Game 153 Lineup: Yankees @ Twins

Lineup vs. Twins:

Derek Jeter SS
Ichiro Suzuki LF
Alex Rodriguez DH
Robinson Cano 2B
Nick Swisher 1B
Curtis Granderson CF
Raul Ibanez RF
Russell Martin C
Eric Chavez 3B

Andy Pettitte LHP

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About Delia E.

Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. Delila- why is Chavez batting last?

  2. Good afternoon…metropolitan bloggers. Hope this finds you all well. Two items for you …..Any word on the activation of Bret Gardner? It’s sad, that someone may be lost for good, when he is. Secondly, I have learned a bit, over the years, how much work goes into an article. Mr. Toucan, did a yoeman’s job on his article today. Take care.

  3. how come dickerson is not in the line up

  4. Delia – why isn’t Dickerson in the lineup?

  5. will the tankees trade teixeira to seattle for king felix?

  6. Jim – who has a higher WAR this season? Tex or Felix?

  7. Fish $- Cano has gotten some opposite field hits lately, but his BA has been .213 the last 28 days???

    Something’s wrong.

  8. Delia……please forgive me….. for not acknowledging your welcome to me. Very kind of you. Look forward to contributing with you. Take care.

  9. who will throw out tyhe first pitch of the world series?

  10. MATTINGLKY WON THE MVP IN 1985,….. and was 2nd in 1986 clemens won it, if they didnt give mvp to pitchers,,,, and mattingly then won his 2nd mvp,…. would that have gotten him in the HOF?

  11. Very good question Jim.

    I don’t think he would have gotten in , even with 2 MVPS.

    His numbers aren’t good enough for a long enough period of time , due to his back injury.

  12. Dd you know…..Ichiro Suzuki: American League player of the week…..David Aardsma: gets activated on Tuesday. Does that mean another 40 man roster cut?……Finally..BILL DICKEY? Is not throwing out the first pitch, unless Billy Mays helps him.

  13. Fish – why is Martin batting ahead of Chavez? Chavez in the 9 spot against a RH pitcher??

    • TWASP – Because Girardi is in love with splitting up his Lefties to any extent. However, one could question why Chavez hits behind both Ibanez and Grandy since here is there #s vs RHP:

      Grandy .241/.334/.499/.833 25 HR – 62 RBI in 405 PA
      Ibanez .240/.313/.480/.793 17 HR – 53 RBI in 335 PA
      Chavez .293/.352/.513/.864 13 HR – 30 RBI in 256 PA

      Besides Cano, Chavez may be the team’s best hitter vs RHP. But it worked for Girardi today as all 3 hit HRs….plus Swish!

  14. Jeez, Ichiro shot is HR in YS.

  15. Arod batting .220 with RISP

  16. Twasp….nice run on the table, going on here tonight. Where’s the Old Ranger, Ken?…or Ballpark?

  17. I don’t know where Ken is……. I hope he’s still not angry……he’s a key member of the group here.


    • Twasp….Yanks 3-0. Andy looks …like Andy. I miss Ken, also. Why be angry?…humor, is humor. No harm intended, on anyone’s part. Is Ballpark ok? You know what I mean.

      • What a conga line going, at YFU tonight…..Twasp, Mr. jimmy, and patrick. Where are all the regulars? Where is that…Jim22?

      • Good morning Pat,Good to see you up and running.I would check in at the old site and it was strange not seeing you there.Your back with the T-man and thats good.
        I’m doing great working out every morning for 2 hours and pretty lucky cause i would not be here without the OP. I guess I can’t complain .

  18. The ball is flying out tonight.

  19. I sometimes worry about Ballpark, he had a bad deal with his heart. Anytime they go cutting and pasting inside the old body…it ain’t good folks! I know it has been about 3 years ago (?) but, it didn’t come with a warranty.

    • To the Godfather of Blogs ,
      How are you doing my old friend?Its been a little over 2 years and I’m getting stronger still.OH and I did get a warranty ,20 years parts only,lol

      • That’s great news Big Guy! Use the parts only when needed, don’t need any at all is better yet.
        Stop by as much as your ballpark will let you. You are greatly missed by many of us.
        Keep on keeping on!

  20. If Brett can hit with 3/4 games left, does anyone think he will be used as a starter? He along with Nunez and Itchy can make a difference, Just think, if Tex can’t play we could have Brett-Lf, Grandy-CF, Itchy in RF moving Swisher to 1st base.

    • Don’t think Gardy has a chance as he will not be ready to hit,he just started swinging off a tee last week ,not enough time ,play the horses that got you here!!!!

      • I’ll buy into that, I have no idea how long it takes a major leaguers to get into a comfortable zone. Sand lot ball is much easier they don’t throw 95+.
        Thanks for the feed back. If he can’t hit well enough to play a full game, leave him off the roster.
        True, one knows what the guys that brought the team this far can do, simplify, simplify!

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