel blood; suggested police planted some of the blood; elicited testimony that the Bronco was entered at least twice by unauthorized people while it sat in a police impound yard.

  25. im not gonna read all that,.. van adder disppeared with the blood vials over the weekend,.. on monday he took pictures of blood drops on the walkway and gate at rockingham—–

    however,…. on the friday before, the state already had photos that showed no blood at the same exact places

    clearly they proved vanadder planted the blood

    case closed


  26. Hay guys…
    Isn’t this a sports Blog? Why bring up and argue something that was settled long, long ago.
    To the dismay of many people in this country, he was said to be…not guilty!
    The bad part of the whole thing was, why he wasn’t found guilty!
    Anyone remember the WHY?

  27. Tweets

  28. Derek Jeter is 2 hits away from a 200 hit season.

    • Well, what did you expect…250? Just kidding, good for him and the team.

      • not sure anyone had him getting 200 hits this year. So a nice surprise.

        • I am sure I didn’t, that is for sure! Matt S., I mean it when I say good for him. If his hitting will help the team win…that is the bottom line…that’s what counts, my being right or wrong isn’t in the picture at all…winning or losing is not random. Winning is the only thing one can be judged on therefore, Winning is the end all!
          Only thing one can contemplate, (it isn’t losing) losing can’t even be considered as an option for anyone or team. The team that does their job with second place nowhere in their vocabulary will be the winner more times than not.

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