Week 20 Yankees Player of the Week

The Yankees had a stellar week this week by winning all six of their games. They needed each and every one of those wins as Baltimore kept pace with them and are still only a game out despite this streak by the Yankees.  There were a lot of amazing moments this week from Ichiro’s amazing double header, Russell Martin’s walk-off home run, CC Sabathia returning to form, and a game yesterday that will instantly be a Yankees classic.  Wednesday’s double header featured two nail biting games that required two Rafael Soriano saves, including a four out save in the first game, and Ichiro having his first big Yankee moment. Yesterday after allowing the A’s to score four runs in the top of the 13th the Yankees responded by tying the game on a two- run home run to tie it. Then in the bottom of the 14th Alex Rodriguez had the game winning hit, but Melky Mesa, making his first MLB appearance, missed third base. Eduardo Nunez reached on an error two batters later and the Yankees were victorious. That win, combined with Martin’s game winning home run, really showed great resiliency by the Yankees. It’s the type of resiliency and toughness that they will need to win in October. The Week 20 Yankees Player of the Week nominees are CC Sabathia, David Phelps, Nick Swisher, and Ichiro Suzuki.

The Case For Sabathia: CC Sabathis showed on Friday that he still has the ability to be the Yankees ace. Sabathia quieted the critics who thought he was hurt by throwing has fastball as fast as 95 MPH and by featuring a devastating slider. He pitched eight shutout innings, allowed only three hits, and he struck out 11. Sabathia did not get the win, but that is meaningless as he finally pitched like the Yankees need him to.

The Case For Phelps: The Yankees really needed David Phelps to give them a big performance in the backend of the double header and he delivered. Phelps pitched 6.2 innings, allowed one run on three hits and struck out six. Phelps helped conserve the bullpen after they used a lot of pitchers during the first game of the double header.

The Case For Swisher: Swisher has been struggling for awhile now but he finally produced a solid week. Swisher hit .333 on the week, with 1 HR and 5 RBI. The one home run was a big one, as it was a grand slam that propelled the Yankees to a sweep of Toronto. Swisher is now on a five game hitting streak.

The Case For Ichiro: Ichiro probably had the greatest week a Yankee has this year and maybe in a long time. Ichiro hit .583 on the week, with 2 HR’s, 5 SB’s and 5 RBI. He went an amazing 7-8 in the double header and was obviously the main reason they won both games, as the rest of the lineup did very little that day. The lowest number of hits he had in a game this week was two.

In a runaway, the Week 20 Yankees Player of the Week is Ichiro Suzuki.

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About Matthew B

I am a student at William Paterson University and studying to become a sportswriter. I have a huge passion for the Yankees and love sharing my opinions on them. I can analyze every aspect of the Yankees very well. I am very active on Twitter so feel free to contact me there Twitter: @RAYROBERT9

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  1. i was watching the gam etoday on tv,.. i am still confused,.. the scoring on the jeter bal to 2nd was an error on the 2nd baseman, then an errore on the first baseman, and nowe they are sayting it was a hit?

    i guess it is now oficially a hit,… i hope

    if it was ahit,, jeter just needs 14 hits in foinal 10 games, to rewach 220 hits,, the most he ever had in a season

  2. i’m keeping score

  3. jeter is batting 372 over his 17 game hitting streak,…..with 10 games to go , and 29 hits in the month already,…… jeter got a hot to get 14 more hits, for his 2nd consecutive 43 hit month in a row,…

    jeter is on fire

  4. Matthew B……nice work. Much thought went into that article…….it shows. I agree, Ichiro Suzuki is my choice, also. Such a natural/talented fit. Take care.

  5. no vote? booooo. nice write up though Matt B.

    • Matthew S……thank you for the “welcome”. Give it time, it will work…..Matthew, I only have control over what I put up on this screen. You control the rest.

      • all good. I don’t wan’t to control that much. We have a talented group of writers who have as much say as me. I hope the focus on this blog stays with a healthy talk of Yankee baseball as it continues to grow.

  6. Yeah man i keep forgetting to put the poll up lately idk whats wrong with me lol

  7. its up now lol vote guys

    • derek jeter has a 17 game hitting streak, bating like 372 over that time,….. he isnt even a choice,.. my god man,…….. this can not even be happening

      derek jeters bveen the player of the year,.. and every week but 2 , in my opinion,…

      wake up

    • Thanks man. only busting chops. Good luck to your packers tomorrow. I picked them in my survivor pool.

      • Did you really? I think its’s going to be a real tough game. Seattle is great at home and they have a real good D. My rule of thumb is never pick road teams in the survivor pool but what the hell do I know I’m already out of mine. Pats last week of course lol.

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